ProStats Website Analytics on Steroids

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Monitor Website Activity in Real Time

ProStats Website Analytic Tracking

ProStats is a cloud-based web analytics/customer intelligence platform that captures complex analytical data in real-time, and simplifies it specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. We bring enterprise analytics in an easy to understand presentation, enabling well-informed business decisions that maximize online marketing effectiveness and increase sales opportunities.

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ProStats Website Analytic TrackingAs a cloud-based solution, ProStats requires no hardware and no complex, expensive integration. Once a simple tracking code snippet is installed on your website, you’re tracking with ProStats! Small and medium sized businesses and enterprises are using ProStats every day to increase efficiencies and improve their online sales and marketing efforts.

ProStats Provides:

  • Powerful, comprehensive web analytics
  • Simple, easy-to-understand user interface
  • Real-time visitor identification and behavior tracking
  • Lead generation and conversion management
  • Online campaign tracking and ROI measurement
  • Unparalleled click-path information
  • Customized, presentation-ready reporting
  • Easily integrated plug-n-play solution
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