Benefits Of Embedding an Instagram Hashtag Feed on a Website

Embedding an Instagram hashtag feed on a website is a critical part of seamlessly integrating your sales channels, check the benefits here.

Benefits Of Embedding an Instagram Hashtag Feed on a Website

Did you know Instagram is a vast space loaded with millions of post and active users?

Still, users only see about 30% of the posts on their feed.

Instagram is an increasingly popular tool for marketing and is quickly becoming the go-to medium for many brands, irrespective of their size, to expand their consumer outreach.

Instagram stats

Unlike many other social platforms, when a user hits the explore button on Instagram, the natural tendency is to keep moving from one post to another.

If you use Instagram, you know this is true, isn’t it?

Instagram is such an addictive social media platform; brands have to continuously work to put their best content in front of their users. For this reason, the Instagram Hashtag feed is exactly what you need to work on.

Instagram runs on Hashtags, which makes your users see your feed when searching for your hashtag.

Instagram is insanely competitive for companies marketing their brand. Your content has to be on point and your interactions have to be friendly, professional and somewhat personal. This is a  complex and delicate line to walk. Believe it or not, embedding an Instagram hashtag feed on your website is a great way to help bridge the communication gap between your brand and your audience.

An Instagram feed is made from using unique hashtags in each of your posts.
Adding hashtags increases the visibility of these posts. Hashtags connect directly to the type of audience you want your posts to be seen by.

Think of hashtags as topical search keywords in a way.

You want to add hashtags that are simple and at the same time are related to your posts. For example, if a post relates to fashion add hashtags like fashion trends, fashion tips, vacationing attire etc. Include your company’s name in hashtags to make it meaningful.

According to stats, posts that include even a single hashtag on it can increase its engagement by 12.6%.

Every successful brand on Instagram uses hashtags wisely. Are you using hashtags for your brand?

Because hashtags are so essential to Instagram we’re going to talk about embedding the Instagram hashtag feed on your website to increase your brand engagement by a much greater percentage.

Benefits of embedding Instagram feed on a website

  1. Increases the dwell time and reduces the bounce rate

With Instagram hashtag feeds, there is a much greater chance for users on Instagram to visit your website after visiting a post. Conversely, when an Instagram feed is embedded on your website, users are able to experience a more complete picture of your brand both on the website and Instagram feed at the same time.

This has been proven to reduce bounce rates and increase dwell time up to 300%.

  1. Creates UGC content

Hashtag feeds are key to user-generated content.

Any hashtag campaign has the power to shift brand engagement to your website; increasing conversion actions. One of the best ways to motivate those users is by getting them involved in the conversation.

You don’t have to look far to see brands utilizing hashtags to their benefit. Calvin Klein uses #MyCalvins. This is a brilliantly simple yet unique hashtag.

The big benefit here is that users are more easily able to grab onto this hashtag when sharing posts or content. Ultimately, this helps build brand awareness via user generated content.

  1. Make it Viral

I know… that’s what everybody wants, right?

When a brand masters the techniques involved in creating and distributing viral content, engagement and sales inevitably skyrocket. Viral content has the potential to be viewed not only at the time of release but for years afterward, making it a smart advertising investment with an impressive ROI.

Yes, hashtags are a very important part of viral content. For more information on how to make your Instagram posts go viral, click here.


  1. Reinforce Your Brand

Setting up unique hashtags for your own brand helps reinforce your brand image and ultimately helps you create a stronger brand image. All you need to do is create a unique hashtag for your brand, use it as much as possible, make it reach the maximum of people. When you integrate Instagram hashtag feed on your website, this helps increase its viability and reach. When large numbers of people recognize your brand through a hashtag, it builds a stronger brand image.

  1. Leads to an increase in conversion rates

Did you know users actually search for related words in order to find a content they need?

If you’ve spent any time of Instagram, you understand that you have to search posts through hashtags. This means including the hashtag in your Instagram posts may make your brand get discovered through hashtag searches too. Also, if you have an e-commerce website embedding Instagram feed become even more important for you.

According to the stats, about 65% of the most trending posts feature products.

So, if you are also an e-commerce website dealing with the products of any sorts, creating Instagram hashtag feed with your products will receive huge response.

Integrating the same on the website will increase the leverage of your products and will lure customers to buy them. This, in turn, will increase your ecommerce conversion rates.

  1. Increases Product Visibility

If you are an e-commerce site and want to increase the visibility of your products, start with creating Instagram hashtag feed.

Use hashtags in your posts that relate directly to your product. Integrate these Instagram hashtag posts on your website to increase its visibility. the content’s visibility is increased by twofold by doing so. As anytime visiting the website can access your Instagram feed too, whereas anyone can access your website through Instagram feed too.

So, these were some of the powerful benefits of Instagram hashtag feed itself and integrated the same on the website. Connecting your social presence with digital presence is an extremely effective way to be connected to your users. It makes the users go after you themselves. Further, when users are engaged with your brand on their own wish, they are greater chances of converting their action into sales rather than when you urge them to get engaged with your brand forcibly.