Convincing customers that your product is better than that of your competitor is not exactly the easiest job. It’s called marketing and there are more facets to it than the hope diamond.

benefits of B2B marketing

There are literally hundreds of ways one can go about marketing a product and a sea of strategies for marketing a business. One of these is business to business marketing, which is commonly referred to as B2B marketing and we’re going to take a look at how businesses have benefited from this type of marketing.

Think of it this way, a business takes up the job of supplying certain products to another business directly. For instance, have you every stopped to wonder how a company like Price Waterhouse Coopers is able to provide brand new computers for each of its thousands of employees? Solving this problem is where B2B marketing comes in to save the day.

How does it work?

Business-to-business as aforementioned involves sales of one business’ products or services to another company. At their most basic level, B2B marketing relies on the principles that govern consumer marketing, but the execution is a little bit different. Typically, when you go to the shop to buy something like a phone, then you are going to check the price, the popularity and status of the phone you wish to procure. There are so many other emotional triggers that will influence your buying as a consumer. Nevertheless, B2B buyers do not rely on such triggers to make their decisions.

The main focus is on the price of the products or services and the profitability that the buying business is going to enjoy. In 2015, there are some products and services that have been moving very fast thanks to B2B marketing. This article seeks to explore how these products are able to survive in the humongous and ruthless B2B market.

Currently, the fastest moving services and products in the B2B market include:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There has been an increase in the demand of these services over the past few years. This is thanks to the increase in the number of websites and blogs. People are creating blogs on what seems to be a daily basis nowadays. This is probably because more and more people are waking up to the revelation that there is a lot of money to be found online. As such, many businesses are contracting companies that provide SEO services to cover this aspect of their business.

It is easy to assume that B2B marketing is limited to multinational corporations only. This cannot be farther from the truth. Small and medium sized businesses are also taking part in this kind of business transactions. For instance, while a large corporation is able to hire in-house SEO professionals, few small businesses are able to do the same. Therefore, they seek out the services of the companies that provide these services.

  1. Online marketing and reputation management

If you thought public relation officers are only for governments and major corporations, then you are wrong. Websites also need someone to market them and their products. The thing about the internet is that it has billions of people on it at any given time. This means that the likelihood of a company’s or individual’s reputation being tarnished is very high. As your website grows and becomes more popular, you will have people doing negative reviews of it- mainly your competitors. In a bid to counteract this, you will need to hire an online marketing agency that will keep your reputation spotless.

  1. Database administration services

Many businesses are realizing just how important an asset data is today. This is why companies across the globe are setting up huge databases to store as much data as they possibly can. In a bid to ensure that the data that is stored in the databases is safe and clean, a database administrator has to monitor it. You can never keep a database administrator busy enough. They will walk into the office at nine in the morning and by noon they are done with their work. To save up on the cost of this, many companies prefer to hire database administration companies to provide them with these services.

  1. Telecommunication services

The best example of a company that is big on B2B marketing when it comes to telecommunication services is Sprint. This mobile service provider is a leader when it comes to B2B marketing. The company provides wireless, data and voice services to both consumers and businesses. Recently, VHA (health-care purchasing network) extended the Sprint’s contract for another 3 years. Telecommunications services are on high demand because there is no business that can function without communication lines. There are those companies that are looking for internet supply only, while others are in search of voice services to add onto this.

  1. Plastics

Coca Cola is the biggest consumer of plastics in this world. The company has several drinks for its customers to purchase. However, they do not make the bottles themselves. The plastic bottles are molded and delivered by Coca Cola to bottle the drink. Plastic is being used by electronic manufacturers, auto manufacturers and in so many other industries. Being a raw material, it makes sense that plastic moves faster thanks to B2B marketing.

Final word

It is safe to say that B2B marketing success comes as result of nurturing your company in the industry and making your company’s product appear like a staple product. It is a really good way of moving products in the market.