4 Things You Must Know About Designing Your Digital Signage, For Maximum Effect

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The digital signage industry has virtually exploded overnight and this can be attributed directly to the entry of many players who offer their solutions right from the cloud. This solution is offered as a Platform as a Service, PaaS, which means that all you need to do to sign up is to get online and sign up with your chosen credentials and you will be good to go in the shortest time possible. You do not need to go to a brick and mortar store to set up your account.

Once you are in your dashboard, you have the power of controlling the look of your designs and ultimately deciding on the template which speaks to your particular needs. The other thing that has made this affordable is the fact that you can use your LED flat panel screens to come up with a solution in the shortest time. The prices of these displays have increasingly been going down and down, over the past couple of years.

A Wide Array Of Useful Templates

Let us explore the type of templates, which you have at your disposal. You will be amazed to learn that all categories and circumstances are covered by these templates. Digital Menu Boards- As the name suggests, these are useful for restaurants, institutional dining and the hospitality industry as a whole. Schedule Lists- These are useful for airport lounges, hospital and banking hall waiting rooms and hallways, respectively.

Promotions and Offers – These digital signage banners can be used by a whole host of business types in communicating the latest promotions and offers to your customers and they are designed to cater for the whole gamut of business out there. News and Info- You can use this type to display the latest live weather information, news and stocks using dynamic Ajax based, online content feeds.

Outstanding Digital Content

Corporate Communications – This can be used to deliver information in real time to the whole enterprise at one go. Updating them all on the latest useful information, that is either urgent, useful or both in a quick and time sensitive manner. Holidays and Events – With this, you can use to inform your clients of days off due to upcoming holidays and for events you can use the same to display live feeds from digital social media platforms such as Twitter and the likes.

Now that we are clear about the full potential that this can have in transforming your marketing campaigns, let us find out the key things that you must know when designing your digital signage content for maximum effect.


  • Choice – You must choose your template carefully bearing in mind the categories which have been defined above. These categories are useful in getting you up to speed with your project, but you must make sure that they are appropriate for the task at hand.


  • Customize – after you have settled down on the template that makes the most sense for your circumstances, you can go ahead and begin the customizations. Here is a simple hint on how to go about the whole process, research on the internet other digital banners and how successful they were in those campaigns. Then apply those principles when designing the digital banner of your choice.



  • Brevity – People are ever busy and they have little time to spare on non-core issues. So, you need to be able to put your point across as soon as you have their attention. Make your message heard (and seen) within the first 20 minutes or so if you expect to hold their attention and have them listen to what you have to say.


Grab their attention with your banner and use that to supply them with the information that they need in the quickest but most effective manner possible so that you can be sure of conversions going forward.


  • Attractiveness – This is really a no brainer, make sure that the message is presented in a manner that appeals to their base senses. It must excite them and want them to feel that by buying the item on sale or engaging in the activity you expect from them; they will be the ones to benefit the most.


It Gets Easier With Practice

Of course, you need to understand that as you are starting out you are unlikely to get it perfect the first time. However, perfection is not what you are after, you just need to set the ball rolling and as you gain proficiency, you will be able to make the requisite improvements in time.

The more experience you gain, naturally, the more adept you will become in setting up a digital signage campaign that achieves its primary purpose, which is to increase the total number of visitors into converts. Conversions that will see you increase sales and by consequence your profit margins.