7 Link Building Hacks to Try

More traffic, more visibility… We all want it. Well, here are 7 link building hacks that can help you achieve these goals this year.

link building hacks

Who does not like more people paying a visit to their website? The higher the traffic, the higher the buzz and word of mouth. Hence, it is no wonder that everyone is busy in trying new ways of link building strategies that would fetch the golden goose. So while there are many ways to approach link building, here are 7 ways you could give a it a shot for the year ahead.

1. Incorporate keyword in to your title effectively

Everyone loves a catchy title. So as much as you might be working towards creating a fascinating title, here is a tip for you. Look for the most successful keywords for the category where your content belongs. Utilize those keywords to incorporate in to your title effectively. This would ensure that linking and bringing target audience to your site is more likely.

One word of caution though- do not forget to ensure that the keywords incorporated are used in a meaningful and effective way. After all, Google has its own algorithm in place for relevance checking and ranking accordingly in its search results. Irrelevant keyword incorporation would mean you are still lessening your chances of being found by your audience.

2. Describe your videos well

An often overlooked fact is that for most keyword searches, relevant videos published on YouTube appear in Google search results. One of the smart ways to link building is to publish relevant videos on YouTube and utilize the video description segment effectively. Utilized SEO optimized content, rich with relevant keywords to build links. This would tell google about how relevant the video is and it would appear on top of search results. Rest is a calculation of simple ‘2+2’.

3. Stay ahead of competition

If you want to beat your competitors, then beat them at the very root of it all….. keywords! Instead of relying on conventional keyword planners (because they are being used by your competition too!), look for relevant but untapped keywords to build your links around them. One of the ways to do it would be to type a seed keyword in to Wikipedia. The results can be astonishing and you can pick up relevant link builder keywords from there to play around with. It might involve a little trial and error, but the end result will keep you ahead of competition- hands down!

4. Be a good, relevant guest

Guest blogging or outsourced blogging is always a good way for linking back to your site. However, what many people miss is the most important factor- relevance. Make it a point that your guest blogs/ghost-written blogs are strictly for websites where your target audience is more likely to pay attention. When you apply this simple yet effective principle, your backlinks are more likely to be utilized.

5. Press releases that matter

It is a great idea to utilize press releases being published online about your work/objective other than just contents and use linking techniques attached to the releases. However, one thing that you must pay attention to is to publish relevant press releases to relevant press sites or any other site. If the relevance factor is overlooked, chances are that the idea would fall flat on its face.

Additionally also ensure that you figure out which part of the press release generates maximum interest among the readers so that you can place the backlink accordingly as it is more likely to make it successful.

6. Anchor text priority

It is quite tempting to place multiple links within the same content to ensure higher probability of the reader clicking any one and end up on the desired landing page. But how does Google respond to it while deciding the ranking? As a matter of priority, Google would consider the first anchor text. So it is better to utilize this- it is a great idea to deploy one anchor text that is optimized by using relevant keywords. The multiple links approach produces lesser levels of success.

7. New seeds on the way

So seed keywords are the way to go, right? Well, it depends on how you are going about it. Just like untapped keywords that you can find to beat the competition, you can also find seed keywords that are unique. There are paid services that offer ways to find unexplored seed keywords. But you could also look for websites that offer new seed keywords relevant to your objective. If you utilize any of these services and utilize salient seed keywords, you are already ahead of your competition- you are optimizing something they do not even have. So your linking back obviously starts working better than anyone else out there.