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Nick Rojas is a self-taught, serial entrepreneur who’s enjoyed success working with and consulting for startups. Using his journalism training, Nick writes for business publications and concentrates on teaching small and medium-sized enterprises how best to manage their social media marketing and define their branding objectives.
19 06, 2019

Influence of Your Client’s Online Reputation

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Pass-Through Influence of Your Client's Online Reputation Most marketers understand the significant impact of online reputation, but many aren't aware of 'pass-through' influence of a client's reputation. Many business owners understand that establishing and maintaining a positive online reputation is very important for their business's success. According to a study [...]

22 05, 2019

Innovative Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

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Innovative Ways to Increase Customer Engagement Successful brands have good communication with their customers, if you're looking for ways to increase customer engagement communicate on a personal level with your customers. It’s common knowledge that a happy customer is usually a repeat customer. As a brand or company, making an [...]

15 06, 2018

Integrating Social Media and Business Apps for Marketing

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Integrating Social Media into a Business App Can Sky Rocket Online Sales Harness the power of your target consumer by integrating social media with a business app for improved communication, exposure and sales. The Importance of Integrating Social Media Into Business Apps   People are social by nature, and thanks [...]

24 04, 2018

How Blockchain will Impact Digital Marketing and Social Media

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How Blockchain will Impact Digital Marketing and Social Media Bitcoin, Blockchain... What's the deal with these cryptocurrencies and how could they possibly impact digital marketing and social media? Nick Rojas, examines the affect that blockchain has on the marketing efforts of small businesses in this follow up to his recent [...]

16 04, 2018

Why Blockchain Matters To Small Business

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Why Blockchain Matters To Small Business   If you’ve been paying attention to the news in finance or technology lately, you’ve probably heard the word “blockchain” being tossed around quite a bit. However, you may not have a full understanding of what blockchain is or what it does—and furthermore, are [...]

6 02, 2017

The Importance of Web Design for Mobile Platforms

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The Importance of Web Design for Mobile Platforms How important is mobile web design? With Google giving priority to mobile optimized pages and mobile sales increasing each year while desktop sales drop, Web Design for Mobile Platforms is essential. Introduction The internet has become the go-to tool for finding anything [...]