8 E-commerce Trends to Expect in 2019

What E-commerce trends are going to truly impact the way your business operates online, and more importantly will bring about the biggest improvements?

e-commerce trends

As we move headlong into a new year, those who use the internet to power their business will be all too aware that many exciting challenges lie in wait. If you are someone who is trying to run a business in the e-commerce sector, then 2019 promises to introduce some very interesting and unique market trends.

Let’s take a look at what some of the biggest trends are expected to be as we move into the new year.

What, then, should you be on the lookout for?

If you are serious about long-term progress, then you should absolutely look to the following e-commerce trends to come in the near future.

1.    Interactive Product Visualization

One of the most important changes is the introduction of interactive product visualization.

We are moving away from an era whereby most companies would look to make use of basic product images: today, you need to be much more interactive.

Instead of simply showing an image of what the customer could get, you are expected now to give them a much more visually representative ideal. Customers will need some help in making sure that the can fully understand the product, understanding every detail about it. from authenticity to microscopic zooming for attentive detail searching, this is commonplace.

2.    Artificial Intelligence Solutions

It’s no surprise that AI is going to continue to grow as a powerful tool for the e-commerce industry. You will soon find that artificial intelligence solutions make it easy for you to make the right decisions, ensuring that you can easily build up a business that interacts with the customer.

From chat bot solutions to offering automated advice, expect your e-commerce business to have to start boxing clever when it comes to how automated your customer service is.

3.    Renaissance of Physical Stores

One big change in e-commerce, though, is the use of pop-up stores and stands.

If you are building a decent enough image online, then throwing up a pop-up store in locations where you are most popular makes a lot of sense.

While large portions of commerce is moving away from a physical presence, 2019 shows that we might see a small revival in short-term pop-up stores appearing across popular areas.

4.    B2B E-Commerce Growth will Accelerate

If you have the opportunity to make any kind of business to business sales, 2019 is the year to try it out at its most effective. Many businesses are getting involved with selling their skills, services and wares to other businesses.

This is going to keep growing as a trend in 2019, and we recommend that you try to do the same. Don’t just see yourself as targeting a customer: think of your business as a useful entity for both consumers and for other businesses. This should make it much easier for you to begin to take things even further.

5.    Analytics Platforms Will continue to Evolve

ecommerce analytics platforms

Analytics is only going to get smarter and deeper, and we recommend that you begin to adjust and adapt to that now. Analytics are going to become much more precise, too, giving us information about everything from when to where – and even why.

If you are serious about making 2019 a genuine success, then you need to start paying more attention to the benefits of analytical tools. Don’t discount the power of analytics: modern analytics tools offer insights you’ll never come across otherwise.

6. Multi-Channel Shopping

Having just one platform to do all of your shopping through is a mistake that many business owners will need to rectify in 2019. If you are still running with the same old plans as before, it’s time to make a change.

Move away from just having your own e-commerce store: branch out into social media, selling through other vendors and doing all that you can to make sure your products can be seen as easily on desktop devices as they are on mobile devices, and vice versa.

7. M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce)

Mobile commerce is very unlikely to slow down anytime soon, if at all. The development of tools like the mobile signal booster means those in rural areas are easily getting access to fast internet in ways that they simply never could in the past.

With mobile commerce growing all the time, we can expect to see a massive change and growth in the number of online users, so don’t discount the importance of concentrating on the sizeable mobile commerce industry.

8. Security Improvements

2019 will see new and improved security threats, meaning new security measures will be needed.

Be sure to keep your security tools up to date, don’t be afraid to branch out and always make sure that you invest in the most suitable solutions.

Your entire business reputation is dependent on having a good quality level of security. If you are not willing to match modern standards, then you will suffer for it. Security improvements will be commonplace in 2019: don’t put them to one side, or risk the consequences.


Just when you thought you’d mastered all the E-commerce trends to keep your store at peak performance, more will surely come out. When it comes to E-commerce trends don’t forget to marry them up with the best online marketing tactics for your business to improve consumer demand, drive sales and maintain security.