72 Essential Features of an Ecommerce Website

72 Essential Features Your Ecommerce Website Must Have broken down clearly in this infographic by landing page.

Do you know which are the most essential features of an ecommerce site? For every online business, its website plays a vital role. No matter how good the products or services you provide, if your site doesn’t match the expectations of your potential customers, your business will suffer.

The following infographic presents 72 essential features of an ecommerce site. Though no two online businesses are the same, the features we mentioned apply more or less to every type of ecommerce site.

Instead of presenting the features as a list, the infographic focuses on the main pages of a site. The most common pages of any ecommerce site are: Home, Product page, Category page, Checkout page and Blog. We have shown the basic outline of these pages and clearly marked the important features on a page by page basis.

Apart from that, we have mentioned the mandatory backend features that ensure your site is easily manageable. And some miscellaneous but crucial features like responsiveness, fast loading, browser compatibility etc. are mentioned at the end.


ecommerce website features infographic