A Guide for Entrepreneurs to Keep the Right Balance Between Work and Life

Get to know how entrepreneurs can build the right balance between work and life for enhancing productivity as well as happiness.


For being a successful entrepreneur, one needs more than just managerial skills. The stringent work hours, combined with the uncertainty factor of the business, can take a toll on any entrepreneur’s health. Having a proper back-up plan, therefore, is essential to keep excellent physical and mental health in such conditions. Let us look at some of the strategies an entrepreneur can adopt to stay healthy and fit despite all the hurdles.

Create a Daily Schedule

Without a schedule, it is quite cumbersome for entrepreneurs to manage all the tasks of the day. It is important because multitasking can drastically reduce the efficiency of our work. Having a time-table also enables us to focus on one thing at a time. Try establishing a daily routine and you will see how easily you can beat procrastination and other bad habits during work. Finish all your priorities at the start of the day itself to stay peaceful and hassle-free.

Embrace Setbacks

Beating yourself up for failure is one of the worst things an entrepreneur can do. Everybody faces setbacks in their lives and the smart ones move on it from pretty quickly. One should consider failure as an excellent opportunity for self-introspection. It helps greatly to rectify the mistakes which have happened.

Focus on Now

We can avoid a lot of problems by focusing completely on the present, instead of drifting in the past and future. Although an entrepreneur indeed has to give attention to a lot of things, being mindful of the present provides a person absolute control over himself. By living each moment to its totality, you will see yourself heading towards your goals pretty quickly. Do learn the art of meditation to stay calm and serene during crunch moments.

Be Authentic

If you cannot be raw and real with yourself, you will be finding it tough to change yourself. Being honest with oneself is the first step for self-transformation. As soon as you accept your real self, you will get to know your weak areas quickly. It will help you a lot in becoming the best version of yourself as each day passes.

Practice Accountability

Accountability is one of the hallmarks of a great entrepreneur. We all tend to throw the responsibility on others when things go wrong. This practice only leads to frustration and hostility among peers. Learn to be accountable when all the chips are down and soon, you will find your juniors looking up to you. You will also get that peace of mind when you learn to handle the tough situations.

Learn to Say No

It might be easy to say ‘Yes’ to every opportunity that comes your way. But it can also cut down your productivity terribly. If entrepreneurs can cultivate the habit of saying ‘No’ to unnecessary things, they can tremendously boost their work efficiency. It will also give a lot of time to focus on things that are genuinely important. Even though you will feel a risk of losing opportunities, the habit of saying ‘No’ shall eventually do wonders for you.

Be Selfish About Health

Nothing should come at the cost of your health as, without it, you won’t be able to enjoy anything. Entrepreneurs, due to their stress and workload, can sometimes develop bad habits. Smoking and drinking are the most common of them. These two habits are also quite challenging to beat. If you are considering quitting smoking, you can try e-cigarettes, which help overcome the addiction to tobacco. Those who are dealing with alcohol addiction can limit their drinking quota for slowly ending the habit forever.  

Go For a Trip

The value of a joyful vacation is too deep to express in words. Entrepreneurs especially need breaks that can help them rejuvenate to come back stronger. An excellent trip is a great way to break the monotony of the work. Also, taking out time for oneself can help to identify one’s individuality, which in turn helps to look at life with a broader perspective. It will only benefit the entrepreneur in dealing with their business in a better manner. Pack your bags and visit the places you were longing to go badly.


Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibilities. In the list of duties, your health should be at the very top. By following the above strategies, any entrepreneur can maintain the right work-life balance needed for success as well as happiness.