5 Winning Characteristics of An Expert, Multicultural Public Relations Services Provider


If you are a business that is constantly innovating and pushing new products in the market, you need to have an intimate understanding of your target market if you are to connect, make the conversions and grow your market share. This means that you need to engage a PR firm that understands the target demographics deeper than any other. This target firm must display a clear understanding of the cultural nuances of the subset of the general population and must use their insight to your benefit.

As a case study, let us take the Hispanic community. This demographic is the largest growing segment of the US population and it will contribute 45% of the nation’s growth in the 2010-2030 period. Attendant with this growth, there will be increased purchasing power, currently worth $1 trillion dollars. As a matter of necessity, if you must survive, you have to invest a lot of time and effort in understanding such a segment and to use this knowledge to advance your corporate goals.

Demonstrable Expertise in Key Areas

The best way to go about this process is to hire a PR firm that understands this population inside out. Hence the need for a Hispanic PR firm to take care of your entire PR that is targeted towards this community. Now, the firm of choice should have demonstrable expertise in the following key areas of PR, for you to succeed in your campaign. The PR firm should understand how to enhance your brand in this digital age, using tried and tested principles in the industry.

The ultimate PR firm should be adept at the following areas that make up a successful campaign;

  • Business Consultancy for Segmented Marketing – This firm should offer concrete strategies for firms that wish to expand their reach within the given segment of the population. Their suite of services should include; go to market strategy, customer relationship programs, marketing and sales programs and in new product development.
  • Segmented Advertising – The team should be at the cutting-edge and adept at crafting a comprehensive Segmented advertising campaign that will generate the intended brand recognition and initiate direct response on the part of the target market.
  • Community and Influencer Relations – After making some headway into the target segment the momentum must be sustained. This means that you should strive to build long lasting, fruitful and meaningful relationships with the target community. Through tried and tested methods such as corporate social responsibility among others.
  • Translation and Adaptation Services – This is a very critical ingredient of the overall strategy of giving good and consistent PR to your brand. You must strive to make sure that there are native speakers of the language, on the team as they will be best placed to deliver your message in the most culturally relevant way.

Segmented Advertising The Clincher

It is important to add a little more meat to the Segmented Advertising point noted above. This point cannot be overemphasized as it is key to making sure that your message connects with all the different segments of the population in precisely the manner. That is, you want the message to remain homogenous even though it has been presented in slightly altered versions to take care of the cultural nuances of each specific segment.

Closely linked to Segmented Advertising is Translation and Adaptation Services, in this case you want to make sure that the PR team you engage has native speakers of the languages that you want your message to be translated to. Not only that but it is a good idea to have the key people involved in this area to currently be or to have been resident in that particular geographical area.

Measurable Impact

Once you combine Segmented Advertising and Translation and Adaptation services in this manner then the end result is bound to have a profound effect on your PR campaign as you would have at your disposal the linguistic skills and the analytical tools to make sure that you can measure the impact that your message is having on the target audience and making the necessary adjustments as you go along.

Once you have a competent HR team that understand all the nuances of the target market and their cultural preferences then you can be sure that your brand will be well on the way of enjoying a piece of the pie of the ever expanding consumer market segment. And this will leave your core team to do what it does best, which is to continue innovating on their product or service offering.