3 Ways To Make Your Customers Feel Valued

Better customer service directly impact business growth, so making your customers feel valued should be a top priority, remember these three tips.

3 Ways To Make Your Customers Feel Valued

Being valued is something we all enjoy, and when it comes from a business that we like to use, it’s even better.

You’ll know the feeling if you have had the good fortune to experience it – it will make you want to use that business again and again, and it will make you want to tell others about how great it was.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you were the business that people felt this way about?

The good news is that you can be by implementing a few simple strategies; here is how to get started.


1. Remember Your Customers Are People

It’s easy to think of your customers as just one mass of people rather than as individuals, but this is a mistake. They are all different people, and they will all have different needs, and although it will be impossible to know each one personally, by understanding what those needs are and personality types attached to them, you can create a much more personalized service.


This will, of course, require some in-depth market research to determine the types of people who will be buying from you, but this will help you in terms of marketing as well, so it is worth doing. Once you have some more knowledge of your customers, you can create adverts, deals, and even social media posts that address their human side, and this will prove to them that you know them (even if you don’t).


2. A Members’ Section

One way to make people feel valued is to offer them access to exclusive deals and discounts that not everyone can have. They will be pleased that you have acknowledged their loyalty to you, and this will keep them buying your products or services; they are sure to let other people know how great your business is too.


You can use your website to help with this.

Create a members’ only section that requires a login to access. This is where you can have lots of different pieces of information, where you can arrange special opening hours if you have a physical store, and where you can lower your prices. This won’t be a difficult thing to do if you have a good web designer on hand and are hosted by a company such as Onyx.io. The changes can be made quickly, and they will be impressive.

For businesses, the truth is that it costs more to bring in more customers than to retain old ones.

All businesses aim to make their brand a successful brand, and it is important to understand that customer loyalty is paramount to achieve this success. The main aim of a business is to attract and keep customers happy to come again and again and drive their revenue.

To that end you can also achieve a ‘members’ only type of feel by implementing a customer loyalty program.


3. Personal Attention

In some cases, you will be able to give real personal attention to your customers, and this will always make someone feel valued. If you have a physical store, this will be easier, but even if you work only online, there are ways it can be done.

You could:

  • Add a handwritten card to each order.
  • Remember anniversaries, birthdays, or other special occasions.
  • Greet people by name.
  • Offer a tour of your store or warehouse.
  • Send out newsletters or personalized emails.


It’s important to get the balance right when doing something like this, though. Too much and it can feel suffocating and put people off from buying from you at all. They don’t want to feel pressured.

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