We’ve all heard of BYOB, or bring your own beer, but many companies are adopting a policy of BYOT (bring your own technology). Unlike a policy of BYOB, allowing employees to bring their own technology is proving to aid in productivity. Calvin Sellers talks about 3 ways BYOT actually increases workplace productivity in the following article.

Technology constantly changes the way we work and how we get things done around the office. With the various capabilities of today’s gadgets, we can now use our personal devices to finish tasks at the office. Here are three ways “Bring Your Own Technology”, or BYOT, can increase workplace productivity.

work more efficientlyWe can Work More Efficiently

As a prerequisite, companies train us to use the office equipment, but using our own equipment oftentimes gives us more sense of control. Some of us like to work using our own devices because we know exactly how to use them. Having control over our equipment helps us produce better output. We become more creative when we are comfortable with the tools that we use. If we are familiar with our equipment, we get to use all of their features to our advantage.

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work anywhereWe can Work Anywhere

BYOT, or Bring Your Own Technology, allows us to keep working inside or outside of the office. Since we are constantly connected to our work network, we can always update our projects and even coordinate with our office mates for work-related concerns. According to Ovum’s multi-market Q4 2012 BYOD survey, 79 percent of employees in emerging economies think that constant connectivity allows them to do their job more efficiently. With BYOT, we can use their personal time to work, and that’s always a good thing.

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any deviceWe can Work Using any Device

With the help of technology, we can now do tasks whether we are using the office computer or our own Tablet PC. It doesn’t matter which gadget we use anymore. As long as our gadgets and our office equipment share the same operating platform, we can do our work practically anywhere. With BYOT, we can use services that enable us to project and print material from our own device at work. With it, we can also share documents from one device to another easily.

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Most devices today include applications and other digital tools that are very beneficial in the office environment. We can now run all sorts of office programs even on smart phones and other small devices. Today’s gadgets are so powerful, they’re not just for personal use, anymore. The smartest way to bring your own device is to use it not just for personal reasons, but also for professional activities. We can now be more productive especially that we are now able to use our own gadgets for office work.

Although BYOT is a relatively new concept in the corporate world, companies are beginning to notice its various benefits. Some companies are now looking for ways to manage and improve the way we use our personal devices for work. Companies are beginning to recognize that we live in a highly connected society and we should use whatever technology has to offer us.

BYOT is shifting the way we look at work. If managed properly, BYOT is definitely beneficial to our individual growth as well as the growth of whichever company we work for.

Calvin SellersAuthor bio: Calvin Sellers is a technology writer and graphic designer from Tampa, FL. Follow him on Twitter @CalvinTheScribe.