Actionable Tips to Improve Your E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

Check out the following actionable tips on how to improve your e-commerce marketing strategy and sow the seeds for success.

Running a successful e-commerce business isn’t easy, especially if you’re new and still trying to establish your presence. But the first step towards success is to develop a strong marketing strategy.

actionable tips for ecommerce

Conduct Regular Usability Tests


What is a usability test and why should you conduct them? A usability test is a “dry run” of your site’s sales process. You place yourself in the shoes of a typical shopper, searching for a product, adding it to your shopping cart, and proceeding with the checkout. It may reveal technical errors or other problems that could hurt your sales. Conduct usability tests on a regular basis to prevent these issues from plaguing your e-commerce site.


Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment


When a user abandons his or her shopping cart, it’s doubtful they’ll return to buy those items. According to a study conducted by Baymard Institute, more than two-thirds (67%) of shopping carts are abandoned before the shopper checks out.


You can reduce your site’s shopping card abandonment rate by following these tips:


  • Allow shoppers to buy without signing up for an account.
  • Offer clear and transparent pricing information.
  • Offer multiple shipping options.
  • Do not use promotional codes (if a shopper cannot find a promo code, he or she may abandon their cart).


Use Instagram


Many small business owners and digital marketers assume Facebook is the best social media network for promoting their products and services. While Facebook is certainly effective, Instagram is particularly effective for e-commerce promotion. It focuses specifically on images and video, which you can use to convey your products to your target audience. So if you haven’t done so already, create an Instagram account and start posting photos of your products, curating them with the appropriate #hashtags.


Live Chat


Some of the biggest e-retailers are already doing it, so why aren’t you? Adding a live chat function allows shoppers to find answers and solutions, which in turn increases conversions and sales. Once this feature is enabled, you may discover shoppers informing you about specific problems – problems that would otherwise go unnoticed.


And don’t assume that live chat is expensive. On the contrary, it’s actually relatively inexpensive and easy to implement. You can even turn disable it when there’s no one around to answer shoppers’ inquiries, or you can set up a message system so that shoppers can leave a message.