8 Ways To Market Your Food Truck – Food Truck Startups

Food truck startups are a solid investment, but not full-proof – learn how to market your food truck business for customer and business growth.

8 Ways To Market For Your Food Truck

Food truck startups are booming! In particular, younger generations love these mobile cuisine food trucks.

Because of this, starting a food truck can be a wise business venture. It can be a continuous franchise or a stepping stone to building a solid brand with lower overhead. That being said, starting a food truck business isn’t full -proof. Whatever your plans, one of the first things to do is focus on advertising.

Making sure that you have a potential customer base to lean on is key. So, here are eight ways to market your new food truck business.

1. Have An Online Presence

In this day and age, maintaining a strong online presence is essential for a growing business. A Food truck business is no different. In fact, a website and social media is essential for these mobile cuisine businesses.

Create social media accounts on every applicable platform. Invite your friends to follow your accounts. These friends are likely to encourage others to join. Post constantly to keep potential customers interested. In order to provide entertainment, mix up what kinds of posts you’re making.

For instance, try putting up a comedic behind-the-scenes video of your truck. You should also pay attention to your Local SEO (search engine optimization). The sooner your site comes up on a search, the more online traffic you will receive. When someone searches keywords like “breakfast near me”, your site should be one of the first to appear.

2. Hand Out Advertisements

Online activity gathers many customers, but nothing beats making in-person connections.

Go to a lively area, preferably near the location of your truck, and hand out flyers. The act of physically advertising will give you a more concrete opening for gaining interest. Engaging in conversation will ensure that you are remembered by the consumer. Ask local organizations if you can put up posters. Install signs around nearby neighborhoods if it’s allowed.

Creative graphic design assets like leave behind menus area a good way to make sure everyone in your community knows about your truck.

3. Speak With Businesses

It’s unlikely that your food truck will spend 100% of its time operating alone.

Organizations love holding events with food trucks, and being hired for one can be highly lucrative. This is why you should make it a priority to connect with local businesses. Let these organizations know what makes your truck stand out. For instance, if you’re talking to a local university, discuss what makes your food popular with young people. Communicating your unique value proposition with other local businesses is the most valuable thing you can do to ensure that your food truck startup stays in business.

4. Hire Personable Employees

One of the main attractions food trucks possess is friendliness.

This is due to the face-to-face nature of the food truck business. Regular customers delight in carrying on a conversation with employees. Because of this, ensuring that your workers can display a personable nature is essential. Make your interview process a friendly discussion. If the potential hire is gregarious, take it into consideration. A sense of humor goes a long way. You can teach people to cook, but not necessarily to interact with others.

5. Attend Several Events

If you’re starting a food truck business, it’s likely that your community holds frequent events.

Don’t let these opportunities pass you by. Do your research as to when these events will occur. Even if your food truck isn’t ready to be used, make sure that you are in attendance at each one. These gatherings are perfect ways to advertise your truck. If there are other food trucks there, the community members in attendance are your future customer base.

Engage in conversation about your business. You might even take a poll to determine its future popularity. This is when you should be handing out flyers. You might also consider talking with other truck owners. These entrepreneurs likely have helpful advice and insight to share. Try to talk with those that don’t sell similar food – it’s unlikely that competitors will want to help you.

6. Gather Loyal Customers

Bringing in new business is great, but gathering a loyal client base is a vital step.

These customers will spread word of your product and be advertisers for you. Your online posts will be shared by your regulars. If new customers aren’t responding to your truck one day, you can rely on your usual buyers to bring in money. Having people that will automatically approach your truck will also assist in traffic. If people are seen buying your food, there is a higher chance that hungry customers will come your way.

7. Stay Safe

In the age of COVID-19, and even afterwards, customers will want to ensure that your truck is safe.

When you begin to market your food truck, keep this in mind. Let everyone know what precautions you’re taking. This can be a very effective marketing tool. Customers appreciate it when you care about the well being of others. Emphasize that everyone is in this together, and you are prioritizing health over profit. You might even consider selling safety products with your brand, like face masks that display your logo. Letting people know that you’re taking the current situation seriously will attract more customers.

8. Be Memorable

Food trucks require originality in their design — this is the difference between a business and a brand.

This is especially prevalent if you’re selling a popular food. For instance, if you’re making macaroni and cheese, you don’t want to be mixed up with other pasta trucks. You have to be unique!

Come up with a catchy title that’s easy to remember. It may make people groan, but consider utilizing a witty pun. Hire a local graphic design agency to design an eye-catching logo. When creating a menu, think of memorable names for your dishes. Consider having a special each week that will keep customers interested. In general, consider what makes your food stand out. If you’re selling soup, think of a way to present it in a creative way.

Can you put it in a cone? Can you die it a unique color?

Make sure consumers can think of your name and immediately remember your gimmick.


Ready to Market Your Food Truck Startup?

Starting a food truck business is an exciting venture. It’s a way to sell your unique cooking and engage with the community. In order to achieve success, you need to market your food truck with aggression. Food trucks are steeped in a fun and local aesthetic, so lean into it. Make friends in the community and be approachable.

If you follow these tips to market your food truck, you business will have loyal customers in no time.