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Susanna Balashova is a customer relationship manager and a part-time blogger at the best paper writing service. She is interested in various topics such as CRM, digital marketing, business, and finance. Besides writing, Susanna enjoys traveling and exploring foreign cultures and languages. Reach out to her on Twitter or LinkedIn.
20 02, 2021

6 Expectations Of A B2B Buyer

2021-02-18T17:54:45-08:00By |

6 Expectations Of A B2B Buyer To excel in the B2B eCommerce industry, it’s essential to comprehend the expectations of your B2B buyers and take necessary steps to fulfill them.  Image by Ronald Carreño from Pixabay   B2B buyers are not some ordinary people who are shopping for leisure. These are those people who’re buying [...]

16 11, 2020

How to Impress Your Customers Before Purchasing

2020-11-16T16:55:48-08:00By |

Guide: How to Impress Your Customers Before Purchasing So many websites drive traffic and lose customers, learn how to impress your customers before purchasing to increase conversions. Your company may have an entire portfolio of amazing products or services, but you should keep in mind that consumer journeys begin well before the actual purchase. A [...]

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