Best WordPress Plugins To Automate Social Posting

If you’re running a WordPress site, learn how to automate social posting with these amazing plugins and reduce wasted management time.

WordPress Plugins To Automate Social Posting

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An average social media user spends approximately 147 minutes on some or the other social media platform every day!

The ever-growing number of worldwide social media users indicates that it has become the holy grail for networking in the past few years. Therefore, you must have an engaging social media presence to establish a connection with those who visit your WordPress website. 



However, constantly publishing manually to social media can be complicated, tiresome, and time-consuming owing to the evolving algorithms of these platforms. Thankfully, there are some modern, stylish plugins and solutions available that can complete the process automatically.

But, before we dive into our well-curated list of plugins that can automate social posting, let us understand what these plugins actually do.

How Do Plugins Automate Social Posting?

A WordPress plugin for social media auto-publishing is a plugin that automatically posts content from your website to various social networks. In essence, these WordPress plugins automatically share posts to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others as soon as they are published on your website.

Additionally, social media auto post plugins automatically capture the post title, post URL, and featured image of your WordPress content. These plugins consequently publish crucial data about your posts on social media. You can advertise your company, product, or service using that information.

Therefore, one of the greatest ways to sell through social media is to use WordPress plugins that automatically post to social media, just as eCommerce owners use email automation for customer engagement. Additionally, you will save a lot of time since these plugins automatically post website content to social media.

1. Microblog Poster

Microblog Poster is simple to use and you can get things done quickly. You may easily add your accounts to the plugin as a result. Your published content will be automatically sent to social networks by the plugin.

The majority of well-known social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, Linked In, and Tumblr, are supported by Microblog Poster. Your content can be published on the best channel for your business. The plugin’s ability to repost older content on social networking pages is another advantage. On social networks, you can automatically post outdated content for repurposing and get better reach.

By using content filters, particular posts and pages can also be published on social media networks. All WordPress versions are compatible with the Microblog Poster plugin. With no issues, you may use the plugin with various WordPress versions. Lastly, this plugin is completely free and can be used without any cost!

2. FS Poster

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The best WordPress plugin for automatic social media sharing is this one. The company supports thirteen social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, and WhatsApp are a few of these. It’s time to discuss the features now that you’ve verified that it will work with your network.

With FS Poster’s straightforward user interface, you can connect your accounts, schedule shares, and monitor their progress. By clicking on the relevant links, you may view graphs of the effectiveness of your sharing and information on individual shares, such as likes and comments.

Such social media management tools use a smart scheduling strategy. You schedule each site’s posting time in advance. To make sure that only pertinent posts are seen, filters can be utilized.

After a posting period has passed, FS Poster checks to see if you have any new postings that meet the requirements. If it recognizes a post, it will immediately share it on the specified social networks. Alternatively, if you like, you can simultaneously post to all 13 networks.

3. SchedulePress

One of the top plugins for scheduling social media postings is SchedulePress. You can use it to manage the content on your website and plan your social media publication.

The SchedulePress plugin currently supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Instagram support is anticipated to be added soon. As a result, the information can be published on the aforementioned social networks in accordance with a timetable.

The Elementor page builder and the SchedulePress plugin work together without any issues. The Elementor editor panel is used to manage and handle content that is published on the website. 

The drag and drop functionality of SchedulePress is another feature that lets you use this plugin to organize your content by simply dragging and dropping items. You can use the free version of this automation tool to grow your business, or opt for the premium version, which costs $39.

You can schedule each social media post using the editorial calendar provided by SchedulePress. In other words, you can add content to the queue, and it will be published on social networks and deleted from the plugin queue on the date you specify.

4. Blog2Social Plugin

Using the WordPress plugin Blog2Social, you may publish the same content to numerous social media accounts simultaneously. It offers features like scheduling, cross-posting, and auto-posting to achieve your customer service goals via social media. No wonder it has over 75,000 active installs.

Regardless if you are using the free version, you may share your posts and pages on 13 different social media platforms. Additionally, you may add catchy emoticons, hashtags, and other distinctive remarks to make your postings more distinctive. It additionally offers consumers features like content curation and meta tags.

The free edition is adequate, though you can always upgrade to the Pro edition if you’d need more robust sharing and scheduling features. You may check it out risk-free for 1 month without making any commitments using the hassle-free trial option.

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In A Nutshell

It makes sense why social media and online platforms are the best ways to market and promote your brand. However, the task might not be as simple as it would appear.

First off, there are many well-liked platforms available for marketing. Additionally, maintaining the content of your old and new websites and uploading it to various networks might be an arduous effort.

The finest WordPress plugins for social network auto posting are therefore mentioned here to assist manage the jumble. They’ll assist you in automatically sharing and promoting your content. You also get a lot of other capabilities to schedule and manage the task in addition to that.

With that said, we sincerely hope you choose the option on the list that best matches your needs.