Best Import Export Plugins for WooCommerce

You absolutely will want to use import export plugins for WooCommerce, but which to choose? Find out in this post.

Import Export Plugins for WooCommerce

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You would need several tools at your disposal if you want to efficiently manage a WooCommerce store. Tools for backup and update, data migration (import and export), and discount management are some of the common ones. 


Since a WooCommerce store houses several types of data, you may need different types of WooCommerce import and export plugins for effective data transfer. Some of the common types of data that needs to be imported and exported are product data, order data, and user data. 


Though there are several tools available for such purposes in WooCommerce, some of these tools are worth mentioning. In this article, we will look at the top-performing import export tools suitable for all types of WooCommerce data. 


Why do you need to import and export WooCommerce data? 

There are several reasons why a store administrator should import or export data around. Though all of them couldn’t be addressed here, the following are some of the most common requirements. 


An admin may export specific data, say product list, to keep a backup of the products available at their store at that specific time. 


One of the other uses of exporting WooCommerce product data is that it is easier to make edits to the product details in bulk. The changes can then be imported into the store. 


The order-related information is usually exported to generate purchase and revenue reports. It can also be used to send order data to warehouses so as to smoothen the order fulfillment process. 


The product data such as reviews, ratings, and comments may need to be imported or exported when you are migrating your store from one WordPress installation to another. 

Types of WooCommerce import and export plugins 

There are multiple types of import and export plugins available for WooCommerce. The type of plugin depends on the type of data that the plugin imports or exports. The following are some of the types of WordPress import and export plugins available for WooCommerce. 


  • Product import and export
  • User/customer import and export 
  • Order import and export 
  • Widget import and export
  • Media files import and export
  • Reviews and comments import and export, etc. 


Now, let’s take a look at the plugins. 

Import Export Suite for WooCommerce 

import export suite for woocommerce

Use: Import & Export Products, Orders, Users, Product Reviews, Coupons, Subscriptions, etc. 


The all-in-one import and export suite for WooCommerce from the WebToffee plugin is designed to help store owners in transferring all kinds of data between WordPress installations. WooCommerce data such as products, product reviews, orders, customers, users, coupons, and subscriptions can be migrated using this single plugin. 


The WooCommerce import export tool supports Excel (XLS and XLSX), CSV, TSV, and XML file formats. That is, the data can be exported into any of these files and the data can be imported to WordPress from any of these file formats. 


The suite supports the import and export of all kinds of products including simple, variable, group, external, and custom products. Also, the plugin facilitates several filters and customizations that enable you to selectively import or export the required data. 


Key features

  • Import and export different types of WooCommerce data
  • Support for different file formats including Excel and XML
  • Scheduled import and export of data 
  • Support for multiple product types 
  • Import from URL, FTP, and SFTP servers 
  • Filters for selective import and export 
  • Maintains a detailed data migration history and debug logs 
  • Bulk edit the data during import or export 
  • Compatibility with several third-party plugins 



The single-site license of this plugin is priced at $129 per annum. 

WP All Import 

wp all import

Use: Import posts, WooCommerce products, orders, users, etc. 


WP All Import is a WooCommerce drag-and-drop import plugin that uses a four-step process to import data to WordPress. The plugin supports the use of both CSV and XML file types. 


One of the key significances of this plugin is that, in addition to migrating from WordPress to WordPress, the plugin also supports data import from legacy CMS software to WordPress. Since the plugin can only be used for import, it has to be paired with an export plugin such as WP All Export to access the export actions. 


Though a free version of this plugin is available, advanced features can only be availed through the premium plugin.  


Key features

  • Import different types of WooCommerce data 
  • Import data to custom fields that you have created in WordPress
  • Import images to the media library 
  • Supports automated recurring imports 
  • Import data from the URL 



The plugin has both free and premium variations. The WooCommerce import package of the plugin can be purchased at $149 (one-time payment). 

WP All Export

Use: Export posts, WooCommerce products, orders, users, etc. 


WP All Export is a holistic WooCommerce export plugin that offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for making the export action easy and tireless. The export plugin can be used for exporting data for easy editing, migrating content from WordPress to another site, creating a WooCommerce affiliate feed, generating filtered lists of WooCommerce orders, etc. 


The plugin supports both CSV and XML file formats. You can use the plugin to selectively export data, structure the export file in whatever format you prefer, and more. 


Key features:

  • Export custom post types and custom fields 
  • Run scheduled exports automatically
  • Rule-based data filtering 
  • Export WordPress users and WooCommerce orders 



Pricing: The plugin is available in both free and premium variations. The premium version of the plugin is priced at $99 (one-time payment). 


Product Import Export for WooCommerce 

Use: Import and export of products


The WooCommerce Product import export plugin from WebToffee enables you to easily import and export products between your WooCommerce stores. This plugin offers an efficient way to transfer large amounts of product data in just minutes, saving you time and reducing the risk of manual errors. 


The plugin interface is highly intuitive and can even be easily understood by first-time users without any hassles. The ability to selectively import or export products or product category data makes the plugin much superior to the competitor plugins. 


The product import export plugin for WooCommerce supports scheduled exports and cron jobs to export products on a recurring basis. The plugin supports a wide range of file formats including CSV, XML, and Excel, so you can choose the format that works best for your needs. 


Additionally, the plugin offers advanced filtering options and the ability to map fields, making it easy to ensure your product data is properly formatted and up-to-date.


Key features

  • Support for CSV, TSV, XLS, and Excel file formats 
  • Support for multiple product types 
  • Bulk update product data during the import 
  • Scheduled imports and exports 
  • Import from URLs, FTP, and SFTP profiles
  • Several filters to selectively import or export 



The plugin has both free and premium variations. The single-site license of the plugin is priced at $69 per year. 

Widget Importer & Exporter

Use: Import and export widgets 


The Widget importer and exporter plugin can be used to move widgets between WordPress installations. It can also be used to back up the widgets. 


The widget importer and exporter plugin supports importing the files exported using this plugin. Once the import action is complete, the plugin will showcase the detailed report of the action. This intelligent plugin takes several aspects into consideration before importing. For example, if the widget area is not existing in the current theme, the widget will be imported as inactive. 


The plugin creates widget export files in JSON format with .wie extensions. 


Key features

  • Import and export WooCommerce widgets
  • Supports backing up widgets 


The plugin is available for download for free. 

Import Export WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers

Use: Import and export users and customers 


The import and export WordPress users and WooCommerce customers plugin make data import and export smooth and straightforward. The support for multiple file formats like CSV, XML, TSV, and Excel makes this plugin stand out from the rest. 


You can also set up selective import or export with this plugin. The plugin offers an intuitive interface for mapping fields, filtering data, and more. When the customer data is migrated from one site to another, the plugin retains the user password. 


The details regarding WordPress users and WooCommerce customers can also be bulk edited using this plugin. To do this, export the user data and make the changes there. You can then import it back into the store to make changes to the original data. 


The WooCommerce users import and export plugin is an indispensable tool for any store owner looking to streamline the import and export of customer data. With its intuitive interface, flexible import and export options, and comprehensive filter options offered by this plugin, data migration or transfer becomes extremely easy and smooth. 


Key features

  • Import and export WordPress users and WooCommerce customers 
  • Support CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, and TSV file formats 
  • Schedule import and export
  • Retain import and export of user passwords using import and export 
  • Filters to facilitate selective import and export  
  • Bulk update user data by editing the data before import 
  • Keep a scheduled action history
  • Maintain debug logs and cron schedules 



The plugin has both free and premium versions. The premium version of the plugin can be purchased at $69 per annum. 

Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce 

Use: Import and export order 


The WooCommerce advanced order export plugin helps with exporting WooCommerce order information. The plugin is also useful in exporting any order, product, or coupon-related custom fields. 


The data exported using this plugin can be any of these file formats – XLS, CSV, TSV, PDF, HTML, XML, and JSON. You can selectively export required fields, rename labels, and reorder columns with this plugin. 


All data including order, order summary details, customer details, etc., can be exported this way. The plugin is generally used by businesses to send order data to drop shippers, for analyzing the order data, and update the accounting system. 


Key features

  • Bulk export WooCommerce orders 
  • Selectively export orders 
  • Rename labels and reorder columns 
  • Export custom fields 



The plugin is available in two variations free and premium. The premium version of this plugin is available at $30 per year. 

Customizer Import or Export  

Use: Import and export customization settings 


The WordPress customizer import export plugin facilities importing and exporting the customization settings directly from the customizer interface. With the plugin, you can now export settings saved as options in addition to options saved as theme mods. 


The plugin also offers a custom code that the developers can use to export arbitrary options that aren’t a part of the customizer. 


Exporting customizer settings with this plugin is very easy and can be completed in just a matter of a few clicks. 


Key features

  • Export or import your WordPress customizer settings
  • Export custom options 



The plugin is available for free on 


Some actions such as import and export can never be eliminated if you want to efficiently manage your WooCommerce store. 


Since there are several types of data in WooCommerce and each data requires different types of tools, there is an abundance of import and export tools in WordPress. This situation is even exacerbated by the lack of a strong default import-export solution from WooCommerce. 


The plugins mentioned above are some of the most tried and tested solutions that are most trusted by WooCommerce users. Hope you found the tool that is suitable for you from here.