8 Types of SaaS Videos to Boost Your SaaS Marketing Strategy

Video should make up a significant portion of your digital marketing strategy, if you’re struggling, these 8 Types of Saas Videos will get you moving.

SaaS Videos to Boost Your SaaS Marketing

Video content gets results when used in B2B and B2C marketing.

It’s a perfect medium for SaaS companies to create brand awareness and boost sales. But marketing in the SaaS industry is challenging.

Using video content isn’t enough. You’ll have to employ the right type of SaaS videos.

From educational to testimonial video content, here is a list of 8 SaaS video types that’ll boost your marketing strategy.

1. Educational Videos

In business marketing, an educational video is the most popular type of content.

Compared to others the level of interest shown by the audience in consuming educational videos is quite high.

One of the major reasons for such phenomenal success of educational videos is that they trigger interest, promptly engage, and deeply influence the audience.

Educational videos take several forms, from how-to tutorials to webinars.

Any visual content that supplies the target audience with useful and helpful information is called an educational video. These videos bring the prospects a step closer to a sale.

Hence, give the videos a better reach by publishing them on YouTube, company website, company’s YouTube channel, and other social media platforms.


HubSpot is one of the earliest companies to employ educational videos to promote the brand.

The HubSpot Academy hosts thousands of videos on a wide range of topics.

These tutorials, courses, seminars, and more attract millions of viewers from all corners of the globe.

These educational videos offer great value to the audience, at the same time, boost the brand value of the company.

2. Promotional Videos

Promotional video – the name doesn’t do justice to what the content is. The objective of promo videos goes beyond just promoting a brand, service, or product.

These types of videos aim to connect prospects with the product or service using stories that address the pain points of the target audience.

Promotional videos do not or should not pitch. Instead, they should take a more friendly approach aimed at helping the prospects with their problems.

Promo videos are often short, to the point, and aimed to capture the attention of the target audience.

Another hallmark of promo videos is that they contain a clear message to the audience aimed at drawing out an equally clear action.

You can use promo videos to impress the target audience at any number of places. You can feature these short videos in Facebook covers, social media ads, and on the website.

Microsoft Office App

The Microsoft Office App Promo Video is a creative masterpiece. It’s modern, aesthetically pleasing, and mesmerizing to watch.

The video draws in the audience with stunning visuals but never compromises on the message.

The script is clear and the visuals are stunning to watch. The video rightly received tons of views and loads of positive feedback.

3. Explainer Videos

Prospects will always hesitate to purchase a product or service they don’t fully understand.

According to a study, 83% of customers agreed that explainer videos (product/service videos) helped them make a buying decision.

Brands launching a new software product in the marketing can use explainer videos to communicate its value to the audience.

Make the videos concise and engaging. The content should not only describe the ins and outs of the software but also explain how the product would help the customers.

It doesn’t matter whether your target audience is another business entity or an ordinary person.

Explainer videos can help you break even complex concepts into easily understandable parts and help the audience understand the same.

Not just to convert leads into sales, you can use explainer videos as user onboarding content.  


SaaS Videos to Boost Your SaaS Marketing

Salesforce is a cloud-based software service that uses short videos to educate customers about their software and its features.

The company relies on interesting narratives, clear instructions, soft background music, and engaging illustrations to introduce their software, its features, why it’s used, how to use, etc.

4. Live Question and Answer Sessions

SaaS companies wanting to connect with their audience in a more intimate way should also organize Live Q&A sessions.

These sessions will lead to dynamic interaction resulting in more conversions and longer relationships.

Video views, shares, etc. are mere numbers; a mirage of no real value without actual engagement.

Live Q&A sessions guarantee real engagement; increase the chances of interaction, and build trust between the SaaS Company and its prospective customers.

In most cases, customers want to be part of the brand they plan to use. For this to happen there needs to be a greater interaction than what’s allowed by normal marketing channels.

Live Q&A sessions help promote interaction, thereby paving a way for a close relationship.

Live Q&A sessions present an opportunity for customers to clear their doubts without any delays.

When their questions are answered, the prospective customers feel included and appreciated. Plus, you can see a palpable excitement among the customers during these sessions.


Live Q&A Sessions also create a sense of urgency which unconsciously forces the customers to make a buying decision.

Tailwind organized a live seminar and Q&A session to share its ideas on Pinterest marketing.

During the session, the company also positioned its software as a solution to the marketing problems faced by the target audience.

5. Webinars

Marketers claim that planning and conducting a webinar is hard work.

Then some question the efficiency of the webinar as a video marketing tool. Such opinions shouldn’t perturb you.

You must include webinar (live or pre-recorded) in your video marketing strategy because 78% of SaaS companies have a webinar strategy in place.

The benefits that SaaS companies reap from webinar content are many.

Webinars present the perfect platform to share information about your product, features, benefits, and a lot more.

In fact, 74.3% of webinars help brands share product features with their target audience. Also, 85.8% of webinars are about product demos.

Webinars can serve as an effective tool in lead generation and lead nurturing.

Most SaaS companies, 87.1% to be exact, seek information from the audience before allowing access to their webinar content.

This strategy works because most people don’t mind sharing information to watch informative and useful webinars.

Pre-recorded webinars (92.31%) appear to be more famous than live ones (55.2%) for SaaS companies.

Webinars also give you a chance to interact with industry experts. That’s because over 75% of all webinars are in the interview format.


Wishpond has employed webinars well by keeping it simple.

Wishpond provides the necessary tools to create landing pages. The webinars on their platform offer tips, tricks, and instructions on building effective landing pages.

The content is informative, useful, and well-presented to keep the viewers interested in the content.

6. Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials have a special place in marketing. They give a subtle push that finally helps the prospects take the big leap of purchase.

In the case of SaaS companies, testimonials go beyond establishing trust between the brand and customer.

Even if the customer is far from the purchase stage, testimonials show how good the product is and how it has helped the buyers.

For SaaS companies, customer testimonials present an opportunity for the brand to get in touch with their customers again.

This is a chance to build a strong and long-term relationship with existing customers.

There are many reasons for the success of testimonials as a marketing strategy.

People find customer testimonials credible because they are not scripted. Testimonials are authentic, genuine, and most importantly filled with the human element.

A study shows that 73% of people agreed that trust in a product increased after watching a positive review.


The Groove testimonial video has everything that you want to see in a customer testimonial.

The customer’s story and experience are put forward in a succinct, interesting, and intriguing manner.

7. Personalized Video Emails

Personalized video email to clients and consumers is considered by many experts as equal to, or more important than social media marketing.

SaaS companies can distinguish themselves from others by speaking directly to their target audience using video emails.

Contrary to the popular belief, personalized video emails can be quite effective in building trust with customers with whom you had no prior contact.

With new research methodologies and tools, it’s now possible to learn a lot about the target audience – their likes, dislikes, pain points, and much more.

Although it’s the first time you’re engaging with the target audience, you already know enough to add a human touch to your video email marketing.

We can’t stress enough the importance of personalized video emails.

According to a study by MailChimp, the average open rate and click-through rate of the software and app industry were 21.29% and 2.45% respectively.

You can expect better results than these numbers after using personalized video emails.

Hippo Video

The personalized video email from Hippo Video encourages the prospective customer to take the next step (i.e.) fill a form, schedule a demo, etc.

The video is short, friendly, interesting, and it contains an effective Call-to-Action.

8. Online Summits

Business summits are often accorded just a minor role in SaaS digital marketing strategy.

But, seeing the outcome of summits organized by Wiremo, User.com, and other companies, it’s now clear that online summits must form a critical component of your strategy.

Most SaaS businesses rely heavily on automation to create awareness, build brand image, increase conversions, and boost sales.

But, most SaaS marketers agree that it’s time to add the human element to marketing by focusing on summits.

Meeting prospective customers in-person or virtually allows SaaS businesses to respond effectively.

This is a much better option because by observing the tone, body language, etc. SaaS salespeople can give prospects a better response.

By inviting experts, thought leaders, and industry experts, you can generate more interest in your product and establish yourself as an important player in the market.

In SaaS, conducting summits is one of the best ways to generate leads and boost conversions.

You can achieve multiple goals such as build brand awareness, build trust, build long-term relationships, etc. with just one strategy – organizing summits.

Summits and business events are an opportunity to make new connections and reinforce old ones with other big names in the industry.


Apart from core business topics, summits also offer a platform for companies to discuss important social issues.

In one of its events, OpenView organized a panel discussion on diversity among board members.

Such discussions will boost your image in the industry and help attract like-minded customers.

Final Thoughts

Video content is a fun, interesting, and educational medium for customers. But, for SaaS marketers, it’s a flexible and powerful tool that can help achieve any marketing goal.

SaaS companies that want to witness steady growth must add these 8 types of videos in their SaaS marketing strategy.