7 Best Free Vector Icon Resources for Web Design in 2020

Building a website that looks great means having free vector icon resources at your disposal for clear navigation, calls to action and viewer engagement.

best free vector icon resources for web design

If you have a website you use in promoting your business on the internet, then you’ll know that user navigation and vector graphics are important. According to many free vector experts, a great way to attract visitors to your site is by applying high-resolution icons, images, and other graphics to portray your brand.

People usually use vector graphics if they do not want the quality of their artwork, especially images, to be lost. Fortunately, various websites are available for you online so you can freely download files or vector arts. The most interesting thing about this is that these platforms enable you to get a range of images with great quality and different formats, like EPS CDR, WMF, and SVG. With one or two clicks, you can access them and edit to suit your precise requirements.

Has getting good free vector art resources for your projects been a struggle for you? In this list, we have gathered seven of the top-quality icon packs you’ll find on the internet, and some of these contain more than 1,000 icons! Made in different techniques and of diverse file formats, the free icon resources are prepared to become reliable assistants in your next design project. Let’s begin!

  1. FreeVectors

With over ten years of experience, Freevectors continually builds great vector images, graphics, and new creative ideas. They have great features, one of which is the fact that you do not have to log in or make an account before you can download images. It has an online editor and allows you to download for free. What’s more, it’s a licensed website, and this makes it a reliable source for vector arts. Other added features are the resize and customizing of images directly on the site.

  1. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a great website for accessing free vector arts in just a few clicks. Headquartered in New York City, the American company has more than 2,000 free vector templates. These vector templates are available for download, with great graphic designs in varying infographics, style, labels, and patterns. There are several formats in which to download these vector images, such as EPS, AI, and JPG.

Shutterstock was founded almost two decades ago, and it has the expertise as well as a robust collection of vector images.

  1. Vectorportal

Vectorportal is arguably the largest free vector site in the world. Launched in 2005, its artists create free vectors that other designers can download and use in many commercial projects. The site also allows the exploration and distribution of free vectors to visitors from showcasing artists.

Vectorportal has many features and great graphics by categories such as animals, maps, flags, templates, etc. It has many collections of vector images and several selections of swatches, brushes, and styles.

The site has been ranked among the top free vector resources by many graphics design websites.

  1. Dry Icons

Dry Icons specializes in making great icons, and it has over 6,000 vector graphics. It has such great feature that, for instance, allows you type in a search for “Dog”, and it provides you quick results, linking you to the search for other animals, pets, among others. It also has an element that can be used to upload graphics like business logos and images.

  1. Vexels

This is also another website to download top-quality vector icons for free. It has an array of good collections and great designs for subscribers. Additionally, it has an on-net editor that has one of the most impressive ready-made designs like greetings cards, invitations, website graphics, etc.

Furthermore, it is used to simply download vector icons in formats like EPS, SVG, PNG, and PSD. Vexels have many vector graphics, and they are available for either personal or commercial use. However, if you want to use it for commercial purposes, there’s a license you will have to pay for. The vector sets are categorized to make looking for them easier. There are also editable templates you can easily modify.

  1. Free Vector

This website has excellent quality designs and is free to everyone, having over 20,000 vector graphics downloadable for free. It has a huge collection, ranging from 3D icons to animals, business brand images, elements of vintage design to interactive logo templates. There is no type of vector graphics you won’t find or cannot download on this website. It is simple to download using different formats like EPS, PDF, SVG, and AI.

Free Vector is dedicated primarily to the exploration of free vectors, just as its name implies. On the website, you’ll discover thousands of good vector graphics made by skilled illustrators. You will also find free wallpapers, icons, logos, and templates.

This site has a habit of increasing its free vector image collection every day, so ensure you check their online gallery and subscribe to their RSS feed to get periodic updates. Freevector also allows you to search categories like maps, clipart, logos, people illustrations, cartoons, sports, flags, music and nightlife graphics, patterns, urban elements, or wallpapers for vector artworks.

  1. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is a sophisticated design website that is easy for discovering and downloading anything you want. It has unique features, for example, online editors, image customizing, sizes, fonts, and colors that can all be downloaded. It also has images that are fully licensed for commercial and personal use.

Do you want to share vector-related resources and Vector Art? Then, Vecteezy is the best option. It not only allows you to explore but also discuss other artists’ creation and find the ideal freebie for your projects. You can also download or use the vector arts freely on future projects.

In conclusion

Although there are many other online platforms, these are the seven best websites for downloading vector arts for free in 2020, and you can edit them without any stress whatsoever. So, what more do you need? Start researching about these free vector icon resources immediately and discover countless varieties of vector arts for the progress of your site.