How to Use an Advanced Email Extractor to Find Leads on LinkedIn

What is an advanced email extractor and how can I use one to find leads on LinkedIn? Let’s find out here.

advanced email extractor

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With over 810 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for developing business contacts and finding clients. While connecting with a person on LinkedIn is simple, generating large amounts of leads can be difficult.


Additionally, it has limitations that prevent you from continuously communicating with potential customers. How would it feel to get email addresses from LinkedIn users who match your target demographic?


The solution is using a LinkedIn email extractor, sometimes referred to as a LinkedIn email scraper. You can extract emails from numerous LinkedIn accounts using the LinkedIn email finder. Advanced email extractors allow you to contact prospects using email rather than Linkedin Inmail.


What is a LinkedIn email extractor?


  • Software that extracts emails from LinkedIn profiles is known as a LinkedIn email extractor, LinkedIn email finder, or LinkedIn email scraper tool. The application enables the generation of bulk leads to contact each prospect separately.


  • Prospects can be contacted at any time by using personal email addresses after being identified.


  • The appropriate LinkedIn email extractor tools can assist you in locating and identifying prospects. By creating a great email list, you can also establish an online sales and marketing outreach strategy.


  • The majority of the time, LinkedIn email finders are extensions for Chrome or Firefox that enhance the efficiency of your user interface. When you visit pages on LinkedIn, typically individual profile pages or LinkedIn search results pages, the icons give you a better viewing experience.


  • You can use the tools to quickly identify verified email addresses that you can add to your sales outreach team by clicking a button. The easiest thing is that discovering emails is a simple task.


  • You can change your search parameters with a few clicks to get a list of relevant and active email addresses that correspond to your intended audience.

What are the benefits of using an Advanced email extractor for LinkedIn marketing?


  • By reaching leads through automated messaging on LinkedIn and via email, you may create a pipeline that is 2X more productive (which is also a great way to reach out to employees). 


  • You can associate automated activities with the contacts you locate in the tool’s dashboard, such as liking their posts, posting comments on them, or inviting them to groups or events. Because of this, the entire outreach strategy can be easily carried out without much of your involvement in normal operations.


  • Compared to browser extensions, this LinkedIn profile, email, and phone number extractor are more secure. Alternative data collection services are currently available, and the majority of them depend on plugin technology. Because plugins insert codes into your LinkedIn page when processing data, this approach is safe.


  • There is always a chance that your account will be blocked or that you will receive a warning for utilizing automation because the social network has internal systems for dealing with such extensions.


  • You are selecting the safest and most dependable method of data crawling when you use GrowMeOrganic to scrape email from LinkedIn. This software can be installed on a computer as a standalone application. As a browser, it operates. In other words, the social network system does not display the computer code.


  • Therefore, the email grabber will see profiles the same way you would if you were manually viewing them when it searches LinkedIn and copies emails. Therefore, it is the most reliable and effective way to carry out email marketing.


  • As a result, the profiles of individuals can be filtered by tags and assigned to various campaigns required for your company. Managers can access client data online and from various devices using personal ids for each customer.

How could I find target prospects on LinkedIn?


As we discussed, Linkedin is an excellent podium for gathering prospect information. For example. If you want to offer a position, conduct cold outreach, or find partnership opportunities.


So, how do you acquire the verified email addresses of your prospects?


Start looking for the domain of the business where the potential client works. Since most businesses give their employees the same email addresses, your chances of getting it right are being increased.


The greatest strategy for finding prospects on LinkedIn is to target those that we know or who may know us personally or professionally. By actively creating new chances rather than passively waiting for the consumer to respond, we may provide a novel method for LinkedIn prospecting. The most effective tool at your disposal for growing any business is LinkedIn. 


Advice on how to find target prospects on LinkedIn,


The first step that every business owner and salesperson should do to identify their niche market is to identify the target customer. Once we identify our target market, we should look them up on LinkedIn and establish connections using the appropriate medium.


Create a following by sharing helpful content or a series of posts that retain a high level of engagement while interacting with new people in related fields of business. Once you make connections, focus on moving.


Establishing solid connections on LinkedIn is ultimately the goal of any network-focused marketing or sales activity. Online, we must interact and engage with others in the proper ways. The plan should be customer-centered and assist you in creating connections with them that could result in a transaction.


Automate outreach: We can quickly find prospects to connect with by using the LinkedIn email finder tool. The LinkedIn outreach prospects can be automated, which will boost productivity.


How Does a LinkedIn Advanced Email Extractor Work?


  • You require lead email addresses that are not in your database to implement a marketing campaign.


  • For example, you need to join a new market and establish contacts with public relations managers in Birmingham’s IT sector. In this situation, you will need to manually add each possible partner to your contacts list so that enabling it to become a first-degree contact if you want to scrape the email addresses of LinkedIn members. You won’t be able to see their emails till then.


  • You can use the Visit & Extract or Email Finder automated operations in place of this time-consuming method. There is a slight distinction between them. In short, the email extractor has created a unique mechanism that enables you to extract and collect emails from people who aren’t yet your first-degree contacts. Let’s work out the steps one at a time.


  • The method of extracting email information from LinkedIn is simple and helpful for lead generation. You can keep an offline contacts list for your sales and marketing teams to use to attract additional customers by downloading the LinkedIn data.


  • Research the industry, and compile a list of potential partners or competitors. Try customizing the auto-messages while exploring all the free features.


The mechanism underneath can be used to obtain email addresses from LinkedIn:


In the search box, enter the search parameters. For instance, click “Search” and select the vice president of sales. The social media profiles of the ideal prospects will be listed.


We need to use extensions to “find verified email” option to access the prospect list of details.


Confirm your choices and export the lead list.


We can copy the link and paste it into your browser.


The full contact lists, complete with company websites, active email addresses, Linkedin profile information … etc are visible in the exported data.


 By selecting the Get button, we can also download the leads’ CSV files.


 We can quickly send each lead a customized LinkedIn connection message to increase conversions.


 It is also made simple to follow up. With the tools’ assistance, we can bulk automate and send Linkedin follow-up messages to leads.


Linkedin can send us emails. In the same way, we may confirm it using the built-in Email verifier. It lowers the bounce rate of communications and boosts the effectiveness of our cold outreach effort.


Even though the procedure appears straightforward, when you access it without an email extractor you’ll notice that email addresses are empty. The privacy settings on LinkedIn prohibit the collection of email addresses.


Fortunately, LinkedIn email extractors are alternative solutions that can assist you in obtaining LinkedIn prospects’ emails without modifying their privacy settings.

Tips and Tricks to attain a prospect


  • We can conduct a precise email search in addition to the usual search capabilities to find persons interacting with your business via direct messages. For entrepreneurs trying to connect with potential leads, it may be useful.


  • To locate contacts who have worked at the listed companies, use LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s Advanced Search tool. The results can be filtered based on location, title, industry, and other factors. It will assist us in choosing the appropriate person to contact. You can get these beneficial ones from the Linkedin paid version.


  • Choose the most effective method for connecting. On LinkedIn, there are numerous ways to contact potential clients. For instance, we can aim to send tailored messages rather than a generic “Hello” greeting to everyone in our contacts. 


  • We can also concentrate on specific LinkedIn groups depending on the interests of potential customers. And before contacting anybody else, we can locate the finest Community that meets the interests and line of work of both parties.


  • Contact the person who has already indicated an interest in collaborating with you. A warm introduction is what it is known as. People frequently ask their former coworkers for advice when starting a new job.


  • You might earn their trust and a referral by establishing yourself as someone who is knowledgeable and offering those recommendations.


  • Mobile-optimized strategy. According to a survey, just one in five outreach initiatives is effectively suited for mobile devices. To attract clients, we should produce mobile-friendly content.


  • Start sharing posts and material to attract customers examine the profiles of other members who have interests in the same areas as yours and find them more quickly.


  • We need to make sure the email’s body is accurate and meaningful. There are several elements to take into account while writing the connection request message, ranging from email etiquette to closing lines.


  • Don’t send identical emails to everyone in the network and avoid being overly formal and spammy. Send it exclusively to the appropriate person, instead.


  • Content marketing is essential for raising awareness of the services and products we offer and also to develop the ideal content strategy and launch.


  • Actively monitor and take part in group discussions as well as the LinkedIn Community. The development of dependable relationships with prospects is important. They won’t feel completely unfamiliar when you approach them.


  • Statistics show that 650 million people join LinkedIn. To get significant outcomes, B2B businesses must develop marketing tactics and tap into the lead gold mine.



  • A wonderful resource for finding prospects is LinkedIn. Using the Linkedin email discovery tool is one of the greatest methods to leverage it completely. It’s simple and practical.

  • It’s difficult to prospect manually, so try using automated tools instead. Keywords that describe who they are or the sector they work in must be entered. The tool will then add all of their data to the lead list. Automation makes things so much simpler and hassle-free.

  • Reach out to the ideal client who is already waiting for you on LinkedIn. Your customers are just an invitation away. Find a strategy to get prospects on LinkedIn using practical tricks, and then use your network in the future.