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Author: Pixel is the art director for Pixel Productions Inc., a strategic graphic and web design company where his focus is to continually find creative and innovative strategies to implement with businesses who need brand design and marketing with impact.
11 03, 2016

Unlocking WordPress for SEO Power

2016-03-11T16:33:15+00:00By |WordPress Tips|0 Comments

Unlocking WordPress for SEO PowerPowering more than 75 million websites, WordPress is the world's largest and most widely used content management system (CMS). Created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, it allows users to create brilliant, fully functional websites without having to mess with complicated code. You can add new [...]

22 02, 2016

Key Content Marketing Metrics to Improve Your Overall Strategy

2016-02-22T18:05:19+00:00By |Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization|0 Comments

You should pay close attention to these key content marketing metrics if you're looking to improve your content marketing strategy attracting more visitors in the process.You can't expect to develop a successful, popular website that people actually want to visit without content. In fact, Google even says that publishing high-quality [...]

17 02, 2016

How to Make Sure Your Website Looks Good on Various Devices

2016-02-17T07:15:10+00:00By |Small Business Tips, Web Design & Development|0 Comments

If you're ditching your old website design and going responsive, You'll want to know to make sure your website looks good on various devices.Seventy-eight percent of mobile searches for local business information result in a purchase, according to a study conducted by comScore. Meanwhile, data compiled by eConsultancy for its [...]