4 Ways to Win Over Leads and Customers on Cyber Monday

Here are 4 ways to motivate your current customers to order loyally and attract new customers on Cyber Monday.

cyber monday tips

As the holiday season approaches, diehard bargain hunters will get down to business and prepare for the most important day of the year: Cyber Monday.

In December 2015, CNN declared Cyber Monday “America’s biggest e-commerce sales day, ever” as online orders hit a $3 billion sales record. Whether you’re Amazon.com or a small startup, your business can cash in on Cyber Monday. Here’s how you can motivate your current customers to submit online orders on Cyber Monday, attract leads and turn these leads into loyal customers through customer satisfaction.

Customer-Centered Return Policy

In the spirit of Cyber Monday and search for great deals, customers aren’t afraid to spend liberally. All it takes is a quick tap on the smartphone, swipe on a tablet, or click on your computer to purchase an item. But not all online purchases meet expectations upon arrival, which is why a customer-friendly return policy can help retain your Cyber Monday customers.

Determine a timeframe for your return policy; Amazon offers a 30-day window from the date of purchase — and holiday items purchased between November and December can be returned up until the end of January 2017. Will you require a receipt and restocking fee? Can customers return sales or clearance items? Will you offer price adjustments? The best return policy clearly covers all these bases. Most importantly, ensure your Cyber Monday customers are well-informed of these policies before they check out, as surprises can lead to dissatisfaction.

Early Incentives

Your typical target customer base for Cyber Monday are shoppers who associate Thanksgiving with Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday discounts more than family and gratitude. These individuals seriously prep for the biggest shopping day of the year, which is why reaching out to these customers early can boost Cyber Monday sales (and turn Cyber Monday leads into loyal customers). The following can help inspire incentives unique to your business and products:

  • With a November purchase, a customer receives free shipping, a giveaway, or 15 percent off when they buy an item on Cyber Monday.
  • Promote your rewards program and gradually increase the amount of points customers can earn for a purchase leading up to Cyber Monday.
  • Offer a promo code the week before Cyber Monday; customers can enter the promo code on Cyber Monday to see if they get $10, $20, or $30 off with a purchase of $50 or more at checkout.

Content Marketing

Cyber Monday is an opportunity to promote products that customers are already eyeing and want to buy. Stores like Best Buy and Target typically come to mind for Cyber Monday shopping, but companies like Tire Buyer cash in, too, by enhancing their promotional deals with an online shopper’s guide.

Shopping and product tips, co-mingled with Cyber Monday perks, can prepare and motivate these now well-informed customers to make a purchase on the biggest online shopping day of the year. One of the fastest ways to promote your buyer’s guide, Q&As or blog posts is through social media, along with email, a Cyber Monday-specific landing page, or a promotional popup on your website.

Get Your Social Game On

Social media is the fastest and most effective way to reach your customers and leads, especially during the holiday season when shopping is just as exhilarating as a pumpkin spiced latte. To attract new customers, ask followers to share a post or tag a friend in order to enter a contest for a gift card to use on Cyber Monday.

You can also rely on user-generated content to connect with new potential followers (or new potential leads). Featuring a loyal customer or “brand fan” on your Instagram page is an opportunity to further connect with that user’s social media network and beyond. During the week leading up to Cyber Monday, spotlight different customers using a product in a creative or interesting way.

Your social media platforms are also the best way to communicate your promotions and bargains, personally interact with and respond to customers in real time, and discover trending topics within your industry.