You may have noticed many businesses are rethinking how they allocate their budgets especially where advertising is concerned. In fact, with economic downturn, people are tightening their wallets and this means spending less on advertising. But advertising comes in many forms and methods of media. Package design seems to be one area that is driving increased attention and funds.

Wondering why? Well, America may be leaning toward more conservative views where spending is concerned, but shopping is still a favorite pastime for many. With so many of today’s youth plugged in and online the advertising we have known is coming to an end. However, consumerism continues to flourish and with it the need to attract and engage buyers. Hence, packaging design and development.

Investing in packaging is where many find a necessary shift in their advertising budget must be made. For many, consumer packaging may be the only opportunity to really reach their audience. The container that holds your product is just as important as the contents – often more so. The package is the first thing your customer will see and we all know you don’t have long to engage and draw a prospective buyer in. Bottom line, packaging that works equals much more than just a return on investment.

With millions of products in the marketplace all claiming to be the best value for the money and each touting its own brand values, how can your product stand out among the clutter? A company called Pixel Productions Inc. has spent many years researching answers to this very question. The answer is powerful product branding. “Every product or service created, modified or revitalized today faces this question.” And every year, new powerful brands emerge in the marketplace to capture strong sales and customer loyalty.

Now Ask yourself; What are my product brands associated with? What images do people associate with my products in their advertising?
Is my packaging doing what it’s supposed to?

There’s a battle for retail positioning and package design may be the only opportunity to secure the almighty sale. Retail sales are a challenge for all, so those not wishing to get lost in the retail jungle are looking to secure a brand identity or package design that’s not only “pretty” but effective.

Paul Quinn and Chris London are the owners of Pixel Productions Inc., one of the leading brand design agencies for consumer product companies. Pixel Productions Inc., has been behind the scenes designing, developing and producing some of the most successfully retailing board games as well as retail products ranging from giftware to packaging for cosmetic and electronics. You have probably seen many of their products in stores like Hallmark, Target, and Michaels. Pixel Productions helps companies design, develop and market brands that connect with consumers and deliver results.