5 Tips for Boosting Landing Page Conversions

Getting a lot of traffic to your site and not converting any of it sucks. When it comes to boosting landing page conversions, these 5 tips may just help you out.

boosting landing page conversions

Landing pages are unique in the sense that they have one main goal: to generate sales and/or conversions. While traditional websites are used for a variety of different reasons (e.g. communication, branding, establish trust/authority, distribute content, etc.), landing pages are used almost exclusively to generate sales or leads. When it fails to achieve this goal, you may feel like scrapping the landing page and starting a new campaign. But there are ways to boost the conversions of a landing page, some of which we’re going to discuss today.


Eye-Catching Title

You only get once chance to catch users’ attention and draw them into your landing page. A captivating, eye-catching title will make this process much easier, as it entices the user into reading the rest of your content and hopefully taking action. Keep your landing page titles short while including “power words” like “exclusive,” “act now,” “limited time,” etc. or you can even use a little humor to get your point across.

great landing page title


Limit Navigation Links

Don’t make the mistake of cluttering your landing page with an excessive number of navigation links. The more links your landing page has, the more outlets through which a visitor can exit without taking action. If you are going to include navigation links on your landing page, keep them to a minimum. Of course, you could eliminate them altogether, only using links that direct visitors to the product or checkout page.

limited navigation landing page

Reduce Load Times

The time it takes your landing page to load will directly affect its conversions. Amazon, for instance, found that for every 100ms increase in load times, it experienced a 1% decrease in sales. Keep an eye on your landing page’s load times and optimize it for faster speeds. Click here to learn about Trello’s journey to create super fast landing pages.

trello fast loading landing page


Is your landing page compatible on both desktop computers and mobile devices? If not, you could be losing a huge chunk of potential sales. Studies have shown that more people now access the Internet on mobile devices than desktop computers. So, consider using a Responsive Web Design on your landing page to ensure greater compatibility with mobile devices. One of my personal favorites is Tobi.com; they have such a clean and elegant layout – it’s easy to browse and makes you want to buy.

clean responsive layout


The golden rule of digital marketing is to constantly split-test at least two different versions of your media, which in this case is a landing page. Even if your landing page is attracting new customers, chances are there’s room for improvement. So, create a second landing page and run it alongside your existing landing page. After allowing the two to run for a fixed length of time, ditch the underperforming version and replace it with a new one.

split test landing page