9 Amazing Content Marketing Examples to Jumpstart 2022

Having trouble uncovering where your content falls flat? Take a look at these 9 Amazing content marketing examples for inspiration this year.

9 Amazing Content Marketing Examples

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Brand messaging consistency is among the first three on the list of factors that determine your business’s success and growth. Big companies know exactly how to portray a brand consistently at every customer touchpoint.

It is no different with content marketing — your content needs to carry an identifiable voice and pitch across all distribution channels. In this post we’re going to take a look at 9 awesome content marketing examples to help you understand how to improve yours.

What Is Content Marketing?


Content marketing’s main tasks are creating and distributing content to a targeted audience across multiple channels. Blogs, ebooks, videos, social media, and website copy are all pieces of marketing content.


Content marketing doesn’t just promote a brand but also stimulates interest in its services or products. By implementing a great content marketing strategy, you will:

  • Make the audience stick around longer.
  • Generate more and better leads.
  • Improve conversions 


Even in unexciting industries, top brands paved the way with many content marketing formats that will spark a connection with your followers and users.


Content marketing may feel like an exhausting, never-ending battle. Luckily, there are many creative content marketing examples to inspire you.


1. Video content example


Over 80% of marketers claim that video helps generate leads, while 90% of clients accept that a video helps during shopping decisions.


Smyths, a kids toy retailer, sells various toys and play equipment. Instead of simply telling what they offer, the company has a great YouTube channel with explainer videos on the products.

smyths toys

Source: Youtube, Smyths Toys


Not only that, but this toy superstore also has short explainer videos that will guide you through using QR codes from its catalog. The kid’s voice-over video is quite interesting and helpful.


If you aren’t sure how to create stunning videos, you might take advantage of an easy, full-featured online video editor to make beautiful content pieces of your own.


2. Augmented reality – a new way to engage with customers 


Many brands we already know started using AR during a pandemic – companies like Loreal and Ikea. Although they are the best-known examples, the whole beauty industry has found ways during Covid times to serve consumers who haven’t maintained regular routines such as manicuring nails or dyeing hair.


Source: Bleach


This is where Bleach “nailed” it. Bleach London is a hair brand that drew attention when it successfully pivoted to a virtual solution and launched the ‘Bleach Hair Party’ platform. 


What is The ‘Hair Party’ platform, and how it works? 


Bleach Hair Party acts as a digital salon with live conversations, including brand creative director enabling clients to buy and apply hair color correctly.


3. Create Poll on Linkedin


If you have a LinkedIn account, you might have noticed how many people create polls these days. They are pretty easy to make yet so engaging. Asking people for their opinion has always been a great option. And the answers may inspire you to create another poll or blog on the related subject.


With Linkedin polls, you can ask followers and connections engaging questions, stimulate conversations, and even get leads through the pipeline.




Semrush does it correctly. Semrush Linkedin page encourages people to see the right answer by clicking on their Competitor Analysis Tools in this particular example.


Discovering how your competitors have solved similar marketing challenges is a great marketing tactic for startups to find a quick way to their potential customers.


4. A great example of brands content marketing with Podcast

These are the best times to think of podcast-based content marketing. 

Brand Podcasts aren’t just increasingly popular and broadly — they are specifically popular among millennials, who became a majority of the workforce and the market.

With the right story, guests, and know-how, any brand will increase brand awareness with the podcast.


It wasn’t easy to pick only one brand as a good example. The Message created by General Electric is a science fiction story-based podcast. This particular podcast content marketing example gives no branding insight directly; it provides it in the fantastic form of a unique example.


Source: General Electric

The Message promotes General Electric with subtlety intriguing listeners every episode.

Who is it for? The Message is created for a wide-ranging audience. The Message is the right place to start searching for your brand ideas, from sci-fi fans to people interested in new technology.


5. Don’t forget to use the images


Videos are a fantastic way to reach your audience, and today you can choose to maximize the potential of video marketing. Get a feel for it by checking out the many examples of video automation on YouTube and other channels that can inspire your own video campaigns. 

But that doesn’t mean you should forget about images.


According to studies, content that includes images is more sharable.


Visual imagery for brands is no longer the only domain of professional graphic designers. Today, with various tools and available training, anyone can create amazing branded images that will boost their business results.

Source: Unsplash


Do you need to pay for images? Not necessarily – it is not always about paid photos; there are many impressive alternatives to stock images that will catch your viewers’ attention.


6. Include infographics

Traditionally, marketers use infographics as a means to advertise.

Infographic is a visual display of data that makes the data easier to understand. Infographics are a unique method to educate people in a small amount of time.


We took Bloomberg’s interactive infographic as a fine example. The white-on-black combination allures readers’ eyes to the faces of those who may not recognize them. Bloomberg manages to create its content well, and this piece is no different.

Source: Bloomberg


7. How to make Email content work for you


There is no content marketing without a perfectly written email. Airbnb is a famous marketplace for vacation rentals and a powerful example of nicely done email marketing. 


Airbnb email works because:

  • The personalization starts immediately with the subject line
  • Knowing that the email contains your information, curiosity increases the chances of an opening.
  • This email campaign makes the most out of the data by offering vacations near your city.

8. Business playbook

A playbook is a quick-reference guide – it is the “how-to” manual that acts as a companion to your content marketing strategy. About 37% of B2B marketers never write their plan down, often leading to inconsistency and poor results, which is one reason the best marketers always create a playbook for their team to follow.

A playbook is so important because it:

  • Aligns business goals across departments
  • Increases understanding of the key messages and marketing priorities 
  • Maintain content consistency and quality across all brands marketing activities

To help guide you on your startup journey, Opensense’s Content Marketers Playbook provides examples and tips for seven ways to leverage your content marketing.


9. Evergreen blog content


Blogging is a mainstay in content marketing and SEO. You will start working your way up the SERPs by consistently  planning, writing, and posting high-quality blogs.


High-quality blogs can drive traffic to your website as well as increase sales. In fact, if the purpose of your website is to pre-qualify prospects or convert prospects into customers, blogs play a vital role in attracting and educating visitors. If you’ve read about the concept of the marketing funnel or inbound marketing, you’ll have seen that blogging is a key element of bringing prospects closer to your company. That’s why you’ll want to take time to understand the role of a blog on your website and create a strategy for blog content that is meaningful to your audience.


Of course, so many businesses are also writing blogs that you’ll want your blog post content to be distinctive and have, whenever possible, a long-lasting effect. To achieve this, you will need to create evergreen content that will keep readers coming back.


Food trends come and go, but valuable content about nutrition will always remain important. An example from the business world is Good Greens. Good greens are a company that revitalizes the world of food.


Blog on this website includes reviews from doctors, top nutrition consultants, and even celebrities. It is no surprise Good Greens have grown incredibly.

Another important thing, for more traffic, you should consider advertising your blog. To learn the best way to do it, visit Google Skillshop and choose the course to help you get the most out of your content.  




Great content encourages the audience to reach out to your business for more information on the product or service. A lot has changed during the last two years, but 2022 could be your content marketing fresh start. 


Hopefully, we managed to give you some new ideas and get you inspired with the content marketing examples listed above.