7 Easy & Creative Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Get your Insta account working for you with these 7 easy ways to make money on Instagram — keep reading.

How to Make It on Instagram as a Makeup Artist


Instagram is among the best platforms for doing business. It was initially meant for posting pictures but currently, people can use it to get income provided a business can be presented creatively and visually for advertising goals.


Ways of earning money on Instagram


  1. Becoming an influencer and earning from sponsored posts


An influencer is a person that has established a good reputation through posting online. Influencers have many followers and are also capable of convincing others regarding products and services because of the amount of truth that they have established by being online. When you are an influencer you may advertise people’s businesses in your post.


Companies always work with influencers to create sponsored posts which assist in letting many people know about their services or products. The leading influencers earn a lot through sponsored posts, here are some statistics.

  1. Becoming an affiliate and earning from selling people’s goods


Many companies sell their goods via affiliates. Affiliates work towards making a sale for partnering with a company in exchange for some money. Affiliates earn through a promotion code or some links which are always tracked making sure that clicks get converted to sales.


Ensure your posts are engaging in order to market the goods without forcing people to buy. And since Instagram allows users to have just 1 link in their bio, consider including the landing page to an affiliate link. In every post, add a caption saying that items can be bought through the link in the bio.


  1. Selling poster pictures and any virtual items


Any photogenic item can be sold on Instagram. People may sell things such as videos, drawings, pictures and more. On the posts, remember to always refer your followers to check the link within the bio.


We recommend taking high-quality photos in order so that your money. However, avoid limiting yourself to photography skills only. Look at more activities which will improve your photos for instance layout and modifying.

People can additionally advertise their photos with hashtags.


  1. Selling physical products


These can be products that you have created or you have bought. This will require someone to stock several inventories, implying that one may need to have the starting capital, like top casinos do to purchase their products.



  1. Selling drop shipped items


Dropshipping is a kind of business whereby a person may operate a shop without having any inventory. Upon selling, the supplier then ships the items from the warehouse to the buyer’s place. You will never have to bother about shipping, wrapping or keeping the items.


  1. Planning events or campaigns


People may carry out business campaigns to inform people about your business. We recommend getting more followers and more likes on your posts because you are running a great contest or a promotion. Design your campaign in a manner which can satisfy people and give them coupons and other offers to receive high engagement.


Additionally, people can share coupons or promotions to make others participate in a competition and convert leads into sales. Promoters should ask people to tag others to have their names in a raffle box.



  1. Selling an account


When you have a huge number of active followers but you no longer want to continue using the platform, you should sell it. If you cannot find someone interested in buying it on your own, we suggest visiting websites such as Viral accounts and Fame swap where you will get assisted to find a buyer.





Those are the main ways of earning money using Instagram. We would like you to ensure that any method which you choose matches your undertaking and stick to your niche consistently. Also, pay attention to the bio since that is the first thing others see when they land on any page. Lastly, do not ever get tempted to buy followers or introduce automated robotic systems to improve your Instagram following. If you have ever bought followers, please share your experience with us. And if you have many followers who you never had to buy, please share a tip or two on how you achieved that. This will be useful to those who are still struggling to get followers.