For A Successful Career In IT: 7 Vital Elements to Know

A career in IT is one of the most secure and lucrative careers in the tech industry, find out how to be a competitive leader if this is your career path.

For A Successful Career In IT

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In preparation for this content, many experts had to analyze the current situation in the IT World. They want to find out some of the most in-demand skills every man and woman needs to have before they are accepted for a job. The exact skills needed for a successful career in IT are listed below, along with some details of the value.


1) Cybersecurity


Here is the thing: cybersecurity has always been a problem ever since the internet first came into popularity. There is always someone on the outside trying to find their way in. Ever since the pandemic began, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Some companies have been forced to either shut down, slow or reprioritize their tasks.


According to many of the leading IT experts, more than 50% of all companies will make investing in IT cybersecurity a top priority. Which also means that the IT staff is going to be busier than ever. 


The bottom line is, those applicants who are skilled in all aspects of cybersecurity will be chosen over those who are not.


2) Cloud Computing


Almost everything(business-wise) is done using the Cloud now. That means that all applicants will have to be well-versed in all areas of the Cloud, integration, and usage.


Cloud computing also means you get paid with some of the top salaries in the IT world. Using the Cloud has changed the game and playing field in so many ways. There is no way to get by in the IT world without knowing anything about the Cloud. The basic skills are not going to cut it anymore.


There is also the element of Cloud computing is second-highest paying jobs in the business. That means that head hunters and bosses have some serious competition on their hands. Most want to hire the best of the best. You could be one of those people.


3) Going Wireless and Some Networking


According to some of the leading experts(in the field), we have found that wireless customers are going to be up by three times the overall global population in three years.


Cisco is one of those companies leading the charge, trying to find the best and the brightest IT applicants. It is also the second most popular credential in the world. Forget what you thought you knew 20 years ago. The rules have changed now.


Cisco also leads the charge when it comes to IT decision-making, by at least 30%. The other thing to mention is that at least 22% of all applicants will have earned a Cisco credential and certificate. It is that big.


4) Doing Some Sofware Development


Software development is growing faster every day. The rate of growth leads people to believe that software development is growing much faster than all other IT jobs combined. That is a big deal because most jobs(in that sector) will increase by 20-30% in the next eight years. We also want to point out that most applicants also need to have some ITIL certification. The certification demonstrates that every applicant is educated and trained in IT world protocols and IT Service Management Practices.


It is also worth noting that mobile application skills fall to the bottom of the list. That means those jobs are going to be more in demand because there are so few applicants available. You could earn a base pay of at least $140,000 a year.


5) Machine Learning


IT and Ai are moving in the same direction. AI(Artificial Intelligence) uses patterns and protocols to predict behaviours that traditional methods(used by humans) cannot do. Some experts have suggested that AI will lead the charge(year after year) by a 12% growth rate. That means those skills are going to be in high demand.


6) Managing A Project


In terms of skill objectives, there is a gap fo about 80%(maybe more). That means those gaps provide a medium to high risk when it comes to managing various company projects.


Project management is still one of the top skillsets for most companies(especially with that skillset gap). Those who possess those skills could easily pull in at least $140,000 if they work for the right company.


7) Programming


On the one hand, a good majority of computer programming jobs are going to decrease in the next eight years. However, coding jobs are going to increase during that time. Coding jobs are becoming the new thing(ever since Python, JavaScript, and C#) have become more popular tools to use for coding.


Applicants without a degree can earn about $100,00 per year. Applicants with a degree(or certification) can earn about $140,000 or more.