6 Keys To Create Successful Landing Page SEO

Landing page SEO is the key to ranking in Google to get eyes on your content as well as converting those visitors into paying customers, these 6 tips will help you do it right.

Successful Landing Page SEO

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Landing pages have the highest conversion rate of 23% over any other type of lead form. Paying extra attention on creating successful landing page SEO in the beginning will only help your business.


What is Landing Page SEO?

According to Semrush,

A landing page focuses on targeted keywords you hope to rank for and always includes a call-to-action (CTA). It is typically part of a larger inbound marketing campaign, where the goal is to increase your share of total search traffic within your industry. The landing page’s defining characteristic is the form, which is designed to capture visitor information. Effective landing page SEO helps create a clear, direct and positive user experience combining these elements.

It helps to think about it this way;

When someone begins to type in a search into Google, it is likely that they are looking for something specific. These searchers could be your potential customers, if they can find what you’re offering and if what they find satisfies their needs.

Creating a web page that achieves these goals equals effective landing page SEO. Landing pages are essentially advertisements for what you’re selling, so it’s important that these landing pages are designed to sell your product well and get people interested in buying it.


Why are landing pages important?

Convincing someone to purchase a product or service isn’t easy. The task is made even more difficult when it’s done over a website or online form. Because the prospect cannot see you in person, he or she may feel reluctant to make a purchase. The good news is that you can include certain elements in a sales page to instill greater trust in prospects and ultimately increase conversions. This is exactly why landing pages are so important.

When a user hits your page from a Google search, it is important that you have a strong call to action on the landing page. This means having a persuasive headline and a clear description of what you’re offering so that people know exactly what they are clicking on when they come to your page. 

There are many different types of landing pages all with unique goals. To learn more about the different types of landing pages and which types you should be implementing, click here. If you’re struggling and need help, you can always get help from an SEO expert for landing page SEO or other suitable SEO packages.

With that, I think we can pretty clearly see why landing pages are so bloody important, but let’s dig a little deeper to find out how to create effective landing page SEO.

How to Create Effective landing Pages for SEO:

OK. We know that people coming to your website from Google searches expect to be attracted by something visual; however, most times this will not be enough to get a conversion.

So what do we do?

We need to optimize those landing pages to motivate viewers into becoming actual customers. It’s best to try to include testimonials or social proof. People love knowing that others feel the same way about certain products, whether it’s nail polish remover or weight loss pills. Be sure that you offer an incentive if possible by placing some kind of coupon or discount on the landing page, especially if your desired call to action is for people to purchase.

On this note, let’s have a look at the top 6 ways to create SEO-friendly landing pages:


1. Have custom URLs for landing pages 

The URL of landing pages should be easy to read and special so that users can recognize them quickly. Keep URLs short and sweet by including keywords if possible. This will help with higher rankings on search engines too! Apart from ranking, these custom URLs improve the overall customer experience and boost the shareability of the pages. When the URLs are short and easy to understand, there are high chances that people will share them in their circles. 


If you are using WordPress, there is an option to create your own custom URL in which you can target the relevant keywords. Avoid adding any special symbols or dates in the URL so that it stays relevant throughout the time. 


2. Give users reasons to buy

People are not just going to come to your landing page and purchase something out of the blue. It’s best that you have a number of different persuasive techniques on your landing page, especially if there is more than one product being sold. One way this can be done is by having multiple CTAs (calls-to-action) on the page. Short bulleted lists are an easy way to display these points effectively. 


If possible try including testimonials or case study examples with pictures so that customers can see how well you’ve helped others in the past. When users see trustable testimonials on your landing pages, there are high chances of conversion. Try to integrate video testimonials as they look more trustworthy. 


3. Have clear headers 

This is especially important for SEO purposes, so make sure that the header of your landing page includes at least some of your target keywords. Make it relevant to what you are selling, while not being spammy or misleading. The goal here is to get people to read more of what you have written on the page.


Design the landing pages in such a way that users go through a sales funnel flow without looking too salesy. Use the heading tags accordingly only when they are needed and don’t use them forcefully for decorative purposes. Try to follow the complete hierarchy of heading tags from H1 to H6 so that it improves the overall indexability. 


4. Use long-form content  

If your landing page offers a product for sale, this is something that needs to be included in at least some of the copy on your landing page itself. It’s important that whatever you’re writing about on your landing page is relevant, helpful, or even educational, but the most important thing is that it’s interesting. If people keep reading, then they are more likely to be persuaded into buying something or subscribing to your email list!


Long-form content can include a short case study on the landing pages so that it will boost user engagement. People love to read case studies as they help them understand better about your products or services. However, ensure the case studies are genuine and they are adding value to the overall marketing efforts. 


5. Be sure of CTA

The call-to-action of a landing page should be clear and obvious; this includes what you’re offering, why someone should care, and how they will benefit by taking some kind of action, whether it’s by purchasing the product or sharing the information with their friends. Be concise with your offer so that customers don’t feel like they are being forced into something. People do their research before they buy anything online or in person, so try not to pressure them too much!


6. Choose quality

This may seem obvious, but you can’t have a landing page without a product. It’s important to think about the quality of the products that your company offers so that customers know what they are getting themselves into when they buy from you. This also includes things like customer service and delivery times, so be sure to include these details on your landing pages if possible!


People who use Google for their searches expect fast results; however, it can take years before you start appearing in search results practically all of the time. If you keep track of everything that is done with your rankings, then it will be easier to notice patterns or problems that may arise.


Wrapping up!

The elements we discussed in this post make up the anatomy of a high-converting landing page. For a complete visual infographic form of this anatomy, click here.

Get started with optimizing your landing pages with the above tips will drive more traffic and sales to your business. Landing page SEO is important to sell your services and products, ensuring you design them from a user perspective. It will help you get ahead of the competition and ensure more people are reaching your business. When you create landing pages for your business effectively, you don’t need to worry about generating more traction for your website. 

If you feel like you need even more elaboration on this topic, make sure to come back and check out the other posts on landing page conversions here.