The 5 Best SEO Extensions for Chrome for Professional SEOs

Professional SEOs are constantly looking for the best tools and browser extensions to improve their workflow — Do you have these 5 seo browser extensions for chrome?

The 5 Best SEO Extensions for Chrome

Isn’t it a true that an SEO professional should always have the right tools for the job? Yes! If you are an SEO professional then you need to understand link building, public relations, marketing, technology and have the latest browser extensions to make doing your job the most efficient it can be. Most of the time, you simply won’t have enough time in the day to do everything that you really want or need to do. Having the best SEO extensions for your chrome browser can be the most effective approach to save time and efforts.


Even if your not a ‘professional SEO’, browser extensions are one of the simplest tools to implement with just a single click or a couple of mouse clicks that produce highly effective research and tracking tools right your address bar. I would go so far as to say every website owner should have these core browser extensions installed to improve website performance.


Why These 5 Browser Extensions?

Well, simply put it’s way to easy to waste way too much time scouring literally thousands of browser extensions, hundreds of which are absolute crap! So, I put together this list of five truly awesome and effective SEO browser extensions primarily for Chrome. I would definitely like to encourage you to give a try to them and see the difference!


  1. MozBar


It is not at all possible to come up with an SEO browser extension list without including Mozbar. To get a quick SEO site overview, Mozbar still works as the best! As a user when you log into the Moz community account, Mozbar quickly comes into action to provide websites stats right on search engine result pages. This is very helpful in a couple of ways.


Firstly, this provides quick access to competitive search metrics when doing simple searches.

MozBar browser extension for chrome



Secondly, you can use Mozbar when you land on a web page. Just a click on the Mozbar icon and you’ll find a bar pop up including the overall stats of the page. You can also do a deeper dive into the ranking factors for a specific site or page by clicking the magnifying glass icon present on the left side of the bar, which will then expand into the new panel with meta-texts, alt texts, headings and so on.

mozbar for seo



  1. Majestic SEO Toolbar


Majestic is one of the most prominent competitors of Mozbar and one of the most robust and trusted tools in the SEO community. It certainly possesses all the essential features of an SEO toolbar which are an access to the number of links, link profile chart, number of root domains, trust flow, and citation flow, and many more. Majestic gives you a taste of the type of quality information that you could attain for free, but if you would like to make use of other tabs like detailed backlink analysis or a deeper look at anchor text then you’ll need to possess a paid account. It’s worth it!

seo extension



However, the only problem with this extension tool lies in the fact that it doesn’t analyze the search results at all. So, if you want a quick analysis of competitor’s keywords then you should opt for any other one.


  1. Check My Links


Many SEO’s have made a career on broken link building alone. If your work demands broken link building then this extension is for you! When you are on a page then you can just click on the extension icon and it will quickly test all the available links to find out whether they’re working or not. Check my Links displays the working links highlighted in green while the broken ones will be highlighted in red with an error code mentioned beside them.


While check my links is a pretty useful seo extension, I do find it frustrating that you can only use it manually. This makes it fairly cumbersome to check all pages of a website, unless you’re only checking a  handful of them.

seo browser extension




  1. SEO Quake


It is not quite unnatural for any SEO expert to not to expect an extension associated with a premium version of link tool and rather like something which is a little bit more customizable. And, such a desire could be fulfilled by nothing but the SEO Quake. It is capable of giving you the essentials successfully and SEO Quake is even one of the few available extensions for all major kinds of browsers including Opera and Safari.


With this excellent extension, you would definitely get a quick estimate of a number of links to the page and domain, Alexa rank, page age, and last but not the lest the links of whois information. And, the coolest feature about SEO Quake is that you can save the SERP data successfully which thus results as a CSV file.

seo quake extension




  1. Scraper


It often becomes a quite common instance for the SEO experts to pull various elements together from a wide range of individual pages or websites for a widespread analysis. And, they prefer doing the same in numerous ways like using IMPORXTML code to pull in the structured data from various websites.


In such a scenario, the Scraper chrome extension speeds up the process while making use of the XPath query language to export the HTML data elements from a page and while including the similar data even from across the websites.


scraper seo browser extension




Your Turn


So, I’ve pointed out five most diverse and effective browser extensions above that can really make your life easier if you are an SEO professional. Although I doubt you would need them all, I definitely hope that you will find at least one or two of them just perfect to help you in the future.


Finally, at the end, I would like to mention just one fact that while almost all of these extensions are having a learning curve, I would strongly recommend trying those out for a week at once to identify which ones would really do wonders for you.


All the very best!



I might have probably missed some of the extensions about which you would want to know. If so then please don’t yell! Rather, you can just leave a comment below and let me know which extension(s) entices you most. I would probably come up with extensive details about the same in the near future.