Best Headless CMS Solutions in Web Development

Looking for the best headless CMS solutions? Ya, you are and this post has a listed the 9 best headless solutions for web development.

Best Headless CMS Solutions

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Technology has changed a lot of things in the web development world. The advent of IoT in web development has made traditional CMS less effective for developers. It’s not just developers, website users require a level of fluidity that requires something a little different. Today, developers use headless CMS to bring greater flexibility in content delivery and leverage IoT without problems.


However, the challenge for web developers is in finding the best headless CMS solutions. An ideal headless CMS needs to allow the user greater flexibility and control. It also should be scalable, compatible, and secured.

This article will review some of the best headless CMS solutions out there.

Read on to learn a little about each of them.

1. Magnolia

Magnolia has been in this industry for a long time now. Website designers prefer it because of the wide range of features that it has. For instance, it allows personalization, comes with in-context editing and a full preview. All these features simplify work for authors and editors.


This tool increases speed in the website development process. It allows authors and editors to make content changes directly. It also helps cut costs and saves a lot of valuable time. This is because website developers can do all their work and finish projects using front-end languages.

2. Contentful

This content platform has some great features that appeal to small and medium businesses. It is affordable and beginner-friendly, so it grows alongside your business. Contentful uses the RESTful API, and it allows website developers to choose their most preferred languages and frameworks.


Contentful gives a website developer greater flexibility than any other tool. As long as you can access the web app, you can make content changes from anywhere. In addition, this platform is compatible with a wide range of services. This makes it possible for web designers to create and deliver digital experiences faster.

3. Silverstripe

This platform is also worthy of every web developer and designer’s time for their cms needs because of the power and flexibility it packs. This platform boasts a very friendly interface for casual users. For hard-core web developers, they can harness the power this platform boasts and customize to their heart’s will.


There are certain things that make Silverstripe stand out from the CMS crowd. This is a completely open-source platform. The developer community is always on its toes to keep this platform up to date. Other things worth mentioning are the search engine-friendly nature, highly malleable CMS, and Silverstripe direct support.

4. Netlify

Netlify is a favorite for many website designers for various reasons. It is excellent for speeding up web development projects. It is among the platforms that almost every web design agencies use in its projects. This creative solution gives agencies the ability to develop stunning websites, thanks to its long list of unique features.


This platform, like Contentful, is one of the beginner and user-friendliest. It comes with a simple user interface, making editing a breeze. It allows easy collaboration among teams and has the fastest static hosting. This tool is the best to use as a website designer to take your game to greater levels.

5. Strapi

This platform is worth considering because of how it simplifies design work. You can use it to manage user sessions and your applications effortlessly. It is an automation tool that’s best for back-end development and management since it speeds up processes and makes them more straightforward than ever.


Strapi comes with an excellent admin panel. It allows you to customize or extend it so that it fits your needs. Besides, it gives you the freedom to integrate it with the frameworks of your choice. You can also create, read or delete your data effortlessly when using this platform.

6. Prismic

Prismic CMS is an excellent tool that every website development team needs. This Saas-based platform gives developers a user-friendly experience. It is ideal for beginners and allows the user to choose a language they’d want to use. This makes it a perfect choice for diverse teams and beginners.


One of its best features is that it allows scheduling and previews. It is also easy to set up, and it also comes with simple drag and drop tools. Prismic makes customizing the front-end smooth. SEO customization using this tool is also easy thanks to the text editors that it features.

7. Storyblok




This headless CMS solution has grown in popularity fast. This is because it has tools like a visual editor for beginners and all non-technical users. The visual editor makes work easier for such users since it is user-friendly and easy to learn and start using as a beginner developer.


Content management is effortless when using Storyblok. You can use plugins of your choice with this platform, and it comes with a testing feature. So, you can confirm content before it goes live, ensuring better market reception. It also comes with a tracking feature to help you keep up with changes.


8. Directions

This open-source CMS is straightforward to use, even for beginners. It has a user-friendly interface that makes creating and managing content an easy task. You need no training to use Directus for the first time and get the desired results. It is customizable and allows a user more flexibility because of its extensible nature.


You can always remain updated since this platform has a database that allows you to pull any information that you need. It will enable you to upload and manage any files you want to use. This tool also comes with commenting and tracking features that are helpful to website designers.

9. Agility CMS

Flexibility is the second name of this content-first headless CMS. It allows you to choose your most preferred language, making website development more effortless than ever. It also comes with more power and speeds up web design, increasing productivity and reducing the time required to market.


As a content manager, Agility gives you total command over your work. You can decide what to build and how you want to build it. Besides, you can integrate it with whatever service you think will help you achieve tremendous success. This makes it a great tool to invest in when looking to make work easier for your team.


There’s no question that headless CMS is becoming popular every day. Knowing what headless CMS is and some of the best examples can help you grow as a website developer. This article has provided several options that you can consider when looking for headless CMS solutions.


All you need to do now is find a solution that will align with your needs and preferences. Once you find the right CMS solution, website development will become seamless. Our list of the headless CMS solutions that we think dominate website development should help you get started.