8 Unbelievable Ideas To Improve Your Business On IGTV

There a plenty of people publishing videos, but way too many remain unviewed – check out these ideas to boost your business on IGTV.

Your Business On IGTV

Image Source: IGTV

Instagram is a leading social media platform with more than one billion active users monthly. We know businesses want to take advantage of this audience, but do you know how to make it happen for your business?

It’s all about creating content your audience is craving.

Instagram keeps on updating with new features to engage your audiences. In the beginning, Instagram users can post only images and videos for about 1 minute. To increase the video length, Instagram brought a new update of IGTV (Instagram TV) to provide a long-form of videos.

IGTV provides a huge opportunity to work with influencers and improve your Instagram marketing strategy to engage your audiences.

In this post we’re going to help you get acquainted with IGTV and some ideas to help you grow your business.

What Is IGTV:


IGTV is a video-sharing application on Instagram in the long-form for about 15 minutes.

Instagram launched the IGTV feature in June 2018, allowing only vertical videos. It emerged as a mobile-friendly application for users than YouTube. Then in 2019, Instagram allows you to show the preview for your IGTV video for 1 minute, helping your audience to know about your video intention easily.


Though it takes time to make an IGTV video, it becomes the perfect place to increase your followers and gives way to build engagement for your brand


Steps To Publish An IGTV Video


Shoot a long-form of video with attractive content in a creative way.

Since it is a video with 15 minutes, the video has to be engaging and interesting for your followers. After the video creation, upload on the IGTV channel.


Here are the easy steps to upload an IGTV video,


  • Choose “+” on your newsfeed at the bottom of the page.
  • Choose your video of more than 60 seconds and tap the Next button.
  • There will be two options to share, either Short or Long videos. Choose the Share as Long video option that allows you to post your full video. The short video option will simply share your video on your feed.
  • Select the cover image for your video and tap Next.
  • Give a title and short description of your IGTV video.
  • Choose Post a Preview option to show your video preview for 30 seconds.
  • You will also have the option “Make visible on Facebook” to promote your business on a higher level.


Once after choosing the above options, tap the Post option at the top right corner. Now your IGTV video will be posted on your feed.

Best Ways To Improve Your Business On IGTV


Content in video form is a great way to engage your audience in an effective way. After the introduction of IGTV, the weekly installs increased to one million. IGTV brings a way to share high-quality content with your followers. Many marketers use IGTV to share their product descriptions in detail


IGTV is an excellent place for business people to increase their engagement and make use of the below ideas to improve your business with IGTV.

1. Upload a Tutorial Video


One important way to build brand trust among your followers is to publish a tutorial video which will be an easy way to know and use your product. For example, if your product is about a fitness brand, create a workout tutorial using your product or give a common healthy tip. These types of videos create more possibilities to reach various new audiences.


Keep yourself active in this video by responding immediately to any doubts regarding your product. Your involvement will result in engaging your followers with your product and improving brand awareness.


2. Interact With Your Followers by Q&A Session


A video with a question and answer session creates a way to clear your followers’ doubts and know their thoughts about your product. Start interacting with your audiences to build a strong connection with your followers.


Post the preview of your IGTV video on your Stories and on your Instagram feed to increase your reach and promote your brand. For example, you can post the interview questions on your feed and answer those questions by making IGTV videos. It creates a great chance to have a strong relationship with your followers.

3. Repost Your Live Videos on IGTV


Instagram live video is the right place to convey your message accurately to your followers in the right way. You can’t be sure that all your audience will watch your live video. To increase the views for your video, republish your live video on Instagram feed through IGTV. It provides a great way to reach your content to many audiences improving your brand reach.


While going live, record your live video, do some edits and share it on IGTV to convey your message to many people. You can also post this video in Reel with fun content to boost the views for your Instagram reels and drive them to your IGTV video. IGTV is a good choice for increasing the performance of your live video.

4. Make It Popular Through Instagram Stories


Instagram stories are a great place to engage your followers with your content. So to promote your IGTV video, make announcements through Instagram Stories to get a higher response. Most people will not find time to watch a full video because they may be in a hurry. To encourage these kinds of audiences, you have to post the outline of your IGTV video in your stories and grab their attention towards your whole video.


The way of creating a story should build the importance of watching your video. Bring out the intention that if they fail to watch it, they will miss out on an important thing. This urgency will make each of your followers watch your IGTV video.

5. Shoot A Behind The Scenes Video


The important fact about business is that each of your followers will be interested knowing what your industry is based on and also will be eager to see your industry and the process. For example, if your product is chocolate, everyone wants to see the making of chocolates. Showing the visuals of making chocolates or baking the cookies and taking them to your industry tour will definitely create a good image of your product.


If your business is not product-based, don’t worry, you can use your creative thoughts like introducing your team members with any creative skill and make it memorable to your audience. It provides a way to connect with your followers and new audiences easily.

6. Attractive Description With Relevant Hashtags


Before the launch of IGTV, most people search only for profiles on specific topics rather than videos. But after 2018, the users started searching for videos like YouTube. Show your videos visible to new audiences by using relevant hashtags with crispy descriptions to attract new visitors.


If you are including relevant hashtags, it provides a way to discover your content for the users following the same hashtag and improves your video views on your feed.

7. Show Video Importance In Your Preview


Since Instagram is a mobile application, the users will scroll quickly in their feed because of the small window. So Instagram gives an excellent way of providing a preview video to grab your follower’s attention to see your IGTV video. 


Instagram provides 15 seconds to make a preview video. Your video preview should intend each of your followers to watch the full video. While shooting a video, think of the first minute as an introduction and deliver the content in the most engaging way to attract your followers.

8. Bring Out Your Loyal Customer Success Stories


When a customer talks about your product and gives a positive review of why they use your brand, it creates a strong relationship among your other audiences. Use this chance to invite your customers to tell the reason to your viewers why they love your products and services. Tag your customers while publishing this video to gain new audiences and improve your business.


The feedback video will increase your followers and convert them to your customers resulting in the brand reach. 


IGTV is the right platform to share your thoughts with high-quality content. It brings many opportunities to build new audiences for your business. Posting your videos at the right time with interesting content engages your followers with your brand and helps to reach effective audiences.