9 Best Smartphone Apps for Freelance Designers

9 Best Smartphone Apps for Freelance Designers

Freelance designers have come to appreciate the advances in technology, which has led to the development of a wide range of tools. The most successful freelance designers are already using mobile apps to get ahead. Most of these apps are available for free, yet they are versatile and don’t compromise on the services.

Finding the right tools for your line of work dramatically affects how well you continuously improve your skill. Let’s dive in and uncover some of these great apps, which are convenient and allow you to immerse yourself completely in your work.

Best Smartphone Apps for Freelance Designers

Here are smartphone apps freelance designers can’t do without:

1.    Adobe Color CC

Every freelancer designer has to produce the best quality designs and prioritize on trends in taste and preferences. One of those preferences is color. Under no circumstances, you can leverage the best color palette for a prolific photo without Adobe Color CC. This app can help you with generating unique color schemes, which can also be custom made to fit your design inspirations.

This miracle of design tools leverages the uniqueness of color palette drawn from the existing colors of the images uploaded to your mobile devices. Now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you can use this app to create themes to use in other Adobe desktop apps such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

2.    Adobe Illustrator Draw

Both beginner and professional graphic designers can use this app. It is ideal for creating unique design works using the best features available in the market today. Besides, the app’s functionality makes it very simple and intuitive for an enlightened user experience.

Some of these tools include customizable brushes, eyedropper, layers, and more. The user can undo their work up to 50 levels, and keep track of all saved data. It’s available for iOS devices.

3.    Adobe Photoshop Express

For many people, Adobe has become synonymous with the workflow of designers of any kind. With Adobe Photoshop Express, designers can use photo editing tools to acquire the best results possible. Besides, the app is available for free on both Google Play and the App Store.

A smartphone is never a designer’s tool with the absence of Adobe Photoshop Express. The app makes photo editing quicker with everything you would expect an editing app to do. Instead of focusing on the large issues and missing the smaller details, you use this app to edit everything from the facial features in an image, to eliminating noise.

4.    Instasize

Create engaging content wherever and whenever with the Instasize app. This photo editing app offers various tools to create aesthetically pleasing content for your Instagram feed. Transform your raw photos and videos with a ready toolkit that you can use on the go in a one-size-fits-all app. Instasize offers over 80 photographer-inspired filters to fulfill a uniform aesthetic throughout all your photos and videos. Beauty enhancing tools like spot removal, glow, vibrance, and brighten quickly repair unwanted details in your photos. On the other hand, customization tools let you adjust sharpness, exposure, and contrast.


Instasize is available for free in iOS and Android, although it offers a premium subscription of $4.99 USD/month. Instasize premium offers monthly updates and unlimited access to all of the app’s tools and features.

5.    Fontly

Working with logos, posters, or anything which involves fonts often can be daunting. But with Fontly, you utilize the design features to process a unique and outstanding design piece. Usually, it’s as simple as taking a photo of anything with the font on it, and Fontly will automatically save the captured typography.

And yes, you can add your personal touches to the design. Users become part of a community of fellow freelance designers absorbed by the typography flair of literally all print you see today.

6.    IDesign

This app is an excellent tool for animators or any other job that relies heavily on the drawing. IDesign is available for free on iOS devices. It is an illustration app that allows the user to draw 2D vector designs professionally. With this app in hand, you can have reasonable control and unlimited flexibility over your designs.

So animators, fashion designers, and any other design professionals, which requires top-notch drawings can take advantage of the features that iDesign offers. Some of these features include; dimensioning tools, gradients, Boolean operations on shapes, and more.

7.    Marksta

Working as a freelance designer has incredible job perks. But are your rights over the ownership of your ideas safeguarded? Here’s where Marksta comes along. This app will help you create a watermark to place over your designs to protect your brand.

Furthermore, you can also include information concerning copyright. As a result, you can fit into your design mode and feel assured that ownership over your work is secured. With each new feature, you’re guaranteed to use Marksta as a necessary tool for protecting your graphic design services.

8.    SketchBook Pro

Working as a professional often means utilizing the best available tools for design. If you are a professional freelance designer, this app has the best functionality for your work demands. SketchBook Pro can help you create sophisticated designs using more than 100 different brushes, which you can customize at will.

You can also find the app useful when creating design works that run at a high frame rate and require numerous layers. It’s available on Android devices for $5.

9.    SwatchMatic

If you’re designing something and you need the perfect color palettes to compliment your work, then you can use this app. SwatchMatic allows freelance designers to generate color palettes from available photos.

Also, you can create your unique color palette that meets your designer’s needs. Using the multiple settings, create a combination of distinctive colors, thereby matching your vision with the final product. The app is free and available on the Google Play store.


These apps offer advanced editing features that can be used by freelance designers regardless of their experience levels. To make your business and team standout, stimulate your design experience with the best smartphone app.

But wait, there’s more. To consistently improve your skill, you’ll need an effective time management strategy. That’s right!

Time tracking technologies have advanced to help you build a successful career through time management. How?

For example, Trello time tracking solution will help you accomplish more in less time, by prioritizing tasks and evaluating time spent on them. Yet, this application is merely one of the great apps, which are convenient and allow you to immerse yourself completely in your work.