Are SEO Courses and Certifications Still Beneficial?

If you’re seeking a career in SEO are SEO Courses and Certifications even worth pursuing? Let’s Take a look at some Legit SEO Certs you should consider.

SEO Courses

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has grown into its own marketing niche with plenty of avenues to pursue – SEO career, SEO courses, and certifications and SEO scope and a lot more.


Gradually, SEO has become a recognized career worldwide bringing plenty of opportunities along. Millennials and the youth of today are digging deep to reap the benefits from SEO Courses & Certifications.


Before proceeding, we’re going to talk about some general SEO knowledge.

What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?


SEO is an active practice to improve the efficiency of a website using technical on-site practices and, of course increase a website’s rankings in search through off-site techniques such as link building.

I personally like to think of SEO as a blend between science and creativity.

Sure, not the Dr. Moreau kind of science / creativity, but a hybrid non the less.


Why scientific creativity?

Part scientific– as it works closely with modern technology, techniques and engineering of a website (code, content architecture, user-experience and other technical components of computer science.)


Part creative- because there’s a definite art to approaching the client-customer relationship dynamic as well as addressing the actual art of persuasion.


Search Engine Optimization plays a fundamental role in scaling up sales and pacing the growth of either an online venture (like Microsoft, Amazon and so on) or an offline business (such as KFC).

81% of B2B purchase cycles start with a web search, according to Earnest Agency, and 57% of B2B marketers say SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation, according to NewsCred.

SEO for tech companies is especially crucial, because in the tech market, businesses are competing against many companies who also have a strong online presence. It has an ever-widening scope where every site looks to procure its services either externally or internally – creating a LOT of SEO job opportunities for up and comers.


Reasons Compelling you to choose SEO as a Career Option:


  • SEO Services are in high demand
  • A tremendous amount of learning dispensed
  • Opportunities for career growth
  • An SEO draws a handsome salary
  • A wise step to take coming from marketing/advertising background
  • Gained immense recognition


8 Solid SEO Courses and Certifications to become an SEO Expert


1. SEO Courses By DistilledU (Paid)

If you’re seeking to learn SEO from the scratch or you want to mend some holes in your knowledge, DistilledU can help you with its excellent facilities.


This online university provides:

– hundreds of hours of interactive video content.

– helpful data about SEO, ranging from elementary to advanced level.

– provides annual and monthly subscription plans.

– sufficient amount of online classes

– tests to assess your knowledge

You learn about competitor research, analysis of links and even information architecture of websites – everything that’s mandatory to be a legitimate Search Engine Optimizer.


2. SEO Training Course by MOZ (Free)

MOZ has long been a leader in the SEO educational community, and yes MOZ does offer courses as well as corporate training sessions.

MOZ SEO training

MOZ training helps you with:

-brush up on SEO fundamentals

-set up webinars to train a team

-customization of the modules for specific requirements

-cover crucial areas like audits, keyword research, linking, optimization and so on

-video-based course offered (3.5 hours long)

The courses are well organized and provide valuable insight and training for SEO as a practice to increase online visibility.


  1. Hubspot’s SEO Training (Free)

Thinking of gaining SEO knowledge with a low monetary commitment, then HubSpot is a great place to start!

Hubspot SEO courses FREE

HubSpot’s free course on SEO offers:

-vital aspects of SEO

-mechanism of web crawlers

-to know about both on-page and off-page SEO

-keyword learning and link building

-learn how to get backlinks from other websites.


4. SEO Specialization by Simplilearn

Simplilearn is a well accredited SEO education and certification program known for using the best talent in the industry for mentoring.

It provides a vast profile of certification courses that are designed and tested to deliver the courses in various formats that go flexible with its user. The unique learning framework employed by Simplilearn has so far proven to hold a success rate of 98.6% with learners in their first attempt.

SEO by SimpleLearn

See what Simplilearn brings for you:

-intro to SEO fundamentals

-website’s audits

-advanced SEO strategies

-content optimization

-learn search engine algorithms

-and much more…

Simplilearn SEO Certification training programs have been accredited and recognized by globally renowned institutions, which makes its certifications more than just a paper to validate things.


5. SEO Beginner’s Course by Udemy (Paid)

The Udemy’s SEO guide for starters would help all those who know the full form and definition of it and expect to widen their knowledge.


The course enables you to:

-understand the SEO basics and phrases

-know google search algorithms

-build links and keywords

-drive traffic towards the website

-create SEO strategies

-learn on-page/off-page optimization


6. SEO Certification by ClickMinded (Paid)

ClickMinded’s step-by-step program provides you with an easy-to-follow introduction to SEO, and it’s learning along with the insights of digital marketing. On completion of the whole program, you’ll be able to earn a certification to make you stand out.

ClickMinded SEO Framework is all about:

-getting more users (or more usage from existing users)

– provide the best possible solutions to customers

-attract organic traffic

-get your website a higher ranking

-and a lot more…


To stand out in the crowd, you must possess a certified document so that the marketers can keep their eyes on you to fit their SEO job positions.


7. Lynda’s SEO Training and Tutorials

If you are searching to learn several aspects of SEO, then you have made the right choice by choosing Lynda’s video tutorials.


You can learn about:

-key components of digital marketing

-local or advanced SEO

-how to build links smartly

-skills of marketing

Lynda’s account offers more than a lot of courses in which you can enroll yourself for not specifically SEO but acquire knowledge about 6000+ courses giving you an extra plus.


8. SEO Training Courses from Gotch SEO Academy

Gotch SEO Academy has a lot to offer you within a range of its enormous SEO courses. The popularity gained by its SEO Mastery program urges many to opt for it by making an individual proficient enough.

You learn the following:

-the SEO basics

-provide great user-experience to the visitor

-building backlinks strategies

-keyword learning

-traffic driving techniques

Gotch SEO academy is probably still one of the least well recognized in SEO certification training, but it’s progam is solid and you’ll walk away with a mastery of the skills needed to succeed.


9. FREE SEO Training Courses from

Educba offers several Free Online SEO Courses

Educba offers several Free Online SEO Courses includes a comprehensive courses with 4+ hours of video tutorials each and Lifetime access.

You get to learn SEO that is Search Engine Optimization, which is a process of increasing visibility of a website or a web page to get organic, or unpaid, traffic from the search engine results page, as their goal is to provide the best service for their users.

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The Surge in Need of an SEO Certification

Search Engine Optimization has become a very critical and crucial part of businesses to progress and shine for the following reasons-

  1. SEO helps businesses to outreach their clearly defined audience and convert them into customers.
  2. Due to the increasing number of businesses embracing digital landscape, SEO professionals and its certified individuals are in demand to a great extent.
  3. An SEO Certified person gets a high preference in the industry, thereby taking an edge over others who do not have one.
  4. A study in SEO enables you to get access to excellent job opportunities with different roles and responsibilities.
  5. SEO is a vast undertaking, and a certification in the same program will undoubtedly help you to build a strong base for your future career.
  6. Further, a mastery in such a program would dispense you both theoretical and practical knowledge, helping you to get better outcomes overall.

One can say that a training in SEO is additional proof of knowledge; which carries a lot of weight when applying for job in this field. It’s hard to prove mastery in the field of SEO, so every certification or acknowledgment you gain is going to further you in this arena.

So, Are SEO courses going to be a benefit to you?

Like any other technical career, the best training and certifications to prove your skills really do make a difference. This is a competitive industry and when interviewing you need to pack a punch.

Learning and accreditation are never a bad thing and go a long way towards impressing interviewers. A good alternative to earning a formal certification is simply creating and optimizing some websites on your own. This will give you the hands-on experience that employers love, and it will help you strengthen your problem-solving skills in real-life situations.