7 Essential Plugins for Running a WooCommerce Online Store

More than 1 million online stores are powered by WooCommerce, find out what 7 Plugins are essential for WooCommerce Success.

7 Essential Plugins for Running a WooCommerce Online Store

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There are no shortage of options to help you build and launch a new online business. You have SaaS (software as a service) platforms like Shopify and Big-Commerce, as well as WooCommerce plugins to expand the power of WordPress.

There are pluses and minuses to any option, that being said, there are so many WooCommerce-driven online stores that they warrant their own post on which plugins will help them become successful. This post is written to help you drive your WooCommerce store to success based on our research into the Essential Plugins for WooCommerce.

Did you know that the WordPress plugin repository contains over 50,000 plugins?

For many, this figure may appear more intimidating than exhilarating. How can you choose the finest plugins for your individual needs when there are so many options? Furthermore, how can you be certain that a new plugin will work well with your current WordPress configuration? In this case, popularity can be an indicator of quality. Popular plugins are also easier to justify spending resources to maintain over a wide range of compatibility criteria. Plugins that are used by a large population might become targets for hacking attempts that attack plugin security weaknesses. Of course, the same can be true about badly designed plugins with a small user base and even less compatibility support. It’s easy to fall into the trap of testing out inferior plugins that may potentially cause more harm than benefit and you should avoid these common website testing mistakes in order to make your site a success.

7 Plugins You Need for Successful eCommerce Store 

Following are the Plugins you need to have for a successful eCommerce store business.

  • WooCommerce
  • B2B for WooCommerce
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce
  • Cart 66
  • Easy Digital Download
  • Jig Shop eCommerce
  • Schema Pro

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular open-source eCommerce system in the world. Our fundamental platform is free, adaptable, and supported by a global community. Because open-source is free, you maintain complete ownership of your store’s content and data in perpetuity. Use WooCommerce for a store that powerfully integrates content and commerce, whether you’re beginning a business, moving brick-and-mortar retail online, or designing sites for clients. Woo Commerce’s popularity has grown considerably since Woo Themes (the founders of WooCommerce) was acquired by Automatic in 2015, with WooCommerce now powering 8% of all eCommerce websites online and 21% of the top 1 million sites.

Another reason WooCommerce has grown is that it was eventually purchased by Automatic, the company that runs WordPress. When it comes to quickly build and expanding an online store, WooCommerce is frequently regarded as one of your best options. The plugin’s price is always the same: free. As long as your hosting and infrastructure can handle it, you may accommodate an unlimited number of goods and visitors. 


WooCommerce comes packed with the ability to accept major credit cards, bank transfers (BACS), cheques, and cash on delivery. Aside from the fundamentals, there are 140 region-specific gateways to pick from and integrate with, such as WooCommerce Payments, Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Amazon Pay. There is also support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, subscriptions, and deposits.

2. B2B for WooCommerce

Furthermore, you can add many other plugins in WooCommerce to make the user interface of your site more friendly and easy. One such plugin is B2B for woo commerce, as it will allow you to optimize your store for both business and consumer consumers WooCommerce team selected and trusted by thousands of clients. There’s no need to open a separate store for your B2B and wholesale clients. B2b For WooCommerce can be a great help for you. B2B for WooCommerce offers more mature features because it is designed by combining the five standalone best-selling extensions worth $300 and additional B2B capabilities. Instead of only providing basic advertising tools, this extension goes further and gives B2B merchants more flexibility.


Because of the strong desire to serve the B2B industry, they have prioritized the B2B extension and they are constantly improving, adding new features, and incorporating new extensions essential to B2B customers.


Convert your default registration form into a B2B and B2C registration form. To collect more information from B2B (and B2C) customers, add checkboxes, radio buttons, file upload options, dropdown menus, and seven other sorts of custom fields. Maintain a clean registration form by displaying fields only when necessary, and decide whether to manually examine and approve B2B registration requests. B2B Registration is also offered as a separate product on this page.


3. Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce

Another Plugin that you should install in WooCommerce is abandoned cart recovery. While shopping many people leave the items in the cart and they may never return to the site to purchase them or to empty their cart in such cases this plugin works like a magic for the business owner as it makes their work easier. You can use the extension to compose multiple follow-up emails and schedule them to be sent at particular intervals. Incentives and coupons might be included to boost the conversion rates of stores. You may also use the extension’s built-in analytic dashboard to track your recovery progress.

Abandoned Cart Recovery is a WooCommerce add-on that allows you to recover uncompleted orders from your site. When a buyer adds a product to their shopping basket but does not complete the checkout process. The cart will be marked as “abandoned” after a set period of time. Some of the features of abandoned cart recovery include:

  • Track the abandoned carts of your site’s logged-in users.
  • Set the time between when a member takes the last action with his cart and when the cart is tagged as abandoned for members.
  • Track abandoned carts of visitors to your website.
  • Set the time between when a guest user last interacts with the cart and when it is recognized as abandoned.
  • Carts that have been abandoned will be saved in the plugin’s backend. You can also access the records at any time. The records include time, username, email, item amount, cart total price, items list, status, reminder logs, customer IP, and country information.
  • There are two cart statuses: abandoned and recovered.
  • The reminder logs option allows you to view the email and Facebook messages that the abandoned cart owner received.
  • Exclude the usernames of people whose carts you do not want to track.
  • Capture the email address of the consumer after they enter it on the checkout page.


4. Cart 66

If you want to start a new shopping cart using WordPress, you should go to www.wpeasycart.com! WP EasyCart is a WordPress all-in-one eCommerce system with cheaper pricing and a slew of new features. For almost a decade, Cart66 was the all-in-one WordPress shopping cart created for users, not just developers, but times change. WP EasyCart is now the fantastic product you’ve been looking for!

  • The setup is simple.
  • There are no confusing add-ons.
  • Everything in a single system


Cart66 EasyCart is a one-stop shop for selling physical and digital goods, services, donations, memberships, subscriptions, and more. You can use a shopping cart or bypass it entirely, providing your consumers with a lightning-fast “purchase now” checkout experience. You can accept one-time payments and also recurring payments. You can even put premium content or discounted products behind a paywall. Everything is powered by no more than two WordPress plugins (a free add-on for controlling restricted material is available). Because it was created in-house, managing updates and obtaining support is simple and centralized.


5. Easy Digital Download

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) may be the best WordPress eCommerce plugin for you if you intend to offer digital products such as eBooks, audiobooks, and other PDF files. While WooCommerce provides the capability for both digital and physical products, EDD focuses on aiding digital product sales. The core plugin is free to use, and once installed, you’ll have access to features such as customer management, discount codes, and shopping cart management. To take benefit of all of EDD’s useful features and extensions, you’ll probably want to subscribe to a subscription plan, which starts at $99/year.


Additionally, many payment options such as Stripe, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal, allow you to accept credit card payments in minutes. If you want recurring payments or extra payment gateways, this plugin can help. Create discount codes quickly to encourage clients to spend more. 


Discounts can be offered at flat or percentage rates, with expiration dates, limited usage, and other options. When it comes to distributing your digital products, there are no restrictions. Allow users to download paid files indefinitely or limit file downloads based on time and/or attempt. No business would be complete without meticulous bookkeeping. Easy Digital Downloads has a reporting platform that allows you to simply view statistics, create custom reports, and much more.


6. JigoShop eCommerce

JigoShop, like the WordPress core code, is open-source, which means that anyone can extend it for their own needs without incurring license fees. It was the first WordPress eCommerce plugin to hit the market, and it paved the path for all of the other solutions on this list. It’s worth noting that founding Woo-Themes team members Mike Jolly and Jay Koster were hired to establish WooCommerce after first working on development for JigoShop.


As a result, the connection between these two popular WordPress eCommerce plugins is evident in terms of fundamental functionality albeit many users prefer Jigoshop. You can use it to sell a variety of digital and physical things, just like WooCommerce. Jigoshop is accessible for free with paid themes and plugins. Jigoshop is as simple to use as feasible because it is built on the WordPress core. With its simple user interface, you can set up and run your shop with digital, physical, and service products in no time. You can monitor how your store is doing via the Jigoshop admin dashboard, which includes sortable sales graphs, a stock report, and recent product orders and reviews.


7. Schema Pro

Schema Pro is a premium SEO WordPress plugin that allows you to improve the SEO of your website without having to manually code each page. Schema is the data that allows search engines to read and interpret your website. This includes the information that search engines utilize to match your site with the people’s search queries.


Schema Pro provides 20+ types of schema on a user-friendly platform. Schema Pro provides product schema for eCommerce. This schema improves the visibility of your product listing in search engines, prompting searchers to visit your store. It is true that adding schema takes time. However, Schema Pro can help to automate a portion of the work to improve your SEO. Adding schema markup takes effort, but Schema Pro can automatically map fields and add schema markup to the entire website in only a few minutes.


Ride Your Road to Success

Regardless of whether you’re about to launch a new side hustle or expand your existing small business, having these 7 fundamental plugins for WordPress will enable you to create a successful store without the struggle of testing hundreds of plugins all on your own.

Just in case you weren’t satisfied with the Essential Plugins for WooCommerce offered above, be sure to check out this post on the 1o Best WooCommerce Plugins rated by store owners:


If you still feel like we’ve missed some important Plugins, please add them in the comments below.