5 Creative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Are you struggling to reach your audience and consequently lacking sales? Check out these 5 creative ways to increase your brand awareness effectively.

5 Creative Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

All businesses need to ensure that they are constantly seeking out new ways to increase the awareness of their brand; how else are they going to attract new customers and increase sales?

However, it can become easy to get stuck in a rut and rely on the same tried and tested methods, but this is not the best way to get your brand out there and most definitely not the most effective method of standing out from the crowd.

If you want to have the edge over your competitors, you need to think outside the box with your brand awareness strategy. You need to try and be more creative, more innovative, and utilize the latest technological advances to your advantage.

Not sure where to start?

Check out these five creative and exciting ways to increase brand awareness, and get started attracting new business, and therefore increasing your profits, today.

1.    Invite Influencers In

If you are not already aware of the benefits of influencers, then you need to be. The top influencers already have a massive established audience as well as the ability to attract a large number of new followers, so if you align your brand with them, you are more or less guaranteed to increase the awareness of your business and your products.

Make sure you choose an influencer or influencers that truly resonate with your brand, as consumers are becoming increasingly savvy (and cynical) of people who try to promote a product that they clearly do not like or use themselves. It may be more effective for you to work with a micro-influencer who may have a smaller following but can connect with your brand and customers more effectively.

Pick a passionate influencer and one that does not align themselves with too many different brands, therefore diluting their trustworthiness and also their effectiveness.

It is also important to choose an influencer who provides their audience with consistent, relevant and engaging content so that your product is portrayed in the best possible light.

2.    Utilize your best employees

Your employees should be at the core of your brand; they are at the forefront of your business day in and day out. They are the people your customers see and interact with; they are the ones who are portraying your brand’s values on a daily basis or at least they should be.

Therefore, it is important that you utilize your best workers to your advantage. Hopefully they are as passionate about your brand as you are, so they are in a prime position to promote your business for you. Whether that be by interacting with your customers on social media, posting live video content of a company event or launch, or even by simply talking about their lives and how they came to work for you. Consumers want to feel connected to your brand and your employees are an invaluable tool to help you achieve this.

When it comes to finding the best talent that assures that all of the above is a top priority, Leadership Alliance can help you hire, develop, and promote the best employees. This means you are guaranteed to be able to get the most out of your team, leading to an increase in brand awareness and, therefore, in sales.

3.    Tell your story through design

How your business tells their story and presents the brand is incredibly important and the use of cutting-edge design and graphics can be highly effective in achieving this.

If you want your customers to feel an emotional connection with your brand, and you definitely do, then they need to feel invested in your story; how you came about, what makes you tick as a business, what you are all about basically.

This can be achieved in many ways; for example, you could invest in branded packaging. This is especially effective during the holidays when people are wanting to buy gifts. It is worth noting that the customer experience starts before they actually get a product; the packaging is also important if you want your customers to remember you and use your business time and time again.

Make sure your packaging is branded, includes your logo and if possible, try and make it stand out from your competitors; for example, why not use a company to create sustainable packaging? Today’s consumer is more concerned than ever with environmentally friendly products, and if you present yourself as an environmentally conscious business, that could be just the competitive edge that you need.

It is also vital that your website design is fresh, up to date, and relevant to your target audience, as well as being user-friendly.

4.    Get involved with local partnerships

This is an especially productive idea for small businesses and those that are very locally focused. By partnering up with other local businesses you can get your brand in front of a completely new set of eyes and hopefully, attract some new customers.

It is crucial that you choose other businesses that complement your brand, rather than overpower or reflect badly on your business.

For example, if your brand is aimed at children, why not team up with a local kid’s sports team? By sponsoring their events, you are getting your brand out there to your target audience, plus you are presenting yourself as a family-friendly, community-spirited business.

Getting involved with a charity is also very effective, especially at this time of year when many people’s thoughts turn to those less fortunate than them. However, again make sure that you align yourself with a charity that means something to you, one of your employees or your business; you need to ensure that you promote an emotional connection to the charity if you want optimal results.

5.    Run regular social media competitions

People love social media. They also love getting something for free. Plus, they also quite like taking part in competitions. Therefore, posting competitions on your social media pages is a super simple and highly effective way to increase your brand awareness.

Simply, create a competition that resonates with your brand, such as a cooking competition if you sell kitchenware, and then make sure that it is timely. For example, at Christmas, ask your followers to post a video of them trying, or failing, to bake a Christmas treat and use #ChristmasCookieFail or something similar to promote the post more. People love to share their personal videos, plus video content is on average 3 times more engaging than other types of content.

You should always ensure that you ask your followers to like and share your posts to ensure maximum reach and brand awareness.


These 5 tips are proven methods to increase and shape your brand visibility with your audience. Have questions, we’re here to help.