6 Best WordPress Themes For Blogging Websites in 2021

This post narrows down the 6 best WordPress themes for blogging websites, take a look a see which one will work best for your blog in 2021.

6 Best WordPress Themes For Blogging Websites in 2021

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Do you want to find the best WordPress themes for your blogging website?

Of course you do, so this post covers the six best WordPress themes for blogging websites in 2021.


The selection of WordPress themes for blogging website in this post is perfect for newbies and pro’s alike. The themes and the background images used in blogging makes a big impression on your viewers. Choosing the best WordPress Theme for your blogging website becomes super important in terms of viewer engagement and your blog management.

If you want to run a successful blog, you don’t want to set yourself up for failure by choosing a theme that sucks right out of the gate. Since we’re on the topic, make sure that you choose a good WordPress hosting platform to run your blog on. Trust me, you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches by paying attention to these details on the front side.


A robust blogging platform gives you the flexibility to manage your blogging data. Further more you’re going to need plugins to make your site more efficient and ties directly into your hosting and site speed. Plugins like WordPress searchable database plugin can add powerful flexibility to your website, but can also come with security risks as well as slow load time. The hosting you choose can ease the extra burden that plugins put on your site’s performance.

All right, enough of that, let’s get to the 6 Best WordPress themes for blogging website in 2021.


6 Cool WordPress Themes For Blogging Websites In 2021

Here are the top six WordPress themes for blogging that will make your job a lot easier this year.

1. Astra

astra wordpress blogging theme

Astra is an entirely free blog theme. This is a multipurpose blog theme; you can use the themes for many different types of blogging. Astra is a lightweight theme, and you are getting many choices for the colors. 


Astra is a fully customizable blog theme. It has built-in google fronts. The lightweight themes are promoting more speed. The colors and layout facility is present in the themes, so you can customize your themes as per your choice.


More options of the themes designs are available. You can quickly turn off sidebars and the titles of your themes. The variety is noticeable, and from the free blog themes, Astra is one of the best multi-categorized themes.


2. Bento

bento wordpress theme

Do you want to start your blogging from your handheld devices? Then Bento is the suitable choice for you. Bento is another multi-categorized theme. The themes are all mobile-friendly and implement SEO. For the mobile using themes should be fast, and Bento themes are fast-moving and easily customizable.


The picture quality is excellent as all the themes are retina-ready and responsive. The built-in layouts are customizable. All the themes are ecommerce optimized, and all the templates of the themes are adjustable.

 3. Hueman

Hueman wordpress theme

Hueman is the faster loading themes and entirely mobile-friendly themes. It has multi-column layouts. And Hueman is the multi categorized themes, and for business purposes and the commercial purposes, these are the best choices.


Versatile design and customizable themes are adding the best features among the free world press themes. All the layouts are customizable, including the sidebar and title bars. You can simply edit the color, fronts, and layouts of the themes.

4. Poseidon

Poseidon wordpress theme

Poseidon is an elegant-looking WordPress design theme. Poseidon is a fully responsive, mobile-friendly theme. Themes are suitable for all handheld devices and PCs.Poseidon is allowing you to switch between Column layouts and three column layouts are available in the themes. The themes come with a beautiful full-screen slide show feature.


Poseidon is a multipurpose blogging theme. This is a suitable theme for the social media magazine. And all the themes are suitable for online magazine-style websites. Poseidon has a full-width image slideshow on the homepage of the websites and blogs. This slide showing feature is adding a more attractive and smarter outlook to your websites and your blog pages. 

5. Fascinate

Fascinate wordpress theme

Starting a fashion blogging is quite an innovative and fascinating idea. But for fashion magazines and websites, the pictures and themes play a big role in making your website look attractive. For fashion-related blogging, colorful and eye-catching themes are required, and Fascinate is giving you the full flexibility to do the experiment with the template.


Besides the fashion writers, all the individual writers, personal portfolios, and lifestyle bloggers are getting more advantages after using these word press themes. It has a color scheme and beautiful typography. Fascinate is 100% media responsive, and these themes are entirely compatible with any handheld device.


6. Admiral

Admiral WordPress theme


Admiral is a magazine-type sport blogging WordPress theme. This is a beautiful and stylish theme. The responsive design of the themes is delivering a better look to your websites. All the available themes are customizable. You can easily customize your themes according to your needs and then use them in your blogs.


The flexible custom widget is giving you much more flexibility to build your blog and website. The speed optimization is incorporated into themes. And these smart themes are working in every type of modern browser.


Choosing The Best WordPress Theme For A New Website 

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, it helps to know some criteria in choosing your blog’s theme. As mentioned, making the right choice helps boost audience engagement and management. It also supports your credibility as a blogger. 

Take into account these important aspects when selecting one: 

  • Your Target Audience: WordPress themes differ in layout, design, and colours. You can pick one that’s cool or trending for younger audiences or a more subdued colour palette if you write about academic topics.  A WordPress theme with easy-to-navigate elements is ideal for older adults.  
  • Updates: Choosing a WordPress theme that’s always up-to-date minimizes technical issues. So, find out when your prospective theme was last updated to enjoy its newest features and avoid bugs. 
  • Technical Support Availability: While you can save money on cheap WordPress themes, they don’t have reliable technical support. When a problem arises, you’re on your own. Premium WordPress themes have customer and technical support to guarantee that your site will run smoothly year-round. If you have the budget, opt for premium ones.   
  • Customization Options: You might want to select a WordPress theme that you can tailor-fit according to your brand identity and requirements. A theme’s customization capability will help you maintain your brand authenticity online.

When choosing and installing a WordPress theme for your new blogging site, you can take a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach or hire an expert like WordPress development Melbourne. Working with professionals is not only convenient. Apart from that, they study your brand and take into consideration business aspects that you may have overlooked and that significantly impact your blog site’s traffic. 

Sum Up:

The selection of WordPress themes for blogging websites is vast. You can find a theme for any niche, but you can also choose the best WordPress themes for blogging and pretty easily customize it to your audiences needs. For beginners, this choice is becoming harder, which is exactly why we’ve put together this post of the best WordPress themes for blogging to start you off on the right foot. 

Hope it helps! Let us know what you discover in the comments below.