5 Mistakes You May be Making with Social Media Marketing

When it comes to marketing mistakes, most businesses make them in social media marketing. Social media marketing takes a lot of understanding and finesse, make sure you’re not making these mistakes with your business.

Mistakes You May be Making with Social Media Marketing

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Social media marketing is arguably one of the best tools businesses have nowadays. It’s cost-effective, can reach a massive audience, encourages engagement and much more.

But what if your company’s social media efforts aren’t getting the results you set out to achieve?

Does that mean you should give up and look at other types of marketing?

The answer may be more involved than you think as it often points to mistakes the company is making.

Here’s a look at five common mistakes you may be making with your social media marketing efforts. Addressing these issues can positively transform your results.

1. You Don’t Have a Consistent Schedule

One of the first questions to ask is whether or not you’re being consistent on social media. This means creating content and posts regularly and responding to comments promptly. The account has to appear active, as this is how you boost engagement and exposure. 

Experts recommend you create a posting schedule so that it becomes a habit and followers start to learn the schedule as well. If you have a hard time keeping up with the schedule, you may want to hire a dedicated staff member to handle social media or outsource the task.

2. You Don’t Have a Clear Vision or Goal in Mind

You also need to have a clear vision, goal or plan in mind. What is the purpose of posting? What does the company hope to achieve? What kind of results or reception are you hoping for from followers? These answers should help to shape the message and the mode of messaging.

3. Your Content Is Uninspiring

Sticking to a regular posting schedule is great, but if the content isn’t interesting and engaging then it won’t matter. This ties in with the vision or goal and how you can achieve it in a way that seems engaging, exciting, fun, and interesting. Those who are savvy with social media marketing will tell you that text content isn’t enough. You need to mix things up and include links to blogs, videos, pictures, graphs and so forth. 

4. You Fail to Keep Track of Analytics

So, how will you be able to tell if your posts are successful and helping the brand? This is where tracking the analytics comes into play. If you aren’t doing this you are essentially flying blind. You won’t know what’s working and what isn’t, which means you won’t know when tweaks are needed.

5. You Assume You Can Do It on Your Own

Another mistake your company could be making is assuming you can do it all on your own. Harnessing the power of social media marketing is a learned skill that typically takes education, training and experience. 

If you’re just dipping your toes into the water hoping for the best, the outcome may not be what you expected. Hiring a professional website development agency can be the smartest decision and investment you make, as they have the know-how that your team is currently lacking.

All of these mistakes are very common for businesses to make and, unfortunately, they dampen the effects your social media marketing efforts will have.