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7 Strategies For Building a Conversion Based Website

Building a Website? You might want to take a look at these strategies for building a conversion based website before you launch that new site.

building a conversion based webite

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If you think that your work is complete after creating a website that is driving huge traffic, then you need to think again!

Every website is designed with an objective, it might be sales, subscriptions, sign-ups, generating leads, and so on. This all happens when visitors on your site are converting into customers/subscribers. To ensure that all your marketing efforts are benefiting with a high conversion rate, you need to start by creating a conversion based website.

Here we have provided 7 important points that help you build a high-converting website.


#1. Make a clear value proposition


Your website’s homepage is an important place where you tell about your business. Visitors on your site should see the reason why they should do business with you. There are lots of businesses out there that boast of their services or products. You have to distinguish yourself from all of them by creating a clear and solid value proposition. Show the benefits of doing business with you. Instead of using buzzwords or useless slogans, just clearly define your unique selling points.


#2. Compelling call-to-action


What adds value to a webpage or a landing page is clear and compelling call-to-action. Everything from color and shape to text matters in designing of a call-to-action. If you have Photoshop files of customized web design, getting it converted to a website is a smarter way to obtain the right website. This way you can design and place your CTAs appropriately. The best way to decide where to place CTAs is to use heat maps that give you an idea of mouse clicks on a site. Use catchy texts on your CTAs that make a feeling of urgency. The rightfully designed and placed call-to-actions are crucial for maximizing conversion rate.


#3. Add shorter web forms 


According to research conducted by, 90% of people like web forms that bear features like a progress bar, password stretch checker, or inline validation. You should add short and simple web forms to your website by keeping input fields as minimum as possible. Most people will like to fill a form that is quick, intuitive, and easy to complete. By using the best UX design practices businesses can create effective web forms that yield higher conversions. Making web forms on your site shorter, simpler, and cleaner make your sign up or checkout process smoother and easier. For an eCommerce portal, the guest checkout option can be used to eliminate the obstacles faced in filling long forms.


#4. Smooth navigation


Navigation is the backbone of every website that should be very clear and intuitive. Don’t confuse your visitors with untidy menus and drop-ups. There should be a uniform flow of menus to provide a pleasant navigation experience. When visitors on your site find it difficult to navigate from one place to another, it adds a negative point to user experience. Make sure that visitors on your site can easily find where they are and how to navigate to other pages. Poor navigation will cause a higher bounce rate and decrease your potential to earn more revenue.


#5. UI/UX design


UI/UX is the soul of a website that can break or make it. When visitors land on a website that looks awful and confusing, they quickly leave it and never return to it. The UI/UX designers utilize the best of both worlds and come up with web designs that offer a pleasing user experience. Make sure that UI elements on your site are easy to understand and access as well as offer all features to users will need to perform varied actions. Create a simple user interface, avoid unnecessary elements, and add common UI elements. Use texture and color strategically on your site also be careful about how you use typefaces. The overall look and feel of your site is a key determinant of how visitors would react to your site. Build a better UI/UX to leave a good impression on every visitor that will result in more conversion.


#6. Responsive website design


Today mobile phones have become indispensable in every sphere of human life. The growing use of mobile phones has triggered the need for responsive web solutions. You cannot miss having a website that appears well on all kinds of devices be it a desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet. The visitors expect to feel the same level of experience whether they visit your site from a mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablet. Creating a website that will provide an optimum user experience on different devices will provide more conversions than a non-responsive website.


#7. Make it search engine friendly


Once your website is ready and deployed, people can search and open your website from search engines like Google. If your website is properly optimized for search engines, it will be easily visible. There are numerous things to do to make your site SEO friendly. The work starts as earlier as the web development process, a website is built keeping varied standards and guidelines in mind including SEO guidelines. Besides this, the website content is also very important to enhance the online visibility of your site. With engaging content filled with proper keywords, your site will perform well on search engine results pages. Other important metrics for higher search visibility include faster-loading speed, mobile-friendly design, usability, etc.


Wrapping up!


Having an online presence with a robust website is essential for every business to market their services and products online. Therefore, all types of businesses whether small, medium, or big are investing heavily in custom web development services to create feature-rich websites. However, building a successful website isn’t an easy task, businesses need to choose the right custom web development company to create websites with a high conversion rate. There are numerous factors that would affect the earning capacity of a site. In this blog, we discussed 7 useful strategies to create a conversion based website. We hope that the strategies we provided in this post will be useful for your business in developing a good website.


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