7 Clever B2B plugins for WordPress to Make Your Job Easier

What are the best B2B plugins for WordPress? They’re the ones that make running your business a whole lot easier — here are 7 that will help you.

7 Clever B2B plugins for WordPress to Make Your Job Easier

As a website owner, particularly someone running a business-to-business (B2B) firm, having a safe and easy to use WordPress website is very beneficial. Security isn’t the only issue though… what about plugins B2B plugins that actually improve your business operations?

If you want a more stable website, I’ve got a short list of B2B plugins for WordPress that are going to make your life easier.

What types of plugins?

Great question.

Here is a list of 7 clever b2b plugins for WordPress, from mobilesignalboosters.uk.com, that cover eCommerce, invoicing and billing to SEO optimization:


1. WP-Invoice– Web Invoice & Billing

For most people, the hardest part of running a solid B2B firm is the challenge of dealing with invoices.

Many of us have problems with invoicing as it can feel so tough to get right. Often, you can worry that you are going to offend someone by asking them for the money that they owe you. If you have provided a product or service, though, you need to be paid for it!

Don’t allow invoicing and billing to become a headache, though. With the help of tools like WP-Invoice, you can make sure that you are going to be able to send faster and smart invoices with a fraction of the previous effort. This is going to help you generate invoices and then send them out to be paid. They can even be set-up to be paid using things like PayPal and Google Checkout.

So, if someone is being fast and loose with their problems using a payment processor, give them options. With WP-Invoice, you have no reason to put up with their excuses. You can make sure that invoices are sent out smoothly, quickly, and professionally. Now, they will have no excuse for not getting you what you are owed!

2. All-in-one-SEO-pack

This is one of the best places to start with if you wish to make your business more visible on the search engines. Being a B2B business, you have less of a large-scale clientele to pick from. Every lead is needed, and you have to convert as many of the smaller quantity, higher quantity leads that you can get. To do that, you need to be seen, and All in One SEO Pack does that for you in the finest possible manner.

How so?

It makes editing the SEO of every page on your site so much easier than it is normally.

It removes much of the stress involved with SEO, and it can do much to help remove and limit the frustration of trying to edit your own site. With the Premium version, you can get even more help and control on SEO optimising the quality of your content. More SEO means more visitors, and more visitors means more potential clients. As you might imagine, that is quite important to the long-term success of your business.

So, make the most of this important factor with the All In One SEO Pack. It is probably one of the most important plug-ins out there.

3. OptinMonster


For anyone looking to increase the quality and quantity of leads that they can generate, the brilliant OptinMonster is just what you need. This powerful tool has become the ideal go-to companion for many B2B business owners.

Why? Because it makes it much easier to get people involved with your business, coming back for more and helping you to take the quality of your opt-ins to the next level.

Every business in the B2B industry is going to succeed or fail based on how well it can upsell other products to the people it does business with. With OptinMonster, you make them much more likely to come back in the future and buy from you again. Many sites will struggle with this, and you will find that that this plugin is great for helping you to boost the scope, scale, and standard of any email marketing that you do. Given how email marketing is so vital to a good B2B business, you would be foolish not to make the most of this potential benefit.

If possible, then, we recommend that you invest in OptinMonster. It has become a marketplace leader for good reason.

4. WooCommerce

Next on our list is the excellent WooCommerce; the go-to tool for site owners who are serious about success.

This is a fine eCommerce platform, and should go a long way to making sure you can get more sales and investments coming in. Free to use as well, this is one of the best tools in the business for easily integrating your sales with WordPress in an instant.

It’s one of the most useful store management platforms around, and has grown in size for various reasons. It has also become a commonly used platform for major brand such as fitness giant New Balance. So, you can see why so many people are using WooCommerce for their own websites. It’s a fine choice for any business looking to help expand their options and their sales quality, as this helps to make the buying and selling process so much easier.

For a B2B business using WP, it can be essential to help you get your website more functional and user-friendly. If you find that part of the problem with your site is that a lot of people find it unwieldy, then fusing it with a tool like WooCommerce could help to solve that.

5. Gallery Bank

If you feel like your business needs a bit more panache in the presentation side of things, you could do a lot worse than using Gallery Bank. This plugin has become very popular for a lot of people, and it makes a big difference to how you present your content. For example, by using high-end photo galleries, you can often present the true quality of your work in a way that you cold never have done before.

It even comes with some cool themes and tools, so that you can make the photo gallery both stand out and blend in with the rest of the page. Easy to use and to set up, too, you have countless special effects and support for multiple languages. So, if you want to help make it easier to show off and share proof of the quality of your work, this should make what is often a tough and challenging task a whole lot easier.

Gallery Bank is hugely popular for a lot of reasons. The fact that it is so easily edited and adjusted is essential to your success. So, why not use this to help present your quality work in a much more comfortable, professional manner?

6. Gravity Forms

If you find it hard to build a high quality B2B site, then you might need to use Gallery Forms. This encourages people to get in touch with you by creating a high end range of contact forms and form plug-ins. From getting people to fill out bespoke forms based on their interest in your service, to a simple Contact Us page, Gravity Forms makes what is often a challenging process a whole lot simpler to sort out.

There is a lot of work that has to be done if you wish to make this so, but it’s a major part of what makes Gravity Forms such a useful tool. Since it works with a lot of online services and payment gateways, too, it can easily be integrated into things like paywall platforms and the like. If you wish to make your website a bit more stand-out and to make it feel more exclusive, little things like this can play a big role in making that so.

Why not keep this in mind, then? It could go some way to making sure that you make a more informed, intelligent choice about how you get people to contact your business. Gravity Forms makes what is often a complex and frustrating process so much simpler.

7. Private Internet Access

Out of all the Virtual Private Network (VPN) tools that you could use to power-up your website, the excellent Private Internet Access is definitely up there. This easy to use and imperious looking internet tool is one of the best of its kind, taking out a huge amount of the work needed to get a VPN that you can trust to do the job that you would want.

It’s a powerful tool to use that allows you to get up to five devices connected at once. It also has unlimited encrypted bandwidth, which is pretty damn rare in this unique industry. It’s got a nice collection of other useful features, too, including peer-to-peer connectivity and a complete lack of traffic logs. It’s affordable priced and has access to over 3000 servers in over 30 nations, too, and it also has a brilliant DNS leak protection. With 256-bit encryption, too, you can be sure that this is a platform that looks out for your best interests.

Like all of our B2B WP plug-ins, this can help to improve security, safety, and overall simplicity needed to run a high-end B2B website. Keep these plug-ins in mind, then, if you wish to keep your site fully secure and, crucially, simple to manage.


Well, that’s it! Short, sweet and to the point.

These 7 B2B Plugins for WordPress will certainly help streamline your business operations. Feel free to add your game changing plugin recommendations in the comments below.