4 Surveys to Use to Improve Your Brand Post Covid

Your customers’ needs have changed, find out what they want and expect with surveys designed to improve your brand post Covid.

Surveys to Use to Improve Your Brand


These past couple of months have affected us all in some way. Many people were laid off and the ones who stayed had to learn how to work from home. Compared to only 15% of remote employees before the Covid-19 pandemic, statistics now show numbers over 50% for people who work from their homes.

For some, this transition has gone smoothly and they’ve adjusted to it fast. For most, this has been as difficult as it was unexpected. The challenges that arose because of this change were endless. Starting with technology struggles to lack of knowledge in terms of remote work to the inability to adjust to an entirely new organizational system – people have had a rough couple of months.

Even so, productivity in employees has been shown to increase a lot for many companies. According to a Forbes report, working at home has increased productivity by no less than 47%.


As the situation is calming down and more and more states already give the green light for companies to reopen, we are facing an entirely new set of challenges now. The implementation of a new working system has affected both the employees and customers. What follows might be similar to the functioning of businesses in the past, but it sure won’t be untouched by what happened since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

Companies and organizations, as well as the people in them have adjusted to a new paradigm.

This makes us wonder – what happens next?

For companies to discover the best next steps, they need to perform some analysis – and fast. With 2021 already on our doorstep, it’s time to prepare yourself for a new transition. That being said, here are some very helpful surveys that can assist brands in gathering information for future action.

1.     Attest Brand Messaging Templates

Your marketing strategy depends greatly on your branding. This is the foundation of any organization. Depending on how well you brand your company, you’ll determine its success.

According to Attest, you aren’t just selling a product. You’re also selling a story. They’ve used North Face as an example. When people buy from this popular brand, they are investing in the sense of adventure and lifestyle.

Now that the pandemic has changed the world and businesses that thrived in it, it is more important than ever to evaluate your strategies and their success. A little self-reflection can only do you good, which is why this site has created a handy guide of techniques that can help you hone in your brand messaging. In addition to this, the site offers you free templates for brand messaging for:

  •         internal evaluation for team harmony
  •         evaluation of current messaging system
  •         emotional evaluation
  •         companies that try to connect with new customers
  •         brands at a crossroad
  •         brands that are just starting out


Since most brands can benefit from at least two of these evaluations, using this source is a great way to start creating a unique and successful message for your re-opened company. Before you commit a marketing budget that will get you out of the Covid-19 mess, you should double-check that you’re on the right track.

2.     RobinPowered.com Employee Experience Survey Template

Peter Drucker has said: ‘’You can’t manage what you don’t measure’’.

Guided by his statement, RobinPowered.com has created a very helpful survey template that allows businesses to learn about their employees’ experience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A study conducted in the US regarding remote work during the pandemic has uncovered that half of the workforce in the country worked remotely at some point during the pandemic. For two-thirds of these people, working remotely was something entirely new.

Before brands get their people back in the office or decide to continue with this new system, they need to understand how their team was affected by the change, whether or not they like the new system, and what future action they would prefer.

Taking any action should be guided by how people respond to the new working options. No matter what you decide for the next step to be, you need to consider information found in such surveys to implement the changes.

This site’s template will help you learn the following:

  •         How the transition from office work to remote work is going
  •         How people respond and like working from home
  •         What your employees expect from your company after the pandemic ends


3.      Questionpro.com Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

In the middle of a crisis, you should not forget what your business aims to achieve – please and attract more customers. That being said, focusing solely on re-adjusting your strategy for the employees would be a big mistake. Employees were not the only people affected by the crisis – customers were, too. They had to make online purchases, had the chance to see your customer support in action, and had to rely solely on photos and descriptions for most purchases. This is why Questionpro.com has created customer satisfaction survey templates and questions.

By using their templates and questions, you can measure and track how happy your customers are with your business, its work during the past couple of months, as well as what their expectations are for the future. This should set you on track with your current success as a brand and help you develop future steps of action.

The CSAT questionnaires on this website are created by experts and can be used right away or customized based on your business’s specifics. They aim to improve the customer experience, satisfaction, as well as customer service initiatives.

In these templates, you can find a variety of question types such as:

4.     TinyPulse.com Employee Survey Questions Post Covid-19

Tiny Pulse has once again created something very useful for businesses – an entire list of templates and questions to ask your employees before you make major changes after the pandemic ends. Now that the time has come for work conditions to go back to what we considered to be normal before the pandemic, you might want to check out their survey templates and see which is applicable in your company.

The thing that makes this source different from the ones aimed toward employees is that it also includes an assessment that businesses should do after their employees are back at work. On this page, you will find two templates including:

  •         Pre-return to work assessment designed to help business owners and managers strategically plan for re-entry (10 questions).
  •         Post-return to work assessment designed to help business owners and managers learn how well they did with reopening their business and figure out which adjustments should follow (10 questions).


In addition to this, TinyPulse has provided some useful tips on creating a management plan post-Covid. To do this, businesses need to cover three critical phases:

  •         Prepare for re-entry based on the survey filled out by employees. Such a survey should give you all the insights you need to ‘’fine-tune your reopening plan’’.
  •         Manage the return to work. According to this source, all employees need some assistance during transitions, especially if they are as big as this one. In this phase, employers need to create a plan that explores how they’ll handle the employees’ returning to the office. People will come back to the office, but that doesn’t mean that the job of leaders is done. They’ll take some time to adjust and adapt to the new environment. This might even be similar to hiring and training new employees considering that the conditions for work have changed a lot in the past couple of months. Not to mention, your adjustment will have to cover things like actions to take to prevent the spread of the virus, detecting the symptoms, and reducing the risk factors.
  •         Reinforce the change. People will need some support when they are back, which is why TinyPulse has created the post-return to work survey. This survey is aimed to help businesses make improvements and adjustments.

Final Thoughts

With several vaccines already roaming the world and the end of the pandemic on the horizon, we are finally able to say that the world is progressing toward beating this unexpected virus. Everything has changed in the past couple of months, especially for businesses and their employees. The changes have come to an end, but no one is to say how people and businesses will adjust to returning to what we were used to doing.

To boost the chances of your brand surviving and thriving on the shaking market, you need to gather all the information at your disposal and make an informed decision for the next steps you take. Analytics has always been the strongest tool for making informed decisions. Thanks to such surveys, you can understand how your brand, its employees, as well as its customers feel regarding their return to the office.