5 Link Building Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using Guest Posting Services

Worried about your site traffic and ranking? Check out the five link building mistakes you need to avoid making in order to maintain good rankings and good traffic.

Link Building Mistakes

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Are you worried about your guest posting services, and after so much effort, your rankings and page traffic is remaining in the same positions?


Link building is the one solid skill to earn credibility and establish your content as ‘authority’ content in order to get it to rank. But building the wrong kind of links can actually do the opposite. Many bloggers are making some big mistakes when choosing sites that offer guest posting services to build those back links. 


Guest posting services are a dime a dozen online and a lot of crap guest posting services actually rank highly in search. I don’t know how many of you have tried Fiver, but if you have, chances are your site is in worse shape than when you started.


Blogger outreach services and content strategies are an important part of building your community and building authority, but choosing the right page is the key to actually getting good traffic to your page.


The reality is that if you’re only focused on link building then you’re probably not all that concerned about the content you’re putting out there. Well, that’s your biggest mistake and it’s going to be accompanied by 5 smaller ones that are going to keep your site from ever being an authority.


5 Mistakes Of Link Building You Should Avoid, especially when using a guest posting service:

Knowing to whom you’re talking is incredibly important when writing anything, but especially online content. Tailoring your writing to fit your audience will mean that the right people will read the correct information.

So, finding relevant brands is important, because it brings in the right kind of audience — your potential customers. You can approach the sites that your competitors are contributing to and easily have a lot of options to choose from.

If doing your own blogger outreach just isn’t in your wheelhouse, and you need to use guest posting services to help you out —Carefully observe these five deadly link-building mistakes and consciously avoid making the mistakes.


Is your Guest Posting Service Making any of The Link Building Mistakes?

1. Preferring Quantity Over Quality

Focusing on the quality, not the quantity of the links. Good quality content is the core of good link building.

Just like a person is known by the company he or she keeps, similarly search engines judge the quality of websites by looking at the quality of backlinks it acquires.

When it comes to building out your backlink profile — it’s essential to understand the different types of backlinks you require to rank your content.

It’s easy to get caught up in numbers like; “we’ve built 10 inbound links to your site this month!”

But paying for 10 links a month that don’t move the needle gets silly pretty fast.

2. Manipulating The Source Links

Many website and blog owners get frustrated with how long good SEO takes, and consequently take to manipulating links to hurry things along. Common link manipulation practices are footer and sidebar links, though these have been easily spotted and punished for a long time now.

While building links, the main questions that come to our mind are, “How often should I build links?” Another question is, “If I build tons of backlinks straight away, does it hurt SEO?”.

The rate at which you build backlinks for your blog matters a lot in SEO.

When it comes to backlink velocity, understand two important things:

  1. Search engines reward organic popularity.
  2. Algorithms are smart bots that can detect and punish abnormal activity.

As such, when a website acquires thousands of links out of the blue, the activity spike may appear suspicious to android bots. In some cases, the platform may be marked for suspicious activity. In the worst cases, it may be de-indexed altogether.

A good reminder is, when creating and sharing ‘good content’ links will appear in a naturally shared manner.


3.Buying Links

Earning backlinks and buying backlinks are two totally different things. You may say, well I’m paying a guest posting service to build my backlinks, isn’t that the same thing? Not really. Yes you are paying for a service, but that service providers should be experienced in 3 things:

• providing well research content.

• guest post outreach.

• sharing to a community.


It is important to know how ethical organic link building differs from other types of link building. Ethical organic link building companies understand how to create content that valuable sources will want and ultimately link to your resource because it adds value. This approach keeps your site from being blacklisted or penalized by Google and it can be a good option for many businesses.

4.Linking Same Niches

Blogger outreach services are the best platform for getting connections to other bloggers. But do you know finding the other bloggers in the same niche as you are is the most effective way to earn quality backlinks?

It’s important to build a healthy relationship with bloggers in your industry as it could be the life net of your marketing strategy. You can engage with a blogger whenever you want, but make sure you have something to say when reaching out.

Just in case you’re not aware, bloggers receive tons of emails every day, so go ahead and give them a good impression.


5. Do Not Personalize Your Outreach

Proving that you’re not some spam bot by taking the time to reach out with a humanized approach toward initiating contact works extremely well.

This can happen through a number of ways, but the most common is e-mail. However, before you start sending out random gibberish about why they should include a link to your website on their online profile, take the time to get to know the individual or business you’re reaching out to. There are so many bloggers and start-ups out there not willing to put in the time or energy to work up a good first contact, and this can lead to some pretty fast rejection.

For a few tips on how you can create a worthwhile pitch, here is a list of my top 5 favorite posts:

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Wrapping Up:

SEO link building and backlink earning is a lot of work, but when you are using the right Blogger outreach platform, this process can be automated for you allowing you to focus on running your business.


Hopefully, this post outlined the link building mistakes that you need to make sure your guest posting service isn’t making prior to hiring them.