4 Tips to Jump Start Your Sales for Business Growth

If you really want to jump start your sales this quarter, focus on your customer, automate with technology and analyze your data to make necessary changes.

4 Tips to Jump Start Your Sales for Business Growth

Running a business is a challenge. What works one year, or even one quarter, doesn’t seem to work the next.

As a business owner, you need to keep evolving your business offering to hit the mark. However, sometimes even your best intentions will go awry. You end up focusing on the wrong things and stall your growth, or you get stressed out.

Either way, take action when that happens.

Follow these steps to help jump start your sales.

1. Engage with Your Customers

Start with efforts to engage your customers.

It is always easier to retain an existing customer than to attract and convert a new customer. Something as simple as a phone call, a handwritten note, or a thoughtful email can be enough to compel an existing customer to place an order.

You can also take steps to engage with your customers on social media. Sharing helpful tips about how to use your products and explaining the different ways your products solve common issues are good ways to add value to your social media conversations.

Remember your physical network as well. Something as simple as talking to the people you know about the products or services you sell could help you attract new customers.

2. Check the Numbers

Once you start putting out feelers and making efforts to engage, don’t stop there.

Analyze those interactions. Your website and different social media platforms automatically analyze how many hits or clicks you get, which posts generate the most views, and the demographics of the people who interact with your online presence the most. At first glance, that data might look like just a ton of numbers, but all those stats are very helpful in identifying which of your efforts are working for you.

3. Pivot as Necessary

In some cases, you might start to notice trends that could guide and shape your business model if not your product offering.

Point in fact, the gum manufacturer Wrigley’s began as a soap company. They offered free cans of baking soda with each purchase. When the company analyzed their sales, they found that their customers were more interested in the baking soda, so Wrigley’s started selling baking soda instead but, obviously, the story didn’t end there. Wrigley’s decided to hand out sticks of chewing gum with their cans of baking soda, and the candy turned out to more popular than anything the company sold.

In the end, Wrigley’s followed the trends and became one of the most popular chewing gum manufacturers in the United States.

As odd as it sounds, you could end up finding that your company is only one (or two) pivots away from meteoric success.

4. Choose the Right Technology

Finally, choose the right technology. It can make all the difference.

The right technology allows for more accurate projections. It also helps you interpret executions and make corrections to your sales cycle to help improve, maintain, and increase overall sales. For instance, adding a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can help you track your interactions and evaluate which efforts boost customer satisfaction. You may be able to automate everyday tasks, too, as well as improve the integrity of the data your company collects by acting as a single source of truth.

Jump starting your sales often comes down to engaging with your customers in new and consistent ways while adding value to those interactions. You also need to analyze those efforts and look for opportunities to more accurately target your customers’ needs, even if that means changing your focus and pivoting your business offerings. The right technology ties it all together.