9 SEO Mistakes to avoid during Ecommerce website redesign

Many sources recommend an Ecommerce website redesign every 3 years, — you’ll want to avoid these SEO mistakes that can ruin your business.

SEO Mistakes to avoid during Ecommerce website redesign

Redesigning your website is an excellent way to give the site a fresher look and appeal in addition break the monotony that regular users are seeing. Other times an Ecommerce website redesign is driven by necessity in terms of user experience, technology and functionality.

It is also an excellent way to launch a new set of products or a new collection as a change in aesthetic is quick to catch the eye of existing customers and will lead them on to the new collection, and of course, it is attractive for new customers.

Regardless of the inspiration, a redesign, especially on a large eCommerce site can wreak havoc on your SEO.

SEO plays such a huge role in driving Ecommerce sales by increasing online visibility that it should be a primary consideration when implementing a redesign. You must make sure that when your company name is typed on the search engine, your website appears on the first page of Google, else your online traffic will suffer a lot.

Chris London, Marketing Director for Pixel Productions stated,

“The typical small Ecommerce website redesign takes about 4-6 weeks on average… of course the size and complexity of the site can push that time frame out considerably.”

Redoing your website takes a considerable amount of time, effort and money and the thought of losing that investment plus continued revenue caused by common SEO mistakes is enough to make one sick.

There are plenty of mistakes that can pop up during an Ecommerce website redesign, but don’t let these 9 SEO mistakes gum up your sales!


1. Starting unplanned


Don’t ever do this.

Beginning without a game plan may be a complete waste of time and may not lead you to any benefit. Always before starting a revamp, talk with your team and discuss what you wish to achieve through this redesign process.

Is a fresh look all that you wish to bring about?

Is there a new collection launch?

Is there a need to get more sales leads?

Be clear about your overall aim and then work towards it.


2. Not paying attention to benchmarks


Undoubtedly, your existing website has built a certain amount of credibility over time. It is essential from the perspective of SEO to maintain link equity and build on from the level your website had reached previously and not beginning from ground zero again. The total website traffic, pages which received organic traffic, conversion rates and other such metrics must always be taken into consideration.


3. Ignoring the Importance of a hosting provider


A significant signal for Google SEO is the responsiveness of a website. A good CMS and quality hosting provider are essential to satisfactory functionality, design, analytics, speed, and support. A slow website is a huge turn off and enough to shoo away potential customers, so make sure that you choose an appropriate CMS.



4. Not making your website secure.


There’s simply no justification for lagging begin when it comes to Ecommerce security. An SSL is an excellent way to secure your website and frankly a must have. If you don’t have one — you’ve probably noticed a nice little “site not secure symbol and message” when visiting your site. Ya, that’s not a turn off.

Getting your website, a secure socket layer helps in securing the data while it is being transmitted between the browser and the server, helps to increase user trust. EV SSL certificate is the best form of SSL certification that you can get for your Ecommerce website. It provides encryption and data integrity of the highest level to the data on your website. Extensive verification of the owner is done after which all your worries are taken care of, and your information is as secure as can be.


5. Wrong usage of redirects


Revamping your old website may include removal of some order pages and addition of new pages. In such cases redirecting users to appropriate pages is necessary. The way redirects are used is essential in the website. It is preferred to redirect a customer to a similar page or a page with same keywords than redirecting to the home page or any standard page. This helps maintain customer interest. Using error page redirections like 404 or 302 are not advisable.


6. Not informing search engines about a domain change


It is essential to inform your search engines of any change in domain. The process is super simple. It involves verifying the google search console on your new domain after you move your content to the new domain and then submitting this change of address in the search console.


7. Not using google highlighter


The google highlighter can be used to get results in the knowledge panel. It helps in making google understand the structure of your website concerning data. The knowledge panels help in giving essential information that users wish to know. It supports articles, books, restaurants, products, movies and other software applications.


8. Underestimating the power of sharing


Sharing is an important marketing feature and increases traffic multifold.

Having an e-commerce website, it is necessary to make it easy for potential customers to share pages and products from your website on social media pages. More sharing and more conversations about your products will help SEO. Be sure to allow sharing and provide social media buttons and give hashtags to customers to share their purchases online and help your products garner more attention.


9. Fewer reviews


A key to a successful e-commerce website is to bring good reviews of the products. The customers trust fellow customers the most and so a site with many and good reviews improve conversion. Give customers incentives to write reviews about their purchases, maybe a few coins in their wallet or any other such small incentive. Make one specific page of your old customers reviews with photos and videos like this.




The list of potential mistakes is long, but we’ve made sure to cover the most common and most important ones in our article. Be sure to learn from the mistake others make and get lesion from them in redesigning website. Make your redesigning a success and give your website the new look it deserves without Loss. Cheers!