10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Add to Cart Popup Plugins

What? Doesn’t everyone hate popups? Not when Add to Cart Popup plugins make the shopping experience so much easier – find out. 

Add to Cart Popup Plugins

Image Source: Koala Apps


I thought everyone hated pop-ups? Just like all eCommerce sites aren’t created equal, neither are popups or plugins for that matter.

You know exactly what I mean. We’ve all been to a site with the intent to buy a specific product but abandoned it because the cart and checkout experience sucked.

Data indicates that 18% of people abandon their carts when they encounter a checkout process that’s too long and complicated.


There are multiple steps to keep users engaged and convinced about their purchase and add-to-cart pop-ups play a significant role during that process. 


To get a better understanding of add-to-cart pop-ups and the role plugins play in incorporating them into your site, read till the end. It could mean higher conversions for your site.


What are Add-to-Cart Pop-Up Plugins?


When you enter an e-store and select an item that you wish to buy by clicking “add-to-cart” you receive a pop-up window. 


That is an Add to Cart Pop-Up right in front of you. While many stores offer such pop-ups, many stand out while many don’t. 


The improved pop-ups are the result of an Add to Cart Pop-Up plugin (a small piece of coding adding features to your site) which offers plenty of benefits that we will discuss below. 


Reasons Why You’ll Love Add to Cart Popup Plugins


Below are some reasons why you will not regret getting an add-to-cart pop-up plugin for your e-store.


  • Offers Personalization
  • Keeps Things Simple
  • Improves Cart Value
  • Offers Better Functionality and Flexibility
  • Improves Conversions
  • Reduces Cart Abandonment
  • Dynamic Pop-ups Increase Customer Interest
  • Mobile Friendliness 
  • No Coding Needed
  • Plenty of Options to Choose from


In case you thought I was making any of these points up, you might want to take a look at this infographic from Optimonk. There are some pretty impressive stats to support these claims!



Now let’s explore each benefit of add-to-cart pop-up plugins, in detail. 


1. Offers Personalization 

Adding a personal touch to your pop-ups can make you appear more unique, and professional. You not only stand out but also are able to intrigue the customer into taking action. 


For easy personalization, you can consider the Added To Cart Popup plugin by wecreativez


The plugin allows you to fully personalize the pop-up as you desire. To make your pop-up interesting you can add animations to the sidebar. With animations, you can move the pop-up from the side or the bottom, flip it into the screen, and much more. 


You can also use a dark theme for a black background with light printing or use the glass mode to see through the popup box. 


2. Keeps Things Simple


Ease of use is a major factor to consider before trying out a new plugin for your site. With pre-made templates and easy-to-choose color options, you can design pop-ups for your site in no time. 


For simplicity, you can try out the WooCommerce Popup Cart + Ajax plugin by Atime Art. 


This sticky sidebar plugin follows a streamlined and simple approach. It makes shopping easy for the user as it doesn’t require any reset when time is added to the cart. 


The plugin offers unlimited color choices for both the background of the window and the font letters. 


You will find premade layouts that include the view cart and checkout buttons which you can personalize as well. 


3. Improves Cart Value 


Through add-to-cart pop-up windows, you can also improve the value of the shopping carts on your site. 


Take the example of the Woocommerce added to cart popup plugin by KoalaApps. 


It displays an attractive popup when a customer adds a product to the cart and also displays products related to the added item which increases the average cart value.


With increased cart value, your sales also increase, which positively impacts your business. 


4. Offers Better Functionality and Flexibility 


Using a plugin offers more functionality and full flexibility at the same time.


Take the example of the WooCommerce Popup Cart plugin by MotifCreatives which lets you move the position of both the cart and the popup. 


The easy drag and drop allows you to add suggested items to the cart from the mini cart. You can easily get access to advanced functions without the need for any coding and smoothly make changes as your business expands. 


5. Improves Conversions


Through pop-ups, you can better target the audience and personalize features. That helps in increasing conversion rates and boosting your business performance. 


As explained earlier, a simple shopping experience, simplicity, and improved cart value are all factors that can greatly enhance conversions. 


But certain plugins like the OptinMonster plugin have specialized tools to boost conversion. OptinMonster offers a powerful WordPress popup builder which delivers comprehensive targeting and personalization features. 


You can create your own rules to display a popup and create different campaigns as well.


6. Reduce Cart Abandonment


Cart abandonment is a big issue that even the biggest brands aren’t safe from. 


While there are many reasons why customers abandon their cart, there are ways to minimize it.  One such solution is making the customer shopping experience ultra smooth and targeting the right audience. 


Take the Caddy plugin for WooCommerce for instance. It is a side cart plugin that helps you reduce your cart abandonment, and also helps boost conversions, and enhance user shopping experience. 


A prominent feature of the plugin is that it gives users cart access on every page and also allows them to save the products for later. 


They can come back and shop, making their journey very smooth and minimizing their chances of abandoning the cart out of inconvenience. 


7. Dynamic Pop-ups Increase Customer Interest


Using a plugin can be a great way to improve customer experience and interest at the same time. Take the case of the Added to Cart Popup plugin by YITH. 


The plugin offers multiple customizations and animation options to make your pop-ups stand out and intrigue the user. 


With the plugin, you can create non-invasive pop-ups which result in a smooth buying experience reassuring customers who might abandon the cart or buy a few products. 


8. Mobile Friendliness


With more and more people using the internet from mobiles, site owners need to think about making their site mobile-friendly. 


If the shopping experience is smooth for both mobile and desktop, that can greatly improve customer experience. 


Take the Added to Cart Popup by wecreative as an example. It allows you to show beautiful pop-up windows on both desktop and mobile so your business works well for both devices. 


9. No Coding Needed


The biggest advantage of using a plugin is that you don’t need to code at all and that saves you time and money. 


You don’t need to hire programmers, nor are you dependent on other members to maintain your site. 


That offers great freedom and more time to spend on other matters. 


10. Plenty of Options to Choose from


Based on your unique business, you can choose from a range of free and paid plugins. There are plenty of options to choose from and it’s very easy to find the right one for your site. 


You can try a few to see which works best, and then incorporate that on your site. Make sure to not overload as multiple plugins can slow down your site and make it load slowly. 


Below we have added 7 popular plugin recommendations which are a great starting point for someone looking for good options. 


7 Best Add-to-Cart Pop-Up Plugins 

Below are 7 of the most popular and useful add-to-Cart pop-up plugins that you can consider for your e-store. 


  • Woocommerce added to cart popup by KoalaApps
  • Added To Cart Popup by wecreativez
  • WPopup Cart + Ajax plugin by Atime Art
  • Popup Cart plugin by MotifCreatives
  • OptinMonster
  • Caddy Woocommerce Cart
  • Added to Cart Popup by YITH


Now let’s talk about each add-to-cart pop-up plugin and its features to see how they work and how they can benefit your website. 


1. Woocommerce Added to Cart Popup by KoalaApps

Add to Cart Popup Plugins

The Added-to-Cart Popup plugin displays an attractive popup when a customer adds a product to the cart. 


It also displays products related to the added items to increase the average cart value.


The plugin shows popups that display cart subtotals, success messages, shipping costs, taxes, and feature-related cross-sell or up-sell products.


With the Added to Cart Popup extension, you can exclude specific categories and products, and hide popups when customers add these specific products to their carts. 



  • Displays pop-ups on product detail pages and listing-based articles
  • Lets you customize popup widths and heights
  • Displays cross-sell, up-sell, and related products
  • You can choose from 3 popup layouts
  • Lets you exclude specific categories and products
  • Allows you to limit the number of displayed related products 
  • Show or hide images, prices, product titles, and descriptions


2. Added To Cart Popup by Wecreativez

add to cart pop up plugin

The Added to Cart Popup by Wecreativez allows you to show beautiful pop-up windows whenever a new product is added to the cart. 


The pop displays cart total information, its contents, upsell products, related products, and cross-sell products. 


The plugin offers users a clear overview of the products that are being purchased, which encourages users to surf and purchase more products from your site. 




  • Fastest review of products
  • AJAX added to cart
  • Mobile responsive
  • Smooth popups
  • Allows popup animations
  • Fully customizable
  • Haptic feedback on mobile
  • Displays suggested products
  • Offers auto-updates


3. WooCommerce Popup Cart + Ajax 

WooCommerce Popup Cart + Ajax 

The WooCommerce Popup Cart + Ajax by Atime Art is a mini cart with many effects and styles. 


You can remove the product or change the product quantity without reloading the page. 


It quickly shows the item added to the cart with checkout buttons and the view cart options. That allows the user to easily choose where to navigate



  • No need to refresh the page 
  • Open popup after adding to cart in archive page
  • Auto or manually open when “Add to cart” is clicked by user
  • Offer view cart, and checkout buttons
  • Unlimited color, and backgrounds
  • Apply for both variable and simple products
  • Customize button styles as needed 


4. Popup Cart Plugin by MotifCreatives

Popup Cart Plugin by MotifCreatives

The WooCommerce Popup Cart plugin by MotifCreatives is a simple plugin that offers handy features. 


The plugin makes shopping easy for customers by giving them the freedom to continue browsing the shop. 


Users are free to add items to the shopping cart without moving to the shopping cart page. Another bonus is that customers don’t have to wait for the page to refresh, making their overall shopping experience more convenient. 




  • Use quantity input box in cart
  • Easy to enable/disable cart icon and mobile friendly
  • Setting options fully customizable
  • Subtotal of all products displayed at the bottom
  • Counter number of already added products
  • View cart popup anywhere on the site
  • Suggested products are displayed on the carousel
  • Quickly change right, and left mini cart counter positions
  • Without refreshing the page you can remove added items


5. OptinMonster 


OptinMonster is one of the very popular plugins out there that offer various tools and features including in-cart upsell popups. 


Through the popup, you can automatically show targeted offers to customers who are already purchasing a product from your store. 


You can further entice them to spend even more.




  • Create in-cart upsell with pre-built responsive themes 
  • Beautifully designed pop-ups
  • Powerful targeting options with page level, on-site retargeting, geo-targeting, device-based targeting
  • Drag and drop popup maker
  • Integrates with email marketing services, like contact form plugins, and eCommerce platforms
  • Smart Tags technology offers an upsell popup based on the cart


6. Caddy Woocommerce Cart

sidecart plugin

With the caddy plugin, you can improve conversions, reduce cart abandonment and elevate your e-store shopping experience. 



  • Designed with the latest usability and conversion strategies
  • Offers 7 different cart icons
  • Use special offers and saved lists to promote sales 
  • Make shopping for your customers easier and more enjoyable
  • Display amount needed to avail free shipping
  • Use a sticky side cart to offer access to the cart from any page
  • Offer to target upsell recommendations 
  • Alter 20+ different color options as you wish


7. Added to Cart Popup by YITH 

Added to Cart Popup by YITH

Through the Added to Cart Popup by YITH, one can improve the e-store usability and engage customers through fun pop-up animations. 


Not only that but the plugin offers mobile-friendly pop-ups meaning you can show the popup to mobile users without any issues. 



  • Choose from 8 different entrance animations
  • Mobile friendly
  • Create and add custom fields (unlimited) to your checkout page
  • Change the color patterns as you want to
  • Insert cross-sell, related, and upsell products in the popup 
  • Informs users each time an item is added to their carts


Final Words 

In this article, we explored the reasons why you should consider an “add-to-cart” pop-up plugin. We also discussed some popular plugin examples that you can try out for your site. 


Add to Cart Popup plugins are simple, and flexible and they greatly improve the shopping experience for customers. Without any coding knowledge, you can benefit from advanced features that make you stand out in the market. 


While each plugin has its own unique features and advantages, we encourage you to go through the article, in-depth to see which is the best for you and your business.