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Sujain Thomas is an experienced IT data management professional, working for many top DBA consulting firms in the US. She has also written many articles to help the database technicians find easy and smart ways for effective database administration.
6 07, 2018

How to develop an SEO content strategy

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How to Develop an SEO Content Strategy for Publishing Online For digital publishing to be effective you have to have an SEO content strategy that delivers. Content marketing is one of the important attributes of an active search engine optimization or SEO campaign. If you are a content creator, editor, [...]

5 06, 2018

Is Your Google Mobile Page Speed Up to Par?

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Have You Tested Your Google Mobile Page Speed Only to Find It's Not Up to Par? Well, You've just joined Tens of Thousands of website owners who want to boost their Google Mobile Page Speed, and You Can with These Tactics. The only thing changing faster than mobile page speed [...]

11 04, 2018

How is the Facebook Cambridge Data Breach Affecting Digital Marketing

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How is The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Data Breach Changing The Face of Digital Marketing in 2018? Last month, the entire web and print media was abuzz with news of breach and betrayal. It all started when The New York Times and The Observer of London came out with confirmed [...]

15 09, 2017

Creating and Managing a Social Media Database

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DBA Consulting Insight – Creating and Managing a Social Media Database Creating and managing your social media database the right way could mean the difference between having a social presence and generating revenue for your business. The internet has offered businesses numerous opportunities to shine. From large enterprises to small [...]