How to Use a Linkable Asset to Build High-Quality Links

Using a linkable asset is the most powerful way to build high-quality links to your site, this post covers the what, why and how.

Linkable Asset

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Using A Linkable Asset to Collect High-Quality Links: The What, Why, and How

Similar to a backlink strategy, a linkable asset is the next level of linking. Backlinks work by digitally connecting one website to another and are an element of both technical and off-page SEO that boosts digital credibility and online authority.


These links show the search engine crawlers and the almighty algorithm that this website has been verified, is trustworthy, and a good source for information. This is a form of digital validation. 

A linkable asset is the bigger, better evolution of backlinks. By creating a long-term and deeply relevant resource that can be cited, quoted, and shared, the asset will serve as a reference point for the intended audience. 


It’s the content everyone shares with industry partners, the infographic everyone uses, and the study everyone talks about. It’s a viral video and a practical tutorial. Let’s dive into the what, why, and how of linkable assets!

Linkable Assets and SEO: A Match Made In Marketing Heaven

In a survey of over 1,000 different marketing agents and SEO specialists, they reported that number two on the list of things affecting rankings on search engine results pages was the quality of the sites and pages being linked. Number one was the conceptual relevance of the on-page content.[1]


Brand exposure and credibility building require organic, intention-based traffic going to website pages and product or service offers. A linkable asset gives searchers a reason to take their traffic to the designated brand and further enhances legitimacy and credibility. 

How Is A Linkable Asset Different From Any Other Content?

Other brands and industry partners don’t want to send traffic away from their own offers and pages. But they will share a valuable resource. A basic blog article or social media post isn’t enough. 


A linkable asset is an acutely relevant piece of content, in any form, that is highly educational and practical. It will provide a specific solution for a real problem. It gives actionable information that’s fact-backed and proven. It’s not a theoretical idea, it’s a viable solution or resource. 

A Linkable Asset Is NOT This

A linkable asset is a unique asset is not…

  • Regurgitated and easily findable information
  • Promotional content in any way
  • Vague or theoretical
  • A top-of-funnel list-builder
  • A repackaged list of product or service features


The intent of a linkable asset is to solve a problem or provide information with no agenda. 

How To Make Your Own Linkable Asset

If you can think of it, it can be an asset. The most effective assets are developed in a format that is how the intended audience wants to receive information. If there is no clarity on what format would be most successful, poll the existing audience via email or social media and find out what the people want. 


Suggested format ideas to present or consider:

  • Long-form written content
  • Infographics, charts, or graphs 
  • Video content tutorials, interviews, or case studies
  • Interactive spreadsheets, tools, or templates


Once the format is decided, it’s time to decide what it will be and how it will serve the target market. 

Long-Form Written Tutorial

A detailed and step-by-step tutorial could be labeled many things, from a how-to-guide to a recipe. But it must be something that assists the reader to overcome a challenge. 


What is a common obstacle the intended audience faces? Outline every step with helpful tips, tricks, and screenshots. 

Infographics and Charts

An infographic or chart gives high-level or detailed information in bite-sized pieces and in a visual format. It’s an easily digestible piece of content that still delivers highly-valuable information. 

What complex issue can be broken down into visually-driven data that’s easy to understand and memorable? These are also a good fit for data-driven studies and survey results. 

Video Tutorials

Video is content that can provide visual information as well as auditory. Tutorials provide an over-the-shoulder look at exactly how to achieve a goal. It could be a walk-through of a product or software or a step-by-step recipe. 


Break down the data into manageable steps and make it look easy. Include any potential obstacles that commonly trip people up along the way. What are the tricks that have been learned from past experience? How can they avoid setbacks?

Develop A Helpful Calculator, Tool, or Template

This category of a linkable asset must be well executed to be effective. If the programming is shoddy or the page loads slowly, the credibility is immediately downgraded. 


It must also be acutely relevant. Don’t create a tool that doesn’t solve a problem the target market actually has. Create a tool that makes their job or life easier and de-stresses the process. Make a template of the best performing work and share it with the world. 

Conduct A Market Study

This is a labor-intensive endeavor but one that could come with incredible payoffs. Take the time to dig into the weeds on information that is relevant to the niche in question. 


The shortcut here is to reverse engineer an existing study that is unhelpfully outdated. Conduct more recent research and recreate it.


Present any findings in a long-form format that expounds on the credibility of the data and the results. Go the extra mile and also present the data in short-form content, like an infographic, that can also be its own linkable asset. 

Rank Relevant Partners, Tools, or Software

What are the common tools used by the niche audience? For a marketing agency, tools may be SEO keyword finders, blog article spell checkers, and integration software. Take the top 10 or more contenders and break down all the pros and cons to take the guesswork out of decisions for the target market. 


Share Your Linkable Asset and Collect High-Quality Links

A linkable asset only has to be created once but has lasting positive effects on SEO and organic website traffic. Start creating!