5 Best Free Paraphrasing Tools to Rewrite Content for Digital Marketing

When writing a lot of digital marketing content, having the best free paraphrasing tools will help you write and rewrite content more effectively.

Best Free Paraphrasing Tools


Your words matter, and that’s exactly why the right paraphrasing tools can ensure you use the right ones.

What is a Paraphrasing Tool?

A paraphrasing tool is used to rewrite or rephrase a sentence without altering its meaning. This is accomplished by substituting any number of alternate versions for specific words, phrases, sentences, or even whole paragraphs to create a slightly different variant.

If you’re writing copy for digital marketing, paraphrasing tools can come in very handy.

Paraphrasing tools are online tools built to rewrite content while keeping the same context. These tools are based on advanced NLP algorithms which allow these tools to understand, analyze, interpret, and then respond in human language.

Paraphrasing Others Content

Many ‘digital marketers’ are making use of these tools to quickly copy, paste and paraphrase other peoples’ content. This shouldn’t be the goal of writing unique copy.

If your content marketing strategy is based on the idea that Paraphrasing by taking someone else’s ideas and putting them into your own words so that it’s ‘unique content’ you’re going to run into problems.

Plagiarism is when you use someone else’s words, phrases, or ideas as your own without giving credit to the original source. 

How Marketers Should Use Paraphrasing Tools

Paraphrasing tools can help you rewrite your articles and posts to improve the content and create better copy. This is an important distinction, these tools are meant to make your content both more comprehensive and unique so that you increase its impact on your target audience. If you want to create multiple versions around the same theme, rephrasing tools will also help you do this in less time.

Now that you understand how these free paraphrasing tools should be used, let’s take a look at the best ones available.

5 Best Free Paraphrasing Tools to Generate Content for Digital Marketing in 2022

1. Plagiarism-fixer.com 

plagiarism fixer

Click here to check: https://plagiarism-fixer.com/


Plagiarism-fixer is a great paraphrasing tool for all your digital marketing needs. It uses advanced AI that works behind the scenes to rephrase content without plagiarizing the source content.

What makes this tool best for creating marketing content is that it removes any type of plagiarism whether it is low, moderate, or severe.

This paraphrasing quality of the content, not simply removing plagiarism. The tool preserves the original meaning and sense of the source text while rewriting it. 

This tool is also free and does not impose any limitations like the other free paraphrasing tools. You can use the tool whenever you want without paying any cost.

How to use this paraphrasing tool? 

There is no expertise required to use this paraphrasing tool, all you have to do is:

  • Open plagiarism fixer from your browser
  • Paste the content you want to paraphrase
  • Solve the reCAPTCHA
  • Hit the ‘Fix Plagiarism’ button
  • Wait and copy the paraphrased text from the tool for later use


  • Removes plagiarism of all types
  • Very simple to use, with no hard steps
  • Allows 5000 words to run in one go


  • Ask users to solve reCAPTCHA every time
  • Not available for Android and IOS devices

2. Paraphrasingtool.ai

paraphrasng tool

Click here to check: https://paraphrasingtool.ai/


Paraphrasing Tool is one of the internets most popular content editing tool. If you are a digital marketer then this could be your go-to tool for all your content writing tasks. 

Also, this paraphrasing tool is free to use and does not provide low-quality results just because it is free.

This paraphrasing tool is ranked at the top because it paraphrases based on topic and user intent.

The modes it offers are:

  • Text Improver
  • Near Human
  • Plagiarism Remover
  • Creative 

All of these four paraphrasing modes are designed considering the growing need for content creation. You can pick any mode based on your content need and the results of all modes will be no less than outstanding.

How to use this paraphrasing tool? 

To use the tool you have to follow a few steps, they are:

  • Go to your browser and browse by typing ‘Paraphrasingtool.ai’ 
  • Click on the first result you see after browsing
  • From the tool window, pick any of the four-mode for rewriting content
  • Copy/paste the content that you want to rewrite 
  • Hit ‘Paraphrase’ and you are good to go

After you follow these steps, you can wait for a few minutes to get your results. The results will be more than 80% accurate as we tested it ourselves and the good news is you can use the tool without paying a dime.


  • Free to use
  • Do not ask for reCaptcha
  • Do not through ads while using
  • Provide quick and accurate results


  • The free version has some limitations for use

3. Aiarticlespinner.co

article spinner

Click here to check: http://aiarticlespinner.co


Aiarticlespinner.co is a versatile and free, paraphrasing tool that generates human content with high quality by doing very minimal changes and preserves the real context of the content.

The reason why we suggest this tool for digital marketers is because it paraphrases content based on search engine optimization factors.

The content generated by this tool does not require any additional effort to make it SEO-optimized. The paraphrased content generated by this tool will help increase traffic and boost audience engagement. 

This paraphrasing tool works in five different modes, they are:

  • Human
  • AI Robot
  • Plagiarism Remover
  • Fix Grammar
  • Fix Sentence Structure

How to use this paraphrasing tool? 

  • Go to the tool site by browsing ‘Aiarticlespinner.co’ 
  • Select any tool’s working mode from the list shown at the top of the tool
  • Select the language from the dropdown list
  • Copy/paste the source text you want to paraphrase
  • Solve reCAPTCHA and hit the ‘Paraphrase’ button
  • And you are done!


  • Provide multiple language support
  • Provide multiple paraphrasing modes
  • No charges to use the tool


  • Shows multiple ads throughout the use
  • Ask users for solving reCAPTCHA whenever they want to use the tool

4. Neuralwriter.com


Click here to check: https://neuralwriter.com/


Neuralwriter is a highly recommended paraphrasing tool for rewriting digital marketing content as it is designed to produce content in multiple languages.

While Neuralwriter is a highly used tool, it produces a lower quality re-write. This can also make the multi-language feature more complicated if you don’t understand intent in that language.

With this paraphrasing tool marketers and writers can paraphrase content in more than 10 different languages and for free.

The tool offers two paraphrasing modes, they are:

  • Low
  • Medium

Light mode is extremely fast but the uniqueness of content may not be as great as it is in the medium paraphrasing mode.

How to use this paraphrasing tool? 

  • Go to the tool by browsing ‘Neuralwriter.com’
  • You will see two options at the top, ‘Summarize’ and ‘Paraphrase,’ and pick ‘Paraphrase’ for rewriting content.
  • Select the language from the top, as shown in the image attached above
  • Select paraphrasing mode
  • Copy/paste the content in the left grey box
  • Hit the ‘Paraphrase now’ button and done!


  • Allow a 10,000 word limit for the free version
  • Do not ask users to solve reCAPTCHA 
  • Provide multi-language feature


  • Paraphrases text in only two modes
  • The uniqueness of content may be low in the light mode 

5. Bestrewriter.com

best rewriter

Click here to check: https://bestrewriter.com/


Last but not least, Bestrewriter.com’s paraphrasing tool is one of the best free paraphrasing tools because it rewrites content that is highly SEO-optimized.

It allows users to check for the keyword density as its built-in feature and then manage the keyword density as per user’s satisfaction.

For content marketers focused on writing good seo copy — this is the tool for you.

This tool makes it very easy to customize branded content for different channels.

Users can also add customized synonyms and protected keywords that they want in the paraphrased version of the content.

How to use this tool? 

  • Go to the tool site by browsing ‘Bestrewriter.com’ 
  • From the site, pick any one product like ‘Paraphrasing Tool’ for rewriting content 
  • Pick paraphrasing mode either ‘Low,’ ‘Medium,’ or ‘High’
  • Copy/paste the content
  • If you want to rearrange the sentence select ‘Yes’ otherwise mark it as ‘No’
  • Add protected keywords and custom synonyms if you want
  • Solve reCAPTCHA and hit the ‘Get Content’ button


  • Offers customizability features
  • Generates SEO-friendly content
  • Allow users to check the keyword density


  • The interface is boring 
  • It may not be simple to use for all of us

Final Words 

We all know that digital marketers are under a lot of pressure to produce a LOT of high quality content. While none of these tools should be used to copy and re-phrase others’ content, these paraphrasing tools can be a very effective asset in your editing arsenal.

Authors, students, researchers, journalists, attorneys, and everyone in between have employed these paraphraser tools to help reword writing for school essays, professional correspondence, creative storytelling, and personal projects — and you can too.