Best Tools, Services and Programs for Product Promotion

Trying to figure out what tools, services and sales channels to use for product promotion? You’re not alone — keep reading.

Best Tools, Services and Programs for Product Promotion

Product promotion can be complicated, especially when customers are presented with so many options. Launching a product and then promoting it can get challenging and time consuming if you don’t know what resources to use. You could have the best product on the market and still no demand if you are unable to promote it accordingly. You will be missing on serious opportunities if you don’t put enough effort into advertising properly and letting your customers know that you have the best products. You could be losing serious money but also the chance to show the world that your product is of high-quality, a chance that you shouldn’t waste that easily. 

If you need guidance around this topic, we got your back. This article will discuss the best tools, services, and programs for product promotion *and how to get them quickly*. 

Special introductory offers

Making your product available as part of a special introductory offer always works. You could set up a deal that makes customers feel lucky to have discovered it!

Some ideas could include:

  • Discounts on pricing – try to go down at least 40% and make sure the customer knows it. 
  • Promotions joint with other products or services – if you are, for instance, selling body wash, a free spa treatment would make your customer purchase the product. 
  • Vouchers or coupons that they can later use.
  • Deals such as buy one get one free (or 50% off).
  • Special offers on loyalty programs or cards. 
  • Free gifts that come with the product.

Whatever your special introductory offer is, ensure that you let your customers know that this offer won’t last forever. If they know their time is limited, they’ll hurry into buying your product out of a sense of urgency. 

Google My Business

Using Google My Business helps you engage with customers while getting a free Google Business profile. You will be able to use Google Search and Maps to determine your customers’ needs and preferences, as well as demographics. You will also be able to post offers and photos that will make your business and therefore products look special to them, giving customers reasons to return to you for more. By using this platform, your customers will be able to call, message, or leave a review of your business at any given time. 

To announce a new product, all you have to do it click the “What’s New” icon and post your new product offer. You can set a date for your promotion to expire. You could also include a CTA or Call to Action button. Don’t forget to upload appealing photos of your product on your Products tab *customers become more trustworthy when pictures are present*. 

Social Media Contests

Making use of social media is always helpful, as most customers now follow business pages on these platforms. Therefore, Facebook or Instagram have become great tools to connect with customers all around the world; if you present your followers with a contest, they will like & share your business page and/or other information that you need in exchange for a product. The winners of your marketing campaign should be announced publicly. You should have the lucky winner write a review of their experience and include the reasons why they would continue shopping from you. 

Email marketing 

E-mail marketing is *probably* one of the best ways to reach out to customers and keep them engaged with your content. If you manage to do that, you’ll catch their interest and thus, have them purchase your product. Running an e-mail marketing campaign is not as difficult as you think if you are using the right tools.

Here are some of our best tips:

  • When sending out emails, focus on the benefits that the customer can get out of the deal that you are presenting them with. 
  • Highlight the offer, making sure they can read it quickly and properly.
  • Use essay help services to proofread your content before sending it out to the customers. Make sure your e-mail has no grammar errors or mistakes.

Extra tip: use well-designed email subject lines to ensure that you catch your customer’s eye. That will surely make them open your e-mails. 

Customer reviews

Probably one of the most important tool that you could use today, customer reviews are an easy and accessible method of building a trustworthy clientele. The best method to build up a list of customers is by letting other customers doing it for you – odd, right? Maybe. But it works. If some of your customers take advantage of some of your offerings *such as those presented above*, have them write an online review for your product and share it on your website or blog. 


Writing blog content on your new product is an easy way to get more attention directed towards it. Here, you could include the product’s features and customer benefits, as well as high-quality photos and details that you would normally include in a landing page. A landing page is not necessary at first, but if your product takes off, you should definitely create one for your business. 


Whether you want to use discounts, giveaways, customer reviews, or Google My Business, these tools and programs described above will help you achieve your goal. Promoting your product shouldn’t be difficult once you are familiar with all the above concepts!