8 Must-Have Tech Gadgets To Boost Digital Marketing Today

If you’re a techy entrepreneur, you’ll love these 8 tech gadgets that will help you boost your daily and digital marketing routines!

8 Must-Have Tech Gadgets


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Digital marketing has become a critical tool for companies. Yet, the online space has a lot of clutter. Many companies are competing for a share of voice.


Statistics indicate that up to 64% of small businesses use the platform. As of 2020, more than 1.79 billion people did their shopping online. By the end of 2021, online sales could reach $4.8 trillion. It makes sense that a company would want to invest in digital marketing. 


But how do you ensure that you stand above the competition? It starts by having a solid strategy. Next, you need the right tools to help you achieve your marketing goals.


We will share with you 8 must-have tech gadgets that can boost digital marketing today. Let’s dive into this exciting topic below.

Must-have Tech Gadgets to Boost Digital Marketing Today

The right digital marketing strategies are critical if you hope to see ROI in your business. Incorporating the best technology has to offer is a sound decision. Let’s dive into our list of must-have gadgets to boost your digital marketing.

1. A solar charger and power bank

When shopping for a laptop or tablet, you should buy one with long battery life. It helps when you are working away from a power source.  But, what happens when the juice in your battery runs out. You find yourself running up and down, looking for a place to charge your devices.


Yet, a solar charger can be a godsend. All you need is enough sunlight, and you are good to go. Always remember to store it with a full charge. You may need to continue working late into the night when you have no access to direct sunlight.


A power bank also provides excellent functionality. It is a backup that you can use to power a laptop or tablet. You have so many options, all bearing different capacities. Like in the case of the solar charger, always make sure you store it with a full charge.

2. Laptop and/or tablet

Laptops and tablets are convenient because of portability. They are lightweight, meaning you can move from place to place with them. A train ride or flight can take a long time. You can take the time to complete pending projects. 


Depending on the type you buy, you get excellent performance. You also have no restrictions on the type of work you can do.


Think about your needs and what you will need to do when shopping. The best laptop for graphic designers, for example, offer tons of functionalities. They are responsive, allowing the designer flexibility with the type of work he can do. 


Simply choose the operating system (OS) you are comfortable with. They also have excellent CPU and ram capacity. It means the tablets can handle a wide range of jobs.

3. Smartphone and Gimbal

Smartphones can also be very convenient to use on the go. The digital marketer can receive and send emails. You can also edit documents without needing to open your laptop.


Look for a smartphone with a good camera for those instances when you may need to take videos or photos. Partner it with a Gimbal for extra stability when shooting. You get the advantage of Smooth rotation, rolling, panning, and tilting. You will also love the fluidity and smooth transition of the footage when you’re in motion.

4. Augmented and virtual reality for immersive experiences

Companies have had to adjust how they operate, due to the Corona pandemic. It includes how they provide experiences to clients. Social distancing made it difficult for customers to transact as they usually would. 


Visiting brick-and-mortar stores was, at some point, no longer an option. Yet, companies still needed to push products to customers. Even with the lifting of the ban on movement, many people have migrated to shopping online.


Augmented reality may be out of reach for smaller businesses. It does come with a cost implication that many may not afford. Yet, it is a fantastic investment for creating immersive experiences for customers. Businesses operating in the gaming industry, for example, can benefit from augmented reality.


Companies like IKEA already have such strategies in place. You can design your home virtually using their furniture. The app is available on the iOS platform and gives realistic renders and 3D true-to-scale products to clients. 


The beauty industry has already jumped onto the bandwagon as well. Companies like L’Oreal, Garnier, Chanel, and Avon are using VR. It allows customers to try the products virtually.

5. Chatbots to enhance customer service and targeting

Customer service is an area of concern for many companies. Relying on humans to respond to queries and deal with customer issues has its challenges. Some businesses are unable to afford 24/7 customer service. Sometimes, human emotions can impact the experience.


It could explain why chatbots have become such a popular option. A chatbot is a fantastic aid for conversational marketing. The technique uses dialogue for better personalization and customer engagement. By investing in chatbots, you simply program them to respond to customers.


AI chatbots have advanced features. The technology uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. They learn human behavior and can give recommendations and more in-depth feedback to customers. 


With chatbots, you do not need to shut down customer service for any reason. Customers get prompt responses to queries. It also provides a fantastic digital marketing platform. You can segment your audience accordingly and push relevant messaging to them.

6. Multi-device keyboards and mouse

A multi-device keyboard allows you to transform your tablet into a desktop unit. Sometimes using the inbuilt keyboard can be difficult resulting in less productivity. Of course, this is not true for everyone. 


Some people can work just as well using the screen keyboard. A multi-device keyboard with Bluetooth capability is even more convenient. It frees you from carrying around cables.

A separate mouse for your laptop can help with efficiency. But, again this is a personal preference. Some people prefer to use the touchpad.

7. Wearable devices

Modern consumers are responsive to Innovations that can change their lives. It could explain why wearable devices have become the rage. Industry experts predict that by 2022, the market will be worth almost $52 billion. 


A simple wristwatch transformed into a device that can give so many functionalities. Other than telling time, you can receive and make calls. It can also provide vital information about what is happening in your body. 


You can, for example, measure heart rates, pressure, and so much more. Astute digital marketers can take advantage of such devices.


First, they are a fantastic way to collect customer data. Digital marketers can use such information to develop the right customer profile. And, it allows for personalization and better targeting of messages.

8. Touchscreen functionality with an AirBar

An AirBar allows you to transform your laptop into a touchscreen. The advantage is you do not install or make any alterations to the hardware. It is also very simple to use.


You attach the device via the USB port. Next, place it on the bottom of your laptop display using the magnet. That is all you need to enjoy touchscreen capabilities on your laptop device.

Final thoughts

The digital marketer needs to move with the times. The modern customer is more demanding due to the amount of choice available. A solid digital strategy is the first step. You need it for better brand and product visibility. It will help elevate you in the eyes of the target audiences. It also helps to set yourself apart from the competitors.


The second is to use the right combination of tools and gadgets. It helps to improve efficiency and productivity. We have looked at 8 must-have gadgets that can boost digital marketing today. Determine what your needs are before you go out shopping. Also, make sure you read customer reviews if you decide on a particular brand.