6 Tips for Building a Larger Following on Twitter for Your Business

Building a larger following on Twitter should be a key focus when using Twitter as a social media marketing platform for your business.

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Twitter has quickly ballooned into one of the largest social media networks, with more than 317 million active users as of 2016, third quarter. But if you plan on using it to promote your brand, building a larger following is essential.

1. Go Beyond Text-Only Tweets


There’s nothing wrong with making text-based tweets. However, you should diversify your Twitter content with both text and rich media. According to an article published by HootSuite, tweets with rich media receive 313% greater engagement and 52% more retweets. So whether it’s photos, videos or both, be sure to include rich media in your tweets.


2. Connect Your Twitter Account to Other Profiles


Assuming you have profiles on other social media networks (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.), you should link them to your Twitter account. By including interlinking your social media profiles together, you’ll attract a larger following with little-to-no effort.


3. Monitor Follower Growth


You can’t expect to optimize your Twitter marketing strategy unless you know how many new followers you gain per day. Is this number going up or down? Using a service like TwitterCounter, you can find this information and more.


4. Follow Other Relevant Users


Don’t underestimate the importance of following other users on Twitter. When you follow someone, they’ll receive a notification, which may encourage them to follow you in return. The key thing to remember is that you should follow users who are relevant to your brand.


5. Create a Content Posting Schedule


Far too many users are guilty of rarely, if ever, posting new content on Twitter. If you aren’t posting new content on a regular basis, there’s really no reason for users to follow you – or your existing users to continue following you. So when planning your Twitter marketing strategy, create a content posting schedule. Perhaps you can post 1-2 new tweets per day, using an automated service like HootSuite to publish them. This eliminates the need for manual publishing new content.


6. Capitalize on ‘Hot’ #Hashtags


It’s no secret that adding #hashtags to your tweets can improve their visibility and attract more followers to your account. But if you really want to reach a larger audience on Twitter, you should include #hashtags that are hot and trending. DiGorno Pizza made a simple yet innovative tweet back in 2013 using the #hashtag #TheSoundofMusic during an NBC broadcast, for which it generates some 4,000 new followers.